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The Italian Job

And now from news around the world, reader “teo360” brings us our first Italian Unconfirmed Cheater. This guy has quite a few experience in the world of cheating, but here’s what “teo360” says about him:

Games Not Legit :

Gundam, eternal sonata, ridge racer 6, perfect dark zero, earth defense force 2017, warrior orochi, fatal inertia

Go ahead and check out his resume for yourself:

And by the way, we really appreciate the fact that many of our astute readers are able to spot evidence of cheating in a person’s profile – and especially when you share it with the rest of us in the comments.  You guys rock!


19 Responses to “The Italian Job”

  1. hi i noticed there was no topic about Gamertag removed by Moderator being reset to zero not sure if you guys at this website knew that Gamertag removed by Moderator had been reset but i just thought i would let you know that he has.its good to see MS keeping to there word as Gamertag removed by Moderator was your typical gamesaver-he had all the usual games people get susspicious about such as ridgeracer6 rumble roses etc etc (both at 1000points) as well as many many other games he’d cheated.He even boasted to one of my friends how he would never get caught…his new motto next to his new score of zero reads “retired”lol caught in the act would be more appropriate!.

    Moderator Comment: No, his Gamerscore was not corrected by Microsoft. It’s likely that he simply changed his Gamertag.

  2. His Earth Defense Force and Ridge Racer 6 look legit. Kind of weird you guys posted this guy when there are far worse rampant cheaters out there.

  3. Oh wow…a guy who uses downloaded games (Teo360) that drops shit on a guy that maybe uses saves….Gamesaving is wrong, but I personally think that ppl who use backups are worst than gamesavers.

    I had boosted with GuidoValli sometimes (Fatal Inertia included) and I have him on the Friends List, he’s always online doing achievements so I can’t really think that he used saved. I know Teo360 too, indirectly. I often check the MGT Italian Leaderboards and so many times I saw this guy owning and playing games before the release date, even 2-3 weeks earlier.

  4. I know GuidoValli really well and i can say he is a very good player, he never hacked games. He is one of the few to have completed Fatal inertia without spg or cheating, i think this guy has to be removed from this thread!

  5. guidovalli ha cercato di vendermi via PM dei punti per la mia gamertag.

    x stallion italiani = hai preso proprio la persona sbagliata, non ho mai avuto un gioco 2-3 settimane prima, max un paio di giorni grazie al mio negoziate.. non ho paura di questo e la microsoft mi puo’ controllare la console senza problemi perchè non nascondo nulla!!! ban cheaters

    Moderator Comment: Translation, anyone?

  6. ok thanks for confirming public I enemy was not reset by microsoft.i thought he was as on when you check his tag it says he has zero points so i thought id just let you know but my is it possible for a tag to say zero points just cos hes using another one? if you create a new tag and deleate your old one does this automatically give your old tag a score of zero cos its no longer associated to live? if someone could explain id be grateful as that way i can know who really has a zero and who has just deleated there tag.maybe public I enemy got worried hed be caught so he switched tags?i beleave he is a cheat from what ive seen on his tag but i have no idea of his new tag which i guess was his purpose.

  7. His EDF was wierd – he had unlocked ‘all weapons’ before doing the final two difficulties. I was under the impression that in this game you need to complete the final difficulty to get the final uber gun.

  8. Guido is not even half as bad as some of the known cheaters like Gamertag removed by Moderator. Leave him alone.

  9. i’m a friend of guidovalli and i can say that he never hacked game… i don’t know if all of his game are legit but i can confirm that he play a lot on 360 since two years ago… EDF can be legit because all the difficulty are unlocked from the beginning so you can do first mission on each difficulty and maybe have the weapons achievement as first achievement in the game….

  10. absolutely not! you only unlock a certain weapon when you finish each difficulty. So regarless if you did Inferno first you have to wait for the last difficulty to be finished to unlock that last weapon.

  11. Yo this is Atsuma Reborns bro. Do not let these people break your spirit my friend. Keep on going.

  12. i know good guidovalli and confirmed:IS A BIG CHEATER!!!

  13. bo1a….ma chi saresti?nn t ho mai visto prima….e dici d conoscere guido

  14. bo1a, any proof?

    @teo learn English instead of check others’ gamertag and say BS

    …the problem is that the mod ban only influnces the console, they should ban the profile instead. It’s meaningless to ban only the console…they can buy another one and mod it, being able to continue to play with their gamertag online with downloaded games.

  15. guidovalli ha cercato di vendermi via PM dei punti per la mia gamertag.

    x stallion italiani = hai preso proprio la persona sbagliata, non ho mai avuto un gioco 2-3 settimane prima, max un paio di giorni grazie al mio negoziate.. non ho paura di questo e la microsoft mi puo’ controllare la console senza problemi perchè non nascondo nulla!!! ban cheaters


    guidovalli tried to sell me gamerpoints for my gamertag

    to italian stallion= you accused the wrong person, I have never had a game 2-3 weeks before day-one, somethimes I got them some days before day-one, thanks to my dealer…I don’t fear about this and microsoft can control my console, ’cause I have nothing to do with cheating or else!! ban cheaters

    sorry for my english^^
    btw i also know guidovalli and i can confirm he’s a cheater(he also cheated some achievements for nandry)…so M$…you know what do 😉

    Moderator Comment: Interesting – but we cannot verify whether or not “guidovalli” offered to sell anything…thanks for the translation!

  16. I am against the cheater but
    I checked his gamertag several times … and all the games I saw were legit…….
    i dont’ think is a cheater

  17. another italian dude, do we know each other? I don’t think so, because nobody but me made the points for my tag. It’s annoying to be accused of something I never done, so quit as soon as possible please.

  18. so…you started and got full 1000/1000 on virtua fighter 5 and xmen in the same day?

    you unlocked “get rank S on every mission”(and on all difficulties) in DMC4 before you even finished the game once(and unlocked the related achievement)?impossible to unlock in that order

    same thing on metal slug 3

    college hoops 2k6(wow you also got an NTSC console), lost planet, gundam, project sylpheed and other games 1000 not legit

    stop defending guidovalli…

    your “best italian %” is not worth anything…

    …and yes, we know each other

  19. guidovalli is a BIG BIG CHEATER…. BAN NOW

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