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Unconfirmed Cheater Fo’ Shizzle

Reader “carmine916” submitted a tip to us that helps us remind everyone what a “Rampant Cheater” is. We’re not just talking obvious, but prolific in his cheating. “HQ Jbrizzel” is one such cheater. He’s an Unconfirmed Cheater, which means he hasn’t yet been caught and punished by Microsoft, but we have a feeling this guy won’t last too long if he keeps up his cheating ways.

Take a look at the profile for yourself:

So keep all this in mind the next time you spot a cheater in the wild…we’re currently tracking only rampant cheaters – consider it a challenge for our eagle-eyed readers!


42 Responses to “Unconfirmed Cheater Fo’ Shizzle”

  1. Hell yeah, das my n—a! keep ya head up boi. dey can’t stop us!

  2. Alright! That was my goal!!! I want to be a cheater ! YES !

  3. Jbriz is all legit and if not has less than 3K gamesaved. Heck i have cheated and hacked more than this poor bxxxxrd.

  4. Are you kidding me? If this is the case then anyone that has had the 360 since launch date is a cheater in your eyes. I’ve seen people with more gamer points than that. Keep in mind all the titles that are out plus the games for download that are available.

    My points are nowhere near that, but that’s because I work 10hrs a day 6 days a week. If I had time I’m sure I’d be up there too. Basically what you’re saying is that anyone with more gamerpoints than you is a cheater. Dude grow up and shut up.

    Moderator Comment: What in the world are you talking about?

  5. So, are these guys all legit?

    Moderator Comment: If you have a tip, please submit it by clicking on the “submit a tip” link.

  6. I hate to break it to you. This guy’s score is an average of 600 points per a game. He has many games and rents many games. On what basis do you call him a cheater? You better have facts before defacing people in public. Just because someone has over 100,000 points, it does not make them a cheater. I’ve played him in a few games and he is good but did not cheat. Based on his actual scores for the games them selves, it looks as if he is a hard worker or gamer.

    So if he is a cheater, why does he not have 1000 points per a game like all the rest of the cheaters? if that was the case he would have something close to 160,000 to 180,000 gamer points. Just because someone is better at gaming than you does not make them a cheater.

    Moderator Comment: Oh have you looked at the evidence yourself?

  7. This guy aint legit, cheq gamerscore dates on PES2008 (x2) and ETERNAL SONATA (x3) Rumle Roses,… after those it was pointless to scroll down the list more…

  8. Guys seriously, if this is a ‘Rampant Cheater’ than you guys are crazy. This guy doesn’t seem to have hacked anything, clearly has gamesaved some games, and has put a lot of effort in his tag.

    His completion is very low. If you guys think this is bad, you are going to be suprised whats out there. I mean come on, this is no rampant cheater. If this guy is, there are a LOT of rampant cheaters of LIVE (Im talking about a lot of guys that hack, and have a completion of 95%-100% and over 50k)

    So maybe you are the ones that need to take a good look at the ‘eveidence’.

  9. If the guy is unconfirmed then why would you post his gamer tag. Not smart to post something like that unless you have some kind of proof to go with it such as some video of him cheating in your game. can you be more specific on why you think this guy is cheating?

  10. Just another OBVIOUS cheater. Well over 50 games cheated didnt bother looking at all of them. Here are just a few Oblivion, Gears of War, Simpsons, SW empires, DW Gundam, Virtua Tennis, Splinter Cell DA, WSOP: TOC, Viva Pinata, Blazing Angels, 2006 Fifa World Cup, Tenchu Zenhran, Tenchu Z, Test Drive, Spectral Force, and the list goes on so many games cheated. Stamp this guy a NOOB or CerealKiller. NOOB=CerealKiller

  11. COD2 – Glitched (profile)
    Army of Two – Glitched (profile)
    COD3 – Profile Glitched
    Guitar Hero 3 – Gamesaved
    Samurai Warriors 2 – Gamesaved
    FIFA Street 3 – Gamesaved
    Golden Compass – Gamesaved
    Lost Odyssey – Gamesaved
    PES 2008 / (US) – both Gamesaved
    Gears of War / Dynasty Warriors 6 (both) / Vampire Rain / Spectral Force 3 / Stranglehold / Kane and Lynch / Eternal Sonata (all 3) – Gamesaved
    Rumble Roses XX / Project Sylpheed / EDF 2017 / Burnout Revenge / Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires / Spiderwick / Gundam / Bionicle / CSI – All Gamesaved

    There are many more – He may have been legit once, but looking at his card it seems he turned to the darkside in mid March and has embraced it with a good % of his points coming from unauthorized means.

