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Yes folks, it’s time for yet another two for one post. Reader “II Zeriam II” actually tipped us off to four individuals, but we’re going to direct your attention to the two more rampant Unconfirmed Cheaters.

Here’s what “II Zeriam II” had to say about these guys:

“I have four gamertags that will take no effort to confirm that they are cheaters, hackers actually. It is obvious that they have acquired achievements from a hacked Xbox 360. The four gamertags are aaron243, <em>Gamertag removed by Moderator</em>, PNYMPHO, <em>Gamertag removed by Moderator</em>, and the proof is in the fact that all four of them have Smash TV complete. The “Game Master” achievement is impossible to unlock as it has been glitched forever, the only other gamertag to have completed this game is sufoor, the pioneer of the hacked Xbox. There is no way possible to get the Game Master achievement other than having it hacked, no glitching is possible. Therefore, these four gamertags might as well be considered as confirmed cheaters with no doubts.”

Now, we cannot confirm whether these Unconfirmed Cheaters are actually hackers, but one look at their Achievement details will give anyone enough evidence to see that Gamerscore cheating is definitely…well, let’s just say that all signs point to it.  Here are the links to their profiles:

And BTW, if anyone can decipher “PNYMPHO’s” cryptic message in his profile (see screenshot below), please let us know!


19 Responses to “Y.A.T.F.O.P.”

  1. Yeah they both have online achs acquired offline. Definitely hackers.

  2. i wouldnt say having online achiements offline hackers more gamesave? i dont really understand the hacking?

  3. losers!

  4. i think i got a boner 🙂

  5. How do I get the full list so that i know who not to get associated with or even play against?

  6. on of them was been pwnd by MS

  7. Looks like PNYMPHO is now labeled Mr. Reset Number Nine haha. Nice find

  8. yeah i looked and the “win so many ranked matches” achievements were all done while offline……..cheaters.
    country switching is a huge problem also!

  9. hackings easy you just need to iknow how to do it. i personally have hacked about 200k in a week its not that hard. also the achievement isnt totally glitched you can ge it with a trial game then an spg to another account then spg back to your accout on the full game. just thaught id say that.

  10. I’m glad to see that my tip materialized into action being taken! This is such a great website. =)

  11. Sorry, you must be mistaken, i have unlocked all smash tv 200 and i have never hacked in my life.

    You think m$ actually read this website? i think not, they need 100% proof , not some whim

  12. Sorry, thought i would add, i have 200 in smash tv, yet im not on mgc, there are many more with 200 than that are listed on mgc.

    Furthermore, i know someone who has online achievements unlocked offline legitimately, as he was disconnected from live just before the unlock, admittidley its a rarity, but possible nonetheless

  13. Even if you do have SmashTV completed, you still cheated somehow because the achievement is glitched for all legitimate purposes.

  14. Zeriam, it does unlock, i know how to unlock it legit, you are correct that gamemaster is glitched, but there is a way round it which does NOT involve cheating ( as you called it )

    Is any of this actually cheating anyway? Gamerscore is unbalanced, compare Avatar with Perfect Dark Zero, m$ have no official leaderboard and the score certainly will never reflect any skill.

    Seems like a big waste of time to me

  15. Seems like a big waste of time to me

    Then go away…

  16. Very constructive comment “Greg”, someone has an opinion that differs from yours and “Then go away” is the extent of your conversation ability? Dear god, i will get more intelligence talking to a brick wall.

  17. I said that for the sake of brevity. Furthermore, telling someone that what they are passionate about is ‘a waste of time’ isn’t exactly constructive either, “Bob.”

    If what we’re trying to accomplish here is a waste of time, then, surely, intentionally coming here, reading and responding to posts is an equal waste of time, if not a greater one.

    “Dear god, i will get more intelligence talking to a brick wall.

    Your ad hominem humors me.

    Feel free to view my other posts at this site.

  18. Aaron234= hacked GRAW.

  19. Aaron243

    Hacked G.R.A.W, Virtua Fighter, Viva Pinata, Hexic HD.
    80 percent of his games are hacked/gamesaved.

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