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Not a Rampant Cheater, Right?

If you don’t already know, prior to posting an alleged cheater on this site, we do our best to examine the evidence to determine whether the evidence is compelling enough. We’re going to continue the discussion of what a rampant cheater is, but today, we’re going to look at a gamer who looks awful suspicious, but there isn’t quite enough to pin him as a cheater.

Reader “Stop Cheaters” chimed in and said this:

The gamertag is Zebrasqual he has 192,571 gamerscore. He is on top of the Frogger 2 leaderboards (This is how I found him) when I used grease monkey to look at his games… I was not surprised at all the gamesaving he has done… just look at the profile yourself.. it really isn’t hard to spot on this one… but if you want here is a link to his GoW achievements…

I can’t believe someone who gamesaves so much would put themselves on top of a leaderboard like that…..

So having looked at all the evidence ourselves, “Zebrasqual” does indeed have a very high Gamerscore, and has more recently been going crazy with Xbox Live Arcade titles. He also has a great completion rate, but in terms of evidence towards Gamerscore cheating, there isn’t a whole lot.

That said, we can’t come to the conclusion that “Zebrasqual” is a cheater. Are we missing something here? See something we aren’t? Take a gander for yourselves and tell us what you think!


44 Responses to “Not a Rampant Cheater, Right?”

  1. Zebrasqual is known to gamesave and account trade, he has done so for a long time.
    If you look through his games you WILL find lots of evidence.

  2. Leave a brother alone, Zebrasqauls is a great arcade gamer, even though he makes his own saves.

  3. I can vouch for him he doesnt gamesave he is an arcade a$$.

  4. Zebrasqual is a great gamer, one of the best at arcades don’t hate on him. even if he did cheat(very little) in past, you should not punish someone who has reformed and is an excellent arcade player.

  5. Well it’s quite obvious his Gears of War is hacked. There is no way anyone could unlock the (Seriously) achievement on the same day they unlock their very 1st achievement for Gears (06/09/2007). If you guys can’t confirm he’s a cheater then you need some trifocals!!!

  6. He “goes crazy” with Arcade Titles because he plays them all the time to stay at #3 on the leaderboard.

  7. That means not cheating, but playing them himself.

  8. ZB is a good friend of mine. I’m not sure about the retails but he is beast at arcades.

  9. Hes proved hes a great gamer by being at the top of a leaderboard. But yes hes cheated. I used his REZ HD save to get 200/200 🙂

  10. And snap his gears isn’t ‘hacked’, its a glitch that is very very common and thousands of people have used it.

  11. Oh and proof of cheating his VF5 has been SPG’d. Can’t be bothered to look for anything else.

  12. This guy is an amazing person, very kind too. Plays co op if you ask him and does what he can to help people. So what if he cheated one or two games, there aint a gamer with 200k that hasn’t cheated. He does what he can to be the best at arcade games, lets leave him to it.

  13. Zebrasqual is a awesome arcade gamer, he really is very good in arcade games and puts a lot of time in them.

    He has NOT hacked. What ‘snap’ said is not true, it’s just second profile glitched. So yeah, leave this guy alone. Don’t hate him because he’s a pro .

  14. It is indeed very clear that he is a cheater.

  15. I’ve heard of this guy before, and I’ve heard from several people that he has account traded at the very least and done a bit of gamesaving at the worst. The one thing he isn’t is a hacker/rampant gamesaver. Note the rampant before gamesaver.

  16. Very Simple:
    Rasing gamerscore through by avioding gameplay is cheating

    Reset his gamerscore!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Slappy its very clear that your moms a cheater!

  18. I admit I cheat on a daily basis and do so in a rampant fashion. There is not one damn thing you can do about it.

  19. So what if he cheated some games hes better than you’ll ever be \(hence he is number 1 in leaderboards so STFU and shove your Expletive removed by Moderator detection skills and maybe one day you will top a leaderboard.