    And you may be able to pop in a game and do it offline, but when a game unlocks achievements from gamesaves, they have a particular order – his games showcase this order.

  12. Eugh I’ll point out the cheating I can see to end this little argument.

    Tenshu Z Jap- out of order, so gamesaved, same as pal/us tenshu Z

    All cod3 ranks obtained in a single day. Thats an SPG.

    PSU gamesaved

    Crackdown, SPG’d

    Lost oddesey, gamesaved

    Gears of war, profile glitched

    Vampire rain gamesaved

    Spectral force 3 gamesaved

    Eternal sonata pal gamesaved

    Eternal sonata jap gamesaved

    Eternal sonata american gamesaved

    Project pylphied gamesaved

    RRXX gamesaved

    EDF 2017 SPG’d

    DW:Gundam gamesaved

    Many many more but can’t be bothered to type.

  13. I can get from 0 – 100K in under 10 minutes and that is cheating. Leave him alone.I traded and hacked my way to the top of the Ozzie leader boards and no one is even close.

  14. Cmon….brizzky….no doubt ya alright at games tho i cant see how you get the points for forza 2 in 2 hours..???or get 4000pts in 4 hours…yes we been watchin…lmao….nice publicity tho mate…

  15. You have to be joking.

    I have played a few games with Jbrizzle and I can tell you that he aint no cheat. He is good, bloody good and works hard at his score. He also takes pride in the fact he has done it legit.

    We at frown on cheating, and Jbrizzle is one of our finest members.

    I find it offensive that because one person has submitted this, that you take his word over Jbrizzle’s.

    Did you even try to contact jbrizzle and get his side of the story before you defamed him.

    I think you owe Jbrizzle an apology.

    Next time get your facts straight.

  16. I have had my 360 since launch and have over 100k. I have “Cheated” some of my GS back in the good old days of 2005 and 2006 but are 100% legit now and have some cool achieves that took a LOT of work.

    When the 360 was launched everyone cheated (it was full of hardcore gamers) but now its came down in price and easily available its full of loads of whining little sh*ts who are upset they aren’t top of the leadeboards. Well tough sh*t kids, in the real world you cant be the best so learn to cope with it.

  17. Wow does anyone actually checked the account? He is obviously a cheater, he got general the same day as lieutenant on CoD3, anyone that has played that game knows its impossible make 40,000 points in a day, i was in the top ranks monthly when i played it and believe me 1000 points per day is a lot of points in a day, it would take 40 days even that way.

  18. 18 Crackdown achievements at once, 16 in Gears, 14 in SC: Double Agent, 37 in NFS ProStreet, skate done entirely offline, 3 versions of Eternal Sonata all finished offline, Virtua Tennis 3 finished in 2 minutes. “all legit,” indeed.

  19. Add Beutiful Katamari to this losers list. He has all the achievements including online, yet his profile shows he last played this game online: never. What a douche bag.

  20. Oh yeah, Jason dont be so damn naive. Why dont you actually do some research and youll see many many many shady games on this guys list. He does not have a 1000 on a lot of his games cuz not all saves give you a full 1000 when used, and this guy is even too lazy to go back and get the easy legit stuff. When you come here to defend cheaters make sure you have all your facts together, otherwise, it makes you look like as big of a douche as these cheaters. Enough said, you have been burned.

  21. i was talking to this guy earlier he i told him that he gamesaved and he said i bet “blank” told you about it so he basically admitted

  22. check out arcades tag, he was reset

    Moderator Comment: Who’s Gamertag?

