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Rampant Cheater?

Time for a debate, folks. The discussion following our last post was pretty interesting – it revolved around what makes a cheater a “rampant” cheater. So we present to you a tip submitted by reader “George.”

Concerning Unconfirmed Cheater “GoldenCondor79,” “George” said this:

Reason to believe he’s a cheater
1) Unlocked all Chessmaster achievements offline when half of them are online. Plus he reached his 1200 rating before playing against someone higher than him…ridiculous.

2) Blazing Angels- Unlocked all achievements on this game on 6/5 at 5:57 and 5:58. (You can go to view source and find out what time they unlocked their achievements). Ridiculous once again because it takes several hours for someone to do this.

Take a look at the rest of the evidence, and consider whether “GoldenCondor79” is a rampant cheater. Here are some stats about this guy (compliments of

Gamerscore: 56850
Total Achievements: 2000 out of 2661 possible
Gamerscore Completion: 73.84%

Now look through his and profiles:

So what say you? Rampant Cheater, or not?


18 Responses to “Rampant Cheater?”

  1. i think hes a cheat and is fairly rampant but nothing compared to othes out there.It would surprise me if MS reset him though as the other people reset for cheating have had 100k+.i beleave Gamertag removed by Moderator to be a cheat as he was once on my friendlist and he told me after hitting 100k around january he started gamesaving to climb the leaderboard.since then i deleated him of my friendlist but i kept track of how much points hed got by looking on and since then he had got 80000 in 3 months…cheater surely?

  2. Wait till u guys see my cheat tag Grinidbandit. Mwahahaa

  3. I’d said… its his problem…

  4. Great keep posting as me, I know you want to be like me, a skilled gamer like me, too bad you can never be me

  5. 1. GoldenCondor78 is a new tag started by Gamertag removed by Moderator
    2.Cheating by way of saves and glitches is ok by Microsoft.Only hacking is not allowed.
    3. Due to the resets I took the opportunity to use saves to bump my score up and rank on the leaderbords. Its all harmless fun so chill.

  6. you kid\’s these day\’s. to lazy to even be lazy you have to cheat to make it look like you do nothing but play video games all day. why would you want to be know as a person who does nothing but play video that all you want in life for people that you don\’t know or will never meet to admire you for doing nothing but having the most achievement\’s.why don\’t you all let all the people that have nothing to do but play games all day play games.and all that time not spent playing games for getting real acviment

  7. I haven’t looked at the tag, but again: because he gamesaved Blazing Angels doesnt make him a rampant cheater. This is one of the very easy games to gamesave, a LOT (and i mean a LOOOT) of people have gamesaved this game.

    IMO a rampant cheater has at least 50k (but they often are above 100k) and has at least:

    gamesaved 80% of his games

    Hacked more than 5 games

    So yeah, hacking is something that makes u a rampant cheater quickly (though i can understand that some games like GRAW make you think about doing it). Also someone gamesaving is no rampant cheater, only if the tag is filled with gamesaved games (more than 80% gamesaved is just to much)

    Gamesaving, again, is really easy to do. The hardest thing is getting an account on the ‘gamesave’ site (which I will not tell because the mods will remove it).. the additional transfer kit is cheap and easy to buy, so yeah it’s almost something ‘normal’ to do.

    Because of this, I think that people with a few gamesaved things may not get reset. If it was hard to gamesave (like hacking is) than yeah, I really ‘did some bad stuff’ so go ahead. But seriously, even my little brother can gamesave if I help him a little bit. You can’t reset people for this.

  8. So far Microsoft has only reset those who have Hacked achievements… not gamesaved ones… however I still think its bogus..

  9. Gamerscore is just another form of competion which is the main reason we all play the games anyway….to comepte….whether it is agaisnt the A.I. or online. I really do not care if these people cheat and it is so easy to spot a cheater when they pop up it really doesnt matter. This site is great though just for the info and to see what everyone posts in the comments. Nothing better than when the spotlight is one someone and they post a defense. I dont compete against the leaderboards i only challenge my friends to beat me. This guys cheats but i still would rather play a game with one of these people then some that just quit early or join a room just to annoy people. I suppose thats only if these people actually play and not just game save for the score. I will admit that i kinda an addict but i dont think im better for actually playing the games compared to gamesaving. Maybe the cheaters are smarter than me as they arent wasting their time playing through Bionicle Heros like i did and there score is higher than mine as well.

  10. Anyone on this site can pick any name, just because someone is using the name grindbate does not make him the same person who uses the xbl gamertag.

  11. Grinidbandit is a cheater himself who goes by the name of Deadriser on 360gs.He is on the site all the time yet acts like he never cheats.
    I would like him to unblock his games and fyi he is posting on this site.

  12. @demon, you seem to have alot of info on this bandit guy at the same time you are posting comments on here. Instead of asking him to unblock his gamertag maybe we should ask you to reveal yourself. 360gs is a site blocked to the public so the only way you would know this info to be 100% accurate is that you are a member there, or unless you want to admit to just hearing speculation which we all know here does not mean a thing unless you have proof.

  13. I often lurk in the shadows and it is quite obvious that Grin is here to make trouble while he himself has cheated and hacked on his gamertag. I welcome his posts as long as he unblocks his own gamertag before calling out other cheaters.

  14. @ angel-looking at your comment…you seem very stereotypical. Not every member of a gamesave site, gamesaves. Take one person, he reports any xbox 360 news to the site, yet he doesnt use gamesaves. I’m a member, i enjoy the forums and dont use the gamesaves

  15. 360gamesaves member,where does angel state anybody game saves from a game saving site. Please learn how to read others peoples comments as you yourself are jumping the gun as your comments sound stereotypical along with demons. And whats up with the not everyone game saving on game saving does this 360gamesaves website hold as a 3rd party news source? and if so what purpose would that serve? Because if this case their members are getting the news late.

  16. when he told the guy to admit he was a member, it looked as though he wanted him to confirm it, so people can rush about and say cheater at him. No what i was implying that one person on the site posts news about xbox 360 that he gets from othersites. Meaning he is simply there for the community aspect. You wouldn’t know, you aint a member, you aint seen the forums or talked to half the members. What the hell does “360gamesaves website hold as a 3rd party news source? and if so what purpose would that serve? Because if this case their members are getting the news late.” mean? You talk a load of s**t. Not every member gamesaves, is that hard to understand or something?

  17. actually it is hard to understand why anyone would be part of a gamesaving community and not gamesave, unless they gamesaved in the past and have reformed and are now doing games legit. Thats saying a person is part of any community but yet not engaging in community activities in some way or fashion. You said people go there to report xbox 360 news there, sounds like someone would take a link from a popular video game site and post the news there, so I said it was 3rd party and said the members would be getting their news late, why is that hard to understand? and how do you know whether I am member there or not. So stop making accusations before I start making mine and have you exposed. Your a member from that site and from what I hear they dont like their members here posting comments. I even hear that a certain mod from 360gs has ties with aceattorney and ace is informing him how many IP’s belong to how many posts. Interesting turn of events.

    Moderator Comment: You certainly have a wild imagination. No, we’re not informing anyone with anything.

  18. i am not saying you are a member. and wow someone is making very wild accusations themselves. Good call mate! and i dont care whether they like members posting there, they aint the boss of me!

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