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For Sale: Gamerscore Cheater’s Gamertag

Here’s yet another Unconfirmed Cheater putting up illegitimacy for sale. But instead of selling Gamerscore cheating services, this one is selling his Gamertag.

Reader “Killas Boss” sent in this tip about “ConfederateAce7,” saying, “ConfederateAce7 is another on that has all of the Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 3 achievements unlocking at the same time. Nail him!!!!”

Well, let’s just hope this self-proclaimed “Country Boy” doesn’t survive punishment from Microsoft.

Oh and BTW, caveat emptor, folks!


5 Responses to “For Sale: Gamerscore Cheater’s Gamertag”

  1. lol selling his gamertag what a baffoon!!! lmao come on who stupid enough to buy gamertag and why would you sell it. i mean ur name,address,email, will be tied to it. unless the owner of this tag will get their details and update his tag.

    sorry people but that motto made me laugh.

  2. LOL at legit. Many people buy gamertag’s. Someone I know sold his 200k account for $1000 dollars! If you don’t think lazy people will pay for gamerscore accounts you are wrong.

  3. lol i think theres no fun in buying someone elsa hard work for a gamerscore?

  4. Why is a problem to sell ones tag?

  5. i didnt say theres a problem read before you post!!! i said why would you buy one for a stupid gamerscore which dont do naf all jeez

    why dont people earn it themself and people who sell their gamertag proberly hacked , gamesaved which is why they sell it.

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