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Gamer Poses as Xbox Live “Moderator”

While this isn’t exactly news pertaining to a cheater, it is interesting to see different shenanigans going on in the world of Xbox Live. Reader “u know me” sent in this tip about a person posing as some kind of Xbox Live “Moderator.” Here’s what “u know me” says about him:

the guys tag is XBL MOD USA he claims its his work tag and his bio says hes a mod and MS ambassador for europe and the usa and he says on it he is from the usa but if you click on his tag just before his motto appears it clearly says united kingdom allso he says if anyone has a problem with him to call MS support and quote a ten digit code but whenever ive had to use MS support all there codes have been nine digits not ten…and as i said in a previous post he messaged fl trooper be stating hes a mod of this site and told him not to worry as he knew he was no cheat-he probably pretends to be a mod and ambassador for attention so gullable people will kiss his sad.

Definitely sad, but what might be worse is anyone who might actually fall for it, especially since the guy doesn’t even have a Gold Xbox Live account.

Here’s a screenshot and link of the profile for “XBL MOD USA.”  Check out his bio:


17 Responses to “Gamer Poses as Xbox Live “Moderator””

  1. That tag is lame. Mine is called XboxAdminDept. You don’t put gamerscore on a tag your going to pose as a mod with. That just makes it look less credible and I think you can see his info too. If he left those options open, the guy’s not very bright. Anyways, the only time I ever use my tag is around April Fools Day. I got a few people this year saying that their gamerscore’s were getting reset. It was some pretty funny stuff and MS’s timing with the resets played right into my hands. You can imagine a GS cheater getting a “Message From XboxAdminDept” on their screen and going WTF!? It wasn’t a bad act either, I had a couple people really going, thinking I really was a Mod. In the end, I told em I was BSing em, but it was a fun 10-15 minutes with each one freaking out thinking I was serious.

  2. prove he isnt

    Moderator Comment: You can’t be serious.

  3. its not funny its just SAD ,have people nothing better to do than be an ass? MS should bounce these idots posing as mods and admins etc…then they would be getting a real message of a MS admin now that would be funny but i dought it’ll ever happen which is a shame’maybe by the time xbox3/720 appears? im watching for fools and ill be sure to point any out if i see them,keep up the good work guys 🙂

  4. He is serious, and dont call him shirley…

  5. lol u say ur amassador of xbox but yet u r not even associated with them in any way that is important

  6. and also, Microsoft spends more time banning and reset gamerscore then taking guys like this down? are they for real or did anyone else notice that xboxadmin gamertags are