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This Sequel Stinks

We know what you’re thinking. It has been far too long since any post, let alone a Confirmed Cheater post, here at Xbox Cheater Watch! We agree, and it’s time to reward you, faithful reader, with a good old-fashioned Confirmed Cheater report.Reader “Zoey101” gave us the 411 on Confirmed Cheater, “H e M p II.” Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a Gamertag called “H e M p,” and he has apparently enabled his privacy settings, but thanks to, we can find out a little bit about this guy’s gaming history.

According to, he played 29 games, had a total Gamerscore of 25305 out of 25805 possible, and unlocked 901 out of 928 total Achievements. This information is as recent as May 6, 2008, so it might be possible that “H e M p II” enabled his privacy settings and then did a lot more cheating after May 6. What is also interesting to note is that the earliest record of him playing over Live is on September 13, 2007 – so this Gamertag is not a “new.”

We’d love to hear the info you folks dig up…until then, here are the details on this Confirmed Cheater:


22 Responses to “This Sequel Stinks”

  1. Bah..who cares. I got from 0 – 100 faster than a Ferrari but who cares reely.


  3. He’s been reset.

  4. Changed his gamertag i think thats all, this site is really having a downfall.

    Moderator Comment: If you actually take the trouble to click on his profile, you will see that he was punished as a cheater.

  5. I think that was Gamertag removed by Moderator. Not too sure though. He had a hacked Quake and chromehounds so it might be him.

  6. No Gamertag removed by Moderator tag has not been reset he is an actual minor and sometimes that is what the parents want to have on their child’s profile. I know his dad plays on the tag for him sometimes but they live in the same house.

  7. Wait, they punished him for his cheating but didn’t do a FNC as well?


  8. Eternal Redux really went fast from 0 to 100K, thats true haha xD I saw how fast his GS went up, amazing!

  9. Unles it just me but the tag has 0 but has all his games still done prob just changed his tag.

    Moderator Comment: Check his profile (the link is in our post). You’ll see the Cheater “watermark” on his profile.

  10. Gawd Ace I LURVVVE this site. It helps keep XBL legit. I nominate you as CEO of Microsoft. They need to hire people like you. God Bless You.

  11. Cmon give him a break.Hes cheating so what is it to you.I cheated and hacked my way to #2 in the world so waht eh?I am still an active member on 360gamesaves called Raccoon so waht eh?
    Its our choice to cheat or play legit and u have no right to judge us at all.
    I do enjoy reading your site btw m8.


  12. its even easier to hack score these days with a hex editor and a con signer you can have 1k on any game in 5 seconds

  13. Lmao, It was 105k Completion with privacy turned on and LegendOfGs, Atsuma Get out of my “page”

  14. For what i’m trying to back you up i mean yeah u stole my tag by calling M$ and personating as me but its cool man its the past lol.

  15. I can give you all the info you guys want. That’s my tag. Make sure not too make this reply to public so i can talk to you guys on aim about everything. Thanks. It got reset at 108K btw. No name change or anything. Thats a legit tag and i didnt try and hide from getting reset. It had 99% completion and it had about 50K hacks.

  16. Hi. I have put my actual email this time so we can talk. I ave also turned my account privacy message setting off. So feel free to message me on that. But i cant reply because the account is silver. Thanks.

  17. gamesavers r Expletive removed by Moderator who seek attention and minor fame without the effort and skill required and why? cos they cant get there on skill so they basically cheat there way up a leaderboard as its easier and there’s millions of idiots who’ll believe they’re for real.i only bother to check kaens leaderboard now as its the most legit one out there in comparison,if your not on kaens and have 100k+then i don’t care what your score is and the chances are very high your another gamesaving loser or else you should be on his leaderboard already.its a shame there aren’t more like kaens who actually has morals and does things by the book-that’s the only way to ever feel proud of any achievement in game or real lifeWell done gamesavers-ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED {negative achievement} MINUS ALL YOUR DECENCY AS A GAMER-RESET IMMINENT.1 point gamesaved/hacked is 1 to many and ruins your tag which renders all your score degraded and yourself to as you’ll always know you weren’t good enough and had to rely on cheating,its best to admit ones failings and try again another day with integrity intact-just my to cents but surely deep down everyone knows I’m wright :).

  18. Fine then.

  19. @ animecommandor i totally agree with you that the people at this site should be promoted by MS and they certainly do need to hire more people like them.god certainly has blessed us with this site-im glad you like it :).i luuurve this site to if only to lol at the the snotty comments of cheaters who are getting a squeaky bum about it all…

  20. @snotty comments of cheaters who are getting a squeaky bum about it all…

    CerealKiller LMAO

  21. Cereals killer is still cheat in games but with a new tag with same name.The gates is correct with times because he smartly use the saves at times apart so it look like he play it legitly.

  22. yes cereal still cheats also some of his old bum chums are doing guilty of doing same deed create new tag,play avatar,gamesave your next games but slow. He should of went legit like me along time ago.

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