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The Time Traveling Cheater

Just when we thought cheating couldn’t get more obvious, we get “DishBoy09” to show up on our tip page. Readers “McGinty” and “Delirious” both alerted us to this Unconfirmed Cheater, who pretty much is a textbook cheater. Here’s what “McGinty” had to say about about this guy:

Dishboy09 is the same. He has a lot of hacked score. Its very obvious.

And “Delirious” noted:

Has anyone noticed Dishboy09? He has loads of hacked games like MDK and all acquired offline.

Our readers sure know how to spot em! But one curious thing they both missed can be found in his recently played games list:

Do you see something wrong with that picture? Yep, it looks like “DishBoy09” has his hands on a game that doesn’t hit the shelves until next week (June 24, 2008). And we’re pretty sure if one were so inclined, a self-motivated person could dig through the leaderboards for this particular title and dig up a few more time-traveling cheaters.

Here are the links for the profile pages for “DishBoy09”:

Edit: We’d like to add that it is entirely possible that “DishBoy09” actually has a review copy of the game – if he actually received it from the publisher.  But somehow we doubt that.


41 Responses to “The Time Traveling Cheater”

  1. He has games hacked so check out the 1Ks acquired offline.
    Hour of victory
    Command conquer
    Blue dragon
    Graw2 and much much more.

  2. Anyone can get a game before release … many are online to download before release so you cant prove he gamesaves /hacks from that.

    Moderator Comment: Surely you must be joking.

  3. it is possible he owns a gamestore and has copies in already and said screw it and wanted to play it… doesn’t make him a cheater.

  4. Retailers can get games this early – sometimes up to a month early, depending on distribution. Many will often sell to staff/let staff borrow immediately, then wait for the release date to sell to the public. Or local retailers are known to put games on shelves as soon as they come into stock. So it’s not out of the question, and doesn’t have to be a publisher.

    Moderator Comment: This is true, sometimes people can get games early. But when looking at the totality of the evidence (i.e., Gamerscore cheating), the benefit of any doubt is very difficult to give. As always, you decide what to make of the evidence.

  5. There must be 1500 cheaters then check out leaderboard for Alone in the Dark.

    Moderator Comment: Not exactly. From what we understand, the game is released in the UK, and many people have review copies as well. That said, if there is circumstantial evidence to show a proclivity towards cheating/hacking, then it’s likely that Alone in the Dark was not procured through legitimate means.

  6. Alone in the dark is available for download on the piracy web site. I know xtronic’s playing it at the moment.

  7. Anyone can get a game before release … many are online to download before release so you cant prove he gamesaves /hacks from that.

    Moderator Comment: Surely you must be joking

    Are you crazy?

    You never heard of a torrent site?

    Moderator Comment: You don’t get it, do you? You’re claiming that many games “are online to download,” yet that fact does not prove that this person hacks.

  8. You don’t have to hack in order to download games, genius.

    Moderator Comment: And in any event, either way, it’s still idiotic.

  9. Moderator Comment: You don’t get it, do you? You’re claiming that many games “are online to download,” yet that fact does not prove that this person hacks.

    Well you made out you was clever with your little comment “Surely you must be joking?” and now i replied and proved you wrong and now your making out you meant somthing else. You was the one suggesting he was a Expletive removed by Moderator hacker in first entry *Rolleyeyes*

    Moderator Comment: OMG. OK, this is the last word on this. Downloading games = idiotic and illegal. And guess what, it’s also great evidence to get someone banned because as far as we know, you still have to hack your 360 to play illegally downloaded games.

  10. You do realize he may have gotten the game early legit? I got Mass Effect 1 week early thanks to K-mart, so just beacuse someone has Alone in the Dark dosnt mean they cheat (though i do know alot of people that have it pirated it, but its still possible he got it legit through a store, like how I did with Mass Effect, and like how alot of people did with Bioshock at Toys R’ Us)

    Moderator Comment: Yes, we do. That’s why we said that it was possible…just very unlikely given the fact that he is a pretty rampant Gamerscore cheater.

  11. Also, yes, people do download there games, i personally dont but i know of alot of people that do.

  12. I fail to see where the link is between cheating and getting games early. I could have 3k GS and still have access to titles that havent been released yet.

    There are tonnes of ways you get them early. It may be his job or he just knows the right people. Check out Joco200 he’s always getting games early and in his bio he claims he’s not a games tester.

    Moderator Comment: Honestly, you don’t see a link? Now, engaging in one form of illicit behavior does not necessarily presume that a person engage in another form of illegitimate gaming. However when there is substantial evidence to allege that Gamerscore cheating has occurred, and the guy has a game prior to release that has just been pirated and made available online, it does look awful suspicious.

  13. It is very sad that people cheat in this manner.

  14. It’s obvius that ppl download games, the flashmod is easy to do, you don’t invalid the warrency if you are careful enough to not break the seal and if you don’t want to do it by yourself ppl ask only for 20-30€….and guess what? your profile doesn’t get banned if MS catch you, only your console, but with all the money saved downloading games, buying a new console and mod it isn’t an effort at all…AND LAST BUT DON’T LEAST: MS only bans (and doesn’t catch everyone) during dash update, so ppl can play online with pirated games safetly until November-Dicember.

