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A Little Too Obvious

Thus far, we’ve seen different combinations of what characterizes a rampant cheater. The Gamerscore itself is not necessarily indicative of rampant cheating, but it could be, given other evidence. We’re also looking at completion rate, what the Greasemonkey tool tells us, and other tell-tale signs.

An anonymous reader wrote in and submitted a tip that adds to this conversation. Here’s what he said:

I was just looking at a friends game list today who hasnt been online for sometime now. To my surprise he has been pretty busy with getting all his games done offline. Games like Quake4, Rockband, Chromehounds, GTA4, Bomberman act zero, Devil may cry4, and Fear just to name a few. None of these games have dates and they seem to have been hacked all on the same day. Needless to say i have removed this friend from my list after asking about his games and having him turn into a major a*(%^ hole about it. Feel free to check out this cheater. His tag is MDK CHAOTIC 1.

MDK CHAOTIC 1 is the one you should be watching. He is a hacker and i guess he wants everyone to know it because his games are not blocked but his achievements are all gained offline. Look at his card and see what i mean for yourself.

So, like we do with all of the tips our readers submit, we looked up this “MDK CHAOTIC 1.” At first glance, we thought, “Too low of a Gamerscore…probably not a rampant cheater.” Then we started clicking through. It’s painfully obvious that our tipster was really onto something. But don’t just take our word for it:


26 Responses to “A Little Too Obvious”

  1. MDK CHAOTIC 1 was last seen 4 minutes ago playing Account Creation Tool. Must be hard at work.

  2. Wow, See what I meant to say earlier, there are literally thousands of people with under 40k and its all cheated because they literally can’t do any games themselves.

  3. lol marble blast altra is the only game not completed i would guess his gamerscore will be gone soon.

  4. How can you grass a friend in?
    You won’t have many if thats how you treat them.

  5. I wonder if Sufoor decided to make a new tag. This guy can’t be any more obvious than to have that many online-only achievements unlocked offline. The only way that happens is hacking. The only other idea I have is that this is someone testing how much cheating they can get away with without getting reset, to make sure it’s safe before they do it to their “real” GT.

  6. Dishboy09 is the same. He has a lot of hacked score. Its very obvious.

  7. Nah, Roofus has made a new tag but this isn’t it.

  8. Has anyone noticed Dishboy09? He has loads of hacked games like MDK and all acquired offline.

  9. hey he’s on my friends list, he’s cool.

  10. Its sad that people have to hack into stuff, it doesn’t make them cool or anything, I actually use to knhow this kid, haha for more info please send a message to Gamertag removed by Moderator

  11. I don’t really understand what the big deal of hacking achievements is. I mean seriously. Who gives a crap about achievements that much that they will go to microsoft to get someone reset? Is it because your afraid someone will get a higher score than you? I mean it is dumb to hack we all can agree on that. But making a fruckin website DEDICATED to it? come on kids, our parents told us to not point fingers. I believe that microsoft will take care of all the cheaters on their own, they don’t need a bunch of rats and tattle tails to do it for them. I now am wondering if you guys sleep BETTER at night knowing that you got someone reset for hacking. I mean it must make you feel big; because you’re mad you cant get the achievements yourself, it makes it impossible for anyone else to get them right? so they are instantly branded a hacker. Now i know MDK CHAOTIC 1 hacked yes, But what if someone else had those games done ONLINE in ONE day? Would they be a cheater? Because you guys cant do it, makes them a hacker! I’m just stating that it’s getting ridiculous how many people point the finger when it comes to cheaters, it’s like a salem witch trial, nothing gets accomplished for the good of humanity in the end, nor does it help the gaming environment.
    That’s just what i believe

  12. So whats suffors new gamertag ?

  13. quote… So whats suffors new gamertag ?
    like they would say that on here come on use ur brain.

  14. @Obsessive Gamer

    The only difference between this and the Salem Witch Trials is those people weren’t witches, but these people ARE cheaters/hackers. Your comment is nullified, thank you very much.

  15. I second ‘Obsessive Gamer’.

    I ask the mods and people like ‘II Zeriam II’ and anyone else who goes to great length to scrutinize those who cheat to just seriously look at what we’re are complaining about. The number next to a gamertag that millions of people have online.

    For some people GS is an addiction but if they want to cheat for it let ’em, who cares. If they get into trouble its their fault it doesnt effect us. I could write down ‘Gears of War – 1250/1250’ on a piece of paper right now and it would be the same, its just a number. We should all just do what we gotta do on the xbox and not have to worry about all this because if it really keeps you up at night then ther’s definatly something wrong.

  16. Saw his achievements before he decided to hide them. Definitely guilty.

  17. @Tenshun AKA ThatOneBlackDude
    Why don’t u unblock your card too then eh ?

  18. Writing down “Gears of War – 1250/1250” on a piece of paper is not the same as having it on your gamercard, what sort of retarded arguement is that?

  19. Zeriam, you still havent disproved what i said. WHY is it any different? We’re still arguing over a virtual number right?

  20. Lol @ Marius. I’m not Tenshun bro. Keep guessing though ;).

    @ Mods

    You should really bring in a ‘quote’ feature.

  21. Ok then, would buying a fake Olympic Medal be the same as earning one in the Olympic Games? They both are a piece of metal, but one is awarded for doing something special, the other you just procured by other means with no effort.

  22. woo go on Obsessive Gamer i too agree why should all you people care because of us cheats and hackers come on ms will never catch me its called using your brain

  23. the 1250/1250 isnt a meaningless number when you have spent 300 legit hours going for it and someone does it in 10 minutes.

  24. “the 1250/1250 isnt a meaningless number when you have spent 300 legit hours going for it and someone does it in 10 minutes.”

    You’re point is valid. However, the simple fact is that if you know that you accomplished something impressive, while someone else simply cheated to get it, it should make no real difference in your mind what the other guy did. The fact that you did it, and you did it the “right” way is all that should matter to you. A lot of people, including myself sometimes forget that is what really matters and that doesn’t just go for gamerscore either. It applies to other, far more important aspects of life as well.

  25. you know what tons of people gamesave and thats not really noticed or discrimanated but hacking is that is not right gamesaving is just as bad and look at anyone that goes for achievements and guess what they most likly have gamesaves so hacking is the same thing and also MDK CHAOTIC 1 is 110% LEGIT

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