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Exactly How Many GOW2 Cheaters?

Yo people.  I’ve had some decent amount of feedback about the site, and I think it’s time to bring it back – but I’m going to ease into it.  This means you won’t be getting a new post every day, but I will try to get everyone’s comments moderated each day.

Here are some ground rules: do not post anymore “tips” about alleged cheaters.  I really don’t have the time to investigate em all.  What you can post are actual cheaters who were busted and had their gamerscores reset.  Fair enough?

This means that I will be deleting posts that make accusations, but I’ll allow posts that spread the word about a cheater getting hit with a reset.

Now, onto the topic of the moment: we know GOW2 cheaters were busted, but exactly how many of em were slammed?  Post profiles to people who were recently zeroed out!

And finally – thank you guys for the support and encouragement to get this site back up from off the ground.


4 Responses to “Exactly How Many GOW2 Cheaters?”

  1. =D The site is back. I don’t actually know anyone who was reset, I do question if it actually did happen.

  2. Cool

  3. @ KaibaChaos

    Yes it happened. There is an article on it and I know its in the thousands. I was one of the ppl that was reset.

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