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Hey Party People, this thread is going to chronicle my adventures and misadventures at E3 2008. Be sure to check back at the end of every day for the latest thoughts, comments, and vids!


So Day 0 of E3 is over, and boy am I exhausted! My day started early, at 5 AM to hit the gym. After my workout, I headed to the LA Convention Center, for Microsoft’s Press Briefing. There, I’d meet up with Wiseguy, Spaceghost, and other Xbox MVPs.

But before I met up with anyone else, I went to the registration area to pick up my ESA badge. I must have been far too excited for my own good because I somehow found myself in the Exhibitor Registration line without realizing it (oh and Peter Molyneux was in line at the same time). Here’s how the conversation with myself and the counter gal went:

Me: Good Morning!
Her: Hello, may I please see your I.D.?
M: Sure – here it is…
H: Thank you, it will be just one moment.
M: <thinking: why aren’t they taking my picture for the badge like they are for everyone else? Hmf>
H: Here you are sir <hands me badge>
M: <takes badge – and realizes that I’m holding Shane Kim’s badge in my hands…run???>
M: Umm…this isn’t me.
H: Oh sorry sir – are you an exhibitor or attendee?
M: Woops – I guess it would help to read the signs – sorry! <kicks self repeatedly for not keeping the badge>

So after passing up the possibility of having the ultimate all-access badge, I proceeded to wait in line to get into West Hall for the Microsoft Presser.

After a little bit, Wiseguy, Spaceghost, and other MVPs showed up, and then we waited some more before the doors opened, and we were welcomed by a very dark and huge room – with neon green lines/lights leading to a huge wall with the words “Jump In” emblazed on it.

Before I continue, I want to add that a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a little pre-E3 video that Microsoft was producing. Turned out that the video was to be featured as the intro video for the MS Presser. Tony, the producer of the vid sat next to me during the briefing, and I have to say, it was rather embarrassing seeing myself up there. But I digress…

So you all have seen/read/heard all the details of Microsoft will be bringing to the Xbox 360 platform. I must say, despite all of my fears of this year’s MS presentation bombing due to lack of anything interesting, I was really excited about what MS showed and announced. But you all don’t need to hear about what I think about this stuff.

It was great sitting there, with the audio blasting my eardrums (little did I know that the volume would be nothing compared to EA’s briefing’s volume), and the throngs of media personnel torn at continuing to ride the “Hate MS” wagon, and actually being jazzed at all the cool stuff.

Any lack of applause during the briefing should not be confused with a lack of glee, because most of the time, everyone was hammering away at their laptops with thoughts of what they just saw.

At any rate, I definitely thought MS brought out some great things to show the world today. Only things missing were anything related to Halo…

…which brings me to my next story…Witchking and I were walking out of the Hall when we run into some Bungie guys (wearing Bungie shirts, no less). When I asked them where the heck Halo 4 was, one fellow joked and insinuated that I had not paid attention during the briefing, and that I missed the announcement. I pressed him and told him that I was up in Bellevue for the Halo 3 launch and met him up there – and asked him for the real story.

No joke – he said curtly that they had something planned, but it was scrapped at the last minute. I wasn’t sure if he was upset my inquisition, or whether he was telling us the truth about the matter. But my gut tells me that it’s the latter.

Witchking, Wiseguy, and I headed to Langer’s for lunch afterwards…

That’s it for now – I’ll update this thread throughout E3 with vids! I promise!


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