    Moderator Comment: If you’re addressing us, then we urge you to re-read our post. Or go back to grade school, then re-read our post.

  20. @Morris
    If he was nice he would not cheat.

  21. so what ur saying is that a cheater of a Expletive removed by Moderator number is not a nice person. Not to mention the fact that u dont know him! How dare you ever say that someone who cheats is not a nice person when you cant back it up!

  22. I figured something like this would come up with the whole gamerscore reset process. You have a guy who has, *without a doubt* cheated gamerscore, but is given sympathy because of the fact that he is a really good player. Sorry guys, but this isn’t the way the world works. You can be a war hero, but you still have to obey the law. The fact that Zebrasqual is a beast at arcade games is completely irrelevant.

    Oh, and his arcade score isn’t 100% legit either. He has obvious account recoveries for both Joust and Robotron (and who knows how many non-obvious ones) as well as many gamesaved achievements on Bejeweled 2.

  23. who cares if hes the greatest gamer ever to have lived?! HE CHEATED SO HE SHOULD BE ZERO POINTED simple as.i beleave if a person gamesaves/hacks/profile glitches even a zero point achievement they should get reset.why do these people who are in most cases good at gaming render there entire gamersore worthless by gamesaving? i meen if they worked hard to have a decent score why ruin it and there integrety by starting to cheat? 100points earned without gamesaves is something to be more proud of than 100000points that includes ANY gamesaves/hacks/profile glitches.maybe im just old fashion as in i beleave in respect and credabilty which is something these gamesaving losers appear to be lacking.

  24. @Morris
    If you are the “Real” Morris Lee why don’t you tell us about all your activities in cheating & gamesaving on 360gsaves?
    You gamesaved your tag up to over 100K then sold it to some poor sucker.

    Zebrasqual NEVER did anything to any of you! he has always been a fair and decent guy to everyone! He doesn’t even go for gamerscore in retail games anymore. He only goes for arcade- Whether he gamesaved or not! YOU KNOW SOMETHING? IN ORDER TO GAMESAVE YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SAVE OF THE GAME THAT SOMEONE MADE. OK SO IF THE SAVE HAS BEEN MADE LEGIT (BECAUSE U CANT FAKE THAT) THEN ASSUMING ITS ALL HIM HE MUST HAVE DONE IT LEGIT AND THEN GAMESAVED IT SO HIS TIMESTAMPS SHOW UP IN ONE DAY!. I know this man is not a hacker i know zebrasqual is a GOOD GAMER and he does NOT deserve to get reset to zero- and if he does in your opinion then he deserves to keep his hard work in the arcade atleast give him that.

    Wow 😦 this is sad, he never even did anything to any of you guys.

  26. “Well it’s quite obvious his Gears of War is hacked. There is no way anyone could unlock the (Seriously) achievement on the same day they unlock their very 1st achievement for Gears (06/09/2007). If you guys can’t confirm he’s a cheater then you need some trifocals!!!”

    As snap said right?

    There is a glitch that EVERYONE knows of that unlocks all the achievements ONLINE- IN ORDER TO HACK IT MUST BE OFFLINE HAVENT YOU NOTICED?- Im guessing he saw how to do it on Youtube and tried it and it worked

  27. Microsoft can tell if it was hacked or not, no need to explain since we don’t make the decision anyway. I don’t want to see Zebrasqual reset, his had admittedly traded accounts in the past and more than likely used the SPG, but he doesn’t have any hacked score so he probably won’t be reset. Some time ago he quit trading accounts and went to all-legit gaming. I know it doesn’t affect the outcome, but he is a good guy, not some a-hole like a lot of these other cheaters. Even if for some reason he did get reset, he’s got an “Arcade Only” gamertag, ZebrArcade, that is already in the top 25 on the arcade leaderboard.

