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Do You Still Visit this Site?

Hello everyone, we haven’t updated this site in about a year now, and much to our surprise, you are all still checking this site and leaving comments (they are awaiting approval).  Please post a comment to this post if you are still checking out this site.

If the interest is high enough, we’ll bring it back!  Thanks!


27 Responses to “Do You Still Visit this Site?”

  1. Only when it’s updated.

  2. YUP!

  3. Yes, I do and would love for you to bring it back. I check it every so often in the hopes of you doing so. Besides there are some gamesavers right at the top of the leaderboards right now.

  4. I like to have a browse through every now and then, wether I’ve seen it or not. Few people I’ve been trying to dig some dirt on also.

    Hope you guys get it back up and running.

  5. Still check and was relieved to find someone I’ve been tracking has finally been taken down by microsoft.

  6. Hello! I say that this site has to return to work, abche better than before!I think we all have to report back all the cheaters and gamesavers that make our Live something false.We must believe, to fight against dishonest users, we believe that one day things will change, and with the help of all she can do!

  7. yes

  8. Sure do

  9. Yeah, bring it back. You cheated us of a good site dammit!

  10. Well, I’m guessing this site isn’t coming back then. My above comment is still under moderation =(

  11. Was loving this site til you jus randomly stopped so YES bring it back definately!!!

  12. Yay, my comment got posted =D I really, really, really hope this site comes back.

  13. of course man
    and btw new resets yeah
    DMD BlackDragon and I MIB I RKP x

  14. i do! just rarely because i thought you gave up on it.

  15. Why did you just stop updating anyway? I do wonder if there is a chance this site will come back. If it was returning I would have expected some sort of update by now 😦

  16. Honestly, it just took far too much time not only going through dozens of tips each day, but to sort through and edit all the comments people left. A reader once mentioned that this would turn into a full-time job, and really, it almost did. A job that paid nothing.

    Not sure if I’ll pick it up just yet.

  17. Ah, ok. If that’s the case then take your time, I think it’s great that there is a possibility of it coming back 🙂

  18. HAHAHAH You guys are all fails. In a month you will have 2000+ 500K accounts to deal with MS won’t be able to keep up. Once the new tool drops it’s all gone with the old way of “playing games”. We run the show, not MS.

  19. Guys, this one aspires to live shit! Im Italian and I have 150k, honestly! In ranking Italian player appeared with a 246k! (Ciuga) UNBELIEVABLE! One of the greatest Italian history Savers! But you can that there is not nobody who can do something to prevent this?

  20. now that they’re banning for Gears 2 Glitching, seems cranking this up again is definitely in order…

  21. microsoft must resets all cheaters gamerscore!!!!!!!!

    and this website is important for denounce all cheaters

  22. I still watch the site, and by the way Gears of War 2 glitchers’ gamerscores are being reset to zero.

  23. Can’t wait for it my good man. You were missed to the point that even CerealKiller started game saving and glitching games like Gow2 on his new legit tag. I sez bring back the site.

  24. Hey, remember me? I check back for updates now and again. Its funny to see you guys devote your time for something that doesnt matter nor doesnt directly effect anyone. By all means bring it back, I’m in need of a good laugh or two.

  25. Really….many people lost interest in Gamerscore….
    I think is better to play some good retrogame that all this shitty games to get some worrthless points…

  26. The people all over the leaderboards today usually aren’t gamesavers, they are hexing their achievements with the Profile Tool. 100% ANY game in 5 minutes once the zero is loaded? Technology is great and powerful.

    I thought it was the end of cheating GS after November…

    I was 100% WRONG on that call. If anything, it’s bigger and more advanced than ever before and how long can Microsoft really keep up with it and more importantly, how long will they consider it important enough to focus resources on?

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