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Exactly How Many GOW2 Cheaters?

May 7, 2009

Yo people.  I’ve had some decent amount of feedback about the site, and I think it’s time to bring it back – but I’m going to ease into it.  This means you won’t be getting a new post every day, but I will try to get everyone’s comments moderated each day. Advertisements

Day TWO E3

July 22, 2008

This morning started out with appointments with EA and their action titles. I was so looking forward to seeing how three games in particular were turning out, and I’m happy to report that they definitely look solid.

Day ONE E3

July 15, 2008

Edit: Post updated! Day ONE of E3 was a day of epic proportions. Truly amazing, but mainly because of the stories and memories I will take away from this year’s E3.


July 15, 2008

Hey Party People, this thread is going to chronicle my adventures and misadventures at E3 2008. Be sure to check back at the end of every day for the latest thoughts, comments, and vids! DAY ZERO So Day 0 of E3 is over, and boy am I exhausted! My day started early, at 5 AM […]

Stay Tuned – Microsoft Just Laid it Down Hard

May 21, 2008

Thanks to reader “Rance6,” we just learned that the three Confirmed Cheaters we just posted about are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got 11 (and counting?) more Confirmed Cheaters to report to you. Today will go down in gaming history with this huge step against Gamerscore Cheating. Developing…

Session with Cliff Bleszinski and Gears of War 2

May 15, 2008

No doubt you have likely seen the gameplay reveal vid that was released last week. You’ve also probably seen the Gears of War / Gears of War 2 comparison and pop-up videos. Well, over at the Microsoft Spring Showcase, we were treated to a walkthrough of that level, (the second level of the game, titled […]

Session with Peter Molyneux and Fable 2

May 15, 2008

Everyone knows that Fable’s harshest critic is Peter Molyneux, the game’s designer. Various hardware limitations prevented Fable from being Molyneux’ realized dream. With the sequel, Molyneux promises to deliver one of the most dramatic stories ever told, and one feature no game has really ever been able to capture – freedom. Molyneux walked us through […]

Microsoft Spring Showcase Wrap

May 14, 2008

Yesterday, in an unassuming warehouse in beautiful San Francisco, Microsoft brought out the big guns that will be carrying the Xbox 360 platform through to the end of the year at it’s annual Spring Showcase. Along with the Press, we were invited to take a look at the stunning games, but more importantly, discuss the […]