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From Unconfirmed to Confirmed!

Yesterday’s 2fer post uncovered “PNYMPHO,” and we’re happy to report that this clown has just been punished by Microsoft. “PNYMPHO” is now an official Confirmed Cheater, and has a place in the Watch List.

For those of you new to Xbox Cheater Watch, these Confirmed Cheaters get their Gamerscores “corrected” by Microsoft.  Confirmed Cheaters cannot earn those Achievements ever again, and their profiles are marked with a banner indicating that they were caught cheating.  Take a look for yourself:

Thanks to reader, “SSF” for pointing this one out!


2 Responses to “From Unconfirmed to Confirmed!”

  1. Awesome. Good job on the findings guys.

  2. If you want to keep “PNYMPHO” on the Watch List, you might want to take a screenshot because they either changed their name or the account has been deleted.

    Moderator Comment: Thanks for the alert. We’ll be doing a full update of the Watch List this weekend.

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