    MS is more worried about gamesavers than piracy, LOL

  15. At the Mod that responded to my comment. You didn’t really answer my question, you just said “it does look awful suspicious” Do you mean to say that because he cheats to get a game before release han he’s more likely to engage in gamerscore cheating? And plus how do we know he’s pirated a game? This is a site which tracks GS cheaters, not people who get games early.

    Moderator Comment: No, we mean the opposite. He cheats, therefore we won’t put it past him to download pirated games. Of course, it’s all speculation at this point as to how he obtained the game early. And yes, this is a site dedicated to tracking Gamerscore cheaters, but if you read prior posts, we like to delve into other topics as well.

  16. just cos hes played alone in the dark doesnt mean hes a hacker go to Link deleted by Moderator (you can download it from there) it just means hes got a flashed box.

    Moderator Comment: Wait..what? As far as we’re concerned, flashing a 360 IS hacking.

  17. Mod, but thats the problem, it doesn’t concern you. It’s not your place to pass judgement on other people regardless of what this sites purpose was originally intended for. The line is becoming increasingly blurred here.

    Moderator Comment: Well, we’re sorry you don’t like it, but it’s still interesting news that somewhat related. But we just want to warn you, we’ll be bringing news coverage from E3 and Comic-Con this year. Hope it doesn’t bother you too much.

  18. Flashing your 360 isn’t gamerscore hacking though.

    Moderator Comment: It might not be advanced hacking, but it still is hacking, at least in our humble opinion.

  19. I have to agree with the majority of the comments. Just because he’s guilty of one crime doesn’t mean you can impose another.

    Honestly, Even speculating about the unfounded is in bad reporting.

  20. flashing a 360 isnt hacking its modification

  21. He has G.R.A.W. without dates but he dont hack right. Also you prolly right he owns a game store. I bet he owns a whole chain of them. I have a better chance of hitting the lottery than he does owning a game store. I dont know why you cheaters stick together ohh yea prolly because you all suck at games and need hacks and gamesaves. I know this guy he has a flashed box and he got his xbox hacked so he can download free games so you guys stop whinning and get your facts straight. Stop trying to make the moderator look bad he pwns all you cheaters. I smell a update coming soon and it smells like doom!

  22. first off you dont have to be a hacker to be punished you just have to have hacked gamerscore or a hacked/flashed xbox. Also the moderator is like a xbox cop he can pass judgement on anybody we wants. For example If a criminal is known for robing banks and a bank in his area is robed hes a suspect. Thats passing judgement and it happens everyday. dish boy has hacked games its obvious so he is a suspect known for hacking. Get over it the moderator is right for judging him. If you dont want to be judged dont have hacked games on your card and then play a game thats not even released. But what do I know he prolly owns a game store.

  23. flashing a 360 isnt hacking its modification
    this is very true i must say.

  24. it is people like this guy that MS should be targeting – my illegally downloading games, development companies are losing money that could be re-invested into making really quality games. this stuff isn’t even up for debate, it is flat out illegal.

    and this guy is just one of many – look at all the upcoming games – leaderboards will have active people playing these games 1-2 weeks before official release – in my opinion their live accnts should be banned and labeled as thieves…

  25. Hacking is modification of the console’s hardware or software, therefore flashing (modification as you call it) is hacking. I’m sure Microsoft agrees.

  26. Modification IS hacking. Hacking isn’t just software related, it’s also hardware related.

  27. just incase you all think i have a flashed 360 i dont i pay for my games as its the right thing to do.

  28. Exactly right. Modification,tampering,hacking whatever you want to call it its all illegal and against microsofts policy. When people steal games thats less money for microsoft and the developers. I think there should be a law against these hackers and thiefs somethin like copyright infringement they should serve a few years for this. The hackers have ruined the gaming community.

  29. I agree fakemonkey i noticed peeps on unreal tournament 2 weeks ago yet its not released here for another few weeks an they are on a uk gamertag so yes ms pay close attention

  30. Oh bugger they will have to do GRAW2 again as they forgot to do the co op map packs

  31. So, I see this site is losing its thunder finally. Its rather funny, the guy who is running this site is basically keeping it up for the same 15-20 people (wow, what a huge fan base *sarcasm*). Of those 15-20 people I’d be willing to bet that over half of them are under 16 years old. This site has turned into nothing more than a cesspool of people who crave on flaming others and as the snowball rolls its getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Well folks, hope you all have fun here but hope you finally realize the party is over, no one important cares anymore.

    Moderator Comment: Looking at the comments you’ve left here in the past, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for you to flame people for what you apparently have done?

  32. Im still a fan and always will be a fan!

  33. ^lol

    I have a legit copy of UT3, by legit I brought it from a doggy guy of the back of a van for £20, but its a legit copy. So M$, please don’t ban everyone whose played it. 🙂

  34. I am a huge fan of this site too.The best part was your coverage of Cerealkiller’s reset.

  35. i wish to kno why cereal was reset but i cba to read through the files

  36. I was thrilled with Cereal Killers coverage and reset. Problem is he made a new tag and is up to his old tricks again. Scumbag.

  37. I was thrilled with the coverage of Cereal Killers reset. But he is up to his old tricks. Old habits die hard. what a scumbag

  38. Cereal Killer5 is was and still one of the hottest gamers around. I wish he was my baby daddy!!!

  39. Im with Krool and think he is scumbag with all of the cheating and gamsavin that he does i dont see why he can grow up because cheating is unethacle

  40. LMAO but did y’all know that Cereal Killer is a 35 year old man
    He is a very sad individual indeedy.

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