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The Time Traveling Cheater

June 18, 2008

Just when we thought cheating couldn’t get more obvious, we get “DishBoy09” to show up on our tip page. Readers “McGinty” and “Delirious” both alerted us to this Unconfirmed Cheater, who pretty much is a textbook cheater. Advertisements

A Little Too Obvious

June 18, 2008

Thus far, we’ve seen different combinations of what characterizes a rampant cheater. The Gamerscore itself is not necessarily indicative of rampant cheating, but it could be, given other evidence. We’re also looking at completion rate, what the Greasemonkey tool tells us, and other tell-tale signs.

Not a Rampant Cheater, Right?

June 16, 2008

If you don’t already know, prior to posting an alleged cheater on this site, we do our best to examine the evidence to determine whether the evidence is compelling enough. We’re going to continue the discussion of what a rampant cheater is, but today, we’re going to look at a gamer who looks awful suspicious, […]

Is Shuckey Back?

June 12, 2008

A few months ago, we had a couple of interesting posts and far more interesting comments about Unconfirmed Cheater “Shuckey.” Reader “Ruckey” tipped us off on what could quite possibly be another one of “Shuckey’s” Gamertags. Now we know this guy’s Gamerscore isn’t up there, but with the Gamertag resemblance and more than a few […]

Rampant Cheater?

June 10, 2008

Time for a debate, folks. The discussion following our last post was pretty interesting – it revolved around what makes a cheater a “rampant” cheater. So we present to you a tip submitted by reader “George.”

The Italian Job

June 9, 2008

And now from news around the world, reader “teo360” brings us our first Italian Unconfirmed Cheater. This guy has quite a few experience in the world of cheating, but here’s what “teo360” says about him:

Unconfirmed Cheater Fo’ Shizzle

June 5, 2008

Reader “carmine916” submitted a tip to us that helps us remind everyone what a “Rampant Cheater” is. We’re not just talking obvious, but prolific in his cheating. “HQ Jbrizzel” is one such cheater. He’s an Unconfirmed Cheater, which means he hasn’t yet been caught and punished by Microsoft, but we have a feeling this guy […]


May 20, 2008

Yes folks, it’s time for yet another two for one post. Reader “II Zeriam II” actually tipped us off to four individuals, but we’re going to direct your attention to the two more rampant Unconfirmed Cheaters.