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Is Shuckey Back?

A few months ago, we had a couple of interesting posts and far more interesting comments about Unconfirmed Cheater “Shuckey.” Reader “Ruckey” tipped us off on what could quite possibly be another one of “Shuckey’s” Gamertags. Now we know this guy’s Gamerscore isn’t up there, but with the Gamertag resemblance and more than a few suspicious games in his Achievement history, we just had to report it to you folks.

Here’s what “Ruckey” had to say about him:
Pay close attention to call of duty 3,gears of war,crackdown,army of two achievements out of order,VF5,warriors orochi,kameo,rumble roses in one day,another profile he carries around
again play close attention to call of duty 3,gears of war,assasins creed samurai warriors 2XL,kameo ,and dirt

So what’s the word on this “Shuckey 360M” guy?


11 Responses to “Is Shuckey Back?”

  1. Haha he just cant escape can he lmao

  2. Its a guess but this might be one of his 360 mafia tags. 360 mafia was his clan last time I spoke to him.

  3. Grinidbandit is Monkey

    Moderator Comment: Says who, exactly?

  4. Who cares, this is getting old already.

  5. Trust me, I’m not grindbate. I’m guessing the admin can see who we ‘are’, I have many tags, some over 100k, some not, grindbate isn’t one of them.

  6. It’s just an old tag he use to boost on not gs or anything he uses it with the rest of his clan thats about it. Shouldnt worry much of this tag.

  7. He doesn’t even use that account lol… that is a very old account in which he used for his old clan 360 Mafia. Badd luck 360M is a bigger cheater then Shuckey is.

  8. He is still part of 360 mafia and he runs the whole crew better than their last leader but hes a nice guy. That gamer pic looks like a cookie and I think im going to get myself a cookie.

    • Shuckey is not part of, and will not ever be part of the 360 Mafia, nor was he ever in charge. BadLuckzz360M has been, and will be in charge until he retires. The Mafia does NOT tolerate cheaters in any way. NO member of the Mafia cheats. We have no need or desire to cheat.


  9. Baddluckz does not boost/cheat
    don’t be dumb he has a lil over 60,000

    shuckey Is a gamesaver .. He taught me how to do it… I did it for 2 weeks… Got bored an tossed my transfer cable behind my entertainment center…

    An I am part of 360mafia
    shuckey tried an managed to split the clan in two when he didn’t get his way and said he owned the rights to the name 360 mafia..(he said he copyrighted it) but the few members that followed him out the door managed to keep their group going for a while but eventualy failed….

    Now I will admit our side has had it’s ups an downs but (yes I know it’s off topic an I apologize )

    shuckey will never stop cheating .. it’s his nature…He has an unknown amount of gamertags .. An if u think u can find all of his tags good luck

    If anyone wants to know more I can in depth about anything u like. Btw I have been in an out of 360m since early 06 so I know alot about the subject

  10. An it’s funny the markwalrus rymes with mark Wallace Aka shuckey

    we’ve caught this dude in so many lies, if he told me the sky was blue I wouldn’t believe him

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