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The Watch List is Up to Speed!

Yes, we know it’s been far too long since we’ve updated the Watch List, but we’ve finally been able to tear ourselves away from gaming and our day jobs to get through that gargantuan list of Confirmed Cheaters that have piled up.

Go ahead and peruse through the Watch List, and use the search box to look up the posts we featured any of those Confirmed Cheaters in. Meanwhile, we’ll be pouring over those tips you all have been submitting for the past few weeks.

Oh and just a heads up, but we’ll be at E3 this year and you can count on us bringing you coverage from the biggest gaming show of the year!


10 Responses to “The Watch List is Up to Speed!”

  1. =D

  2. im proud to be on this list

  3. you need to update yopur submit a tip section, plenty of gold in there

    Moderator Comment: Sorry Monkey, and everyone else – we definitely will get to them…we’re sorting through them slowly (but surely).

  4. Crossfire there is none to be proud of.You have been disgraced in front of the world and people are laughing at you.Ppl like you should grow up and get a life.

  5. @ monkey-agreed 🙂

  6. Crossfire V2 is now active and he continues to cheat on that. He is even selling gamer score for cash on a trade site. This boy needs to go get a real job.

  7. yep crossfire is a dirty cheater

  8. Why do people go so far out of their way to falsify their gamerscore. Does anybody care. Is anybody impressed by their huge gamerscores. Some people have to go get a life.

  9. i was a cheater when i first bought a 360 all i wanted to do was get my gamer score up the way i did it i am not going to say cause there are not alot of people in the world that no about it and i would like to keep it that way cause now i play my games for the fun of it and if i get an a achevy then its a bonus now i can not stand it when people cheat online cause it messes every ones game up and if there was a way to find out who it was i would report every one of them

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