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The Cheaters that have been found and confirmed so far are:

(CheaterMcCheat is a Microsoft-owned Gamertag used for testing purposes)

(Account deleted from Xbox Live)

(Account deleted from Xbox Live)



3 Responses to “Watch List”

  1. Moderator Comment: Please note that in order to streamline the Watch List, comments will not be posted on this page. We’ll still read (and sometimes respond to) your comments and tips – they just won’t be displayed on the Watch List page.

  2. A couple “cheaters” me and a couple friends I have on Gears of War 2 found are Tosha321 and ABigRedBalloon Just thought you would like to know. I have pic’s posted on if you want to check them out.

    I like the list you have. People who cheat have no skill and just ruin the game for everyone.

  3. Very usefull, Thanks

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