  28. Deleted by Moderator

    Once again I am astonished from all the innacurate viewpoints coming from the other readers, if you don’t know, dont post. As it happens I have been in the game for a while and could tell you quite a lot about individual cheaters.

    Moderator Comment: If you have proof of such activity, please submit the evidence to us.

  29. @ II Zeriam II

    He still does it man as i said in my previous post that got deleted.

    @ Mods

    No need to delete my comment people post like that all the time. BTW I can send you prrof whats your email?

    Moderator Comment: If you have evidence, please submit them to us by clicking on “Submit a Tip” on the front page of this site.

  30. No can do it’s not a link I was planning on posting. Oh well he does do what I said before why on Earth would I lie.

  31. Well if he’s still trading accounts, then he must only be doing it with people in the same country as him because according to the last time he changed country codes was on 5/15.

  32. He gets others to change the locale so it shows up as in France. Plus MGC inst entirely accurate, I know for example that I have changed countries numerous times, yet it doesnt show up on there.

  33. Wow, Gamer Score means so much to you guys that if anyone that has more must be punished by making it zero?

  34. @ Zerium

    Zebrasqual does in fact still account trade. Proof: Check his E4, you will see that after months of inactivity, he finishes in about 30 minutes. Compare the time stamps to his region changes and you will see that he was in the U.S only long enough to finish the game.

  35. Zebrasqual is a great gamer. He has been on my friends list for as long as I can remeber. I have seen the quality work he has put out on the XBLA.

    I don’t believe that Microsoft has enough on him to reset his gamerscore, however, I cannot lie and say that Zebrasqual has not cheated.

    One of the first things I noticed about Zebra’s gamer history was his amazing feats in both Robotron 2084 and Joust. Upon further investigation, I find that they were done by someone else. Now, I know that it was done a long time ago, and I am sure that he is sorry he ever did it. Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that his outstanding rank on the XBLA leaderboards includes points he did not earn himself.

  36. Yes thats a good point. If you look at the MGC leaderboards, if they have an astrix 90% of the time they have traded there account and MGC records the region change. Of course there are ways to avoid this by getting the person who recovers your account to change the region of there xbox. Also when you change your name you loose your astrix. First time I got an astrix though was when I changed my region to jap so I could get some jap content… it didn’t work of course.

  37. that doesnt mean anything cos if you get the other person to change their locale to your country before signing in you get no * on trust me ive done it enough times

  38. Johnny Sinister is pretty much spot on however he still does it and if I were to offer him an arcade game that he is yet to complete i’m sure he’d bite my hand off. Nothing against the guy, just saying he is still very much active in the gamesave/trading community. Fair play to him though.

  39. I know he has cheated before, but is he a rampant cheater, as is the question? I don’t think so.

  40. Wow, thx for ur comments guyz !
    i wasnt expecting so much comments for me. about the * on, i dnt care about it and it doesnt mean necessarly that my gamerscore on my acc was “traded”. ill never change my gt to get it deleted. i dnt care what u all think bout my card, im now only playin & buyin all arcades, no more retails 4 me. i could have more gs than now. as u can c, i have a lot of retails that r not on my card that a lot of ppl gsaved. the thing is that i dnt care about gettin gs anymore, just playin arcades. think what u want, lose ur time on lookin ppl acc, i dnt care!

  41. Yes, I mentioned it as well in my above post.

  42. I wish I could be that good..DAMMNNN!!

  43. @ marcWalrus dont you mean you wish you could be that bad lol’i mean he’s clearly cheated so his tag has no credibility so there’s millions of genuine gamers who’ve not cheated so there already better than him as his tag is tarnished-well done zebra you are skillful but you ruined your hard work by cheating all i want to know is why really?couldn’t resist the temptation as others around you did it id guess?-but whats the point when you could have had less points but still have respect-your score would have been huge anyway but now its ruined 😦

  44. @ trickstar I dont know about you honey but I likes me some cakernag if you know whats I means

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