  23. i have friends with over 100k and they’re all on kaens leaderboard top 50 so i beleave them to be genuine and as people have said cos you have 100k + doesnt make you a cheater nor does gaining 1000 of many games either [ive had 86×1000 of 191games and im no cheater] But this website is to track/expose cheaters and if they beleave that they’ve uncovered a gamesaver they tell us cos its like there job lol so no point in people hateing saying “hes good hes only gamesaved 3k] thats irrelavent as a cheats a cheat.i understand peoples susspicions which is natural if someone has a big gamerscore but if this guy gets proven 100% to have gamesaved/hacked any points at all he should be punished for his actions-even if its a zero point achievement.

  24. Wait?? Snoop Doggs a cheater?

  25. WoW, yall all have way to much time on your hands. Darkrealm… you don’t know what you are talking about and who you are talking about… Go back and play with your barbie dolls.

  26. you know i exposed you i even got the messages screened just trying to help people who actually get their acheivements legit

  27. To Grnidbandit or Deadriser on 360GS
    Why don’t u unblock your tag? U are pointing fingers at everyone in here yet you yourself are a cheater with a blocked tag.

  28. When did I point fingers at anyone FOF? I came in and said wait snoop doggs a cheater?, I did not know asking a question was me pointing fingers how do you make this assumption? Maybe your shuckey and you need to get off my SAK

  29. Oh and for the record dont be mad at me cause your pathetic gamertags got posted on here for whatever reason. Shuckey I know you are still mad after I busted all over you in that R6V2 boost match with a deadly shadow, you thought you could come in and crack your 1989 jokes on me but you fail and as a result you got laughed by everyone so cut the girly act and come face me. Im better than you in every way possible, better gamer, better looking, my body is better you weigh 300lbs im 190lbs with all muscle. I invited you to cam chat and you refused knowing what I have mentioned is all true. Im a better gamer and have challenged you to halo 3 or COD4 you still back out. Go take your boyfriend Gamertag removed by Moderator to a dirt play pen and wrestle with one another cause seriously your both in the same league, cowards. Oh and also I happen to HQ Jbrizzel on my FL you can confirm with him, Peace to the Chief Double Chin

  30. Hellz yeah Grnidbandit show us your cheated gamerscore.

  31. The bottom line is you still hide ya gamercard mate that shows whose a bigger loser!!!

  32. Oh dont worry Barbie Boy Toy, you will see it real soon;)

  33. Grnid:
    What gives you the right to post in here about people boosting or cheating when you yourself blatantly cheat and hack games.I dare you to unblock your gamer tag for all to see.

  34. wow guys… is this about bandit or me? I guess leave it to bandit…haha I’m out and never looking at this louzy site agian… it’s nothing but Expletive removed by Moderator threat letters and nuthing will prove that this site is actualy worth looking at… Well I’m out and never returning. I don’t like to flame on ppl just for the hell of it… Later w/ all your lifes. PeAcE Jbrizzel

  35. yes!! Bandit knows how to hack he does not tell anyone unless you offer him money. he has hacked all my shooters for me. 1v1 im still #1 my legacy lives

  36. grnidbandit you sure talk a good game on the net…. guess we will see when i show up at your door in chicago with my rope… just another turd that needs flushed just like hq jbrizzle. grnidbandit went from 20k to 80k in a few months now he’s scared to show his tag. bush can’t save you in chi town bro just because he covers your ass on 360gs.

  37. Bush banned him from 360GS so perhaps he finally saw threw his BS.

  38. hey fullclip101 what do you plan on doing that rope because that sounds kinda fruity, also the comment about turds which we all knows where it comes from sounds like you have Deleted by Moderator. Please sumbit proof or valid comments if you have any.

    Moderator Comment: No more of that around here.

  39. Jbrizzel hasn’t been banned from 360GS^^^

  40. He cheated.

    So what?

  41. i find it really funny these people saying he’s not a cheat, i’m a member of and they use a resigner to load game saves into, what is the best part is jbriz was testing it when it first came out, not a cheat i dont think so

  42. looks like he changed his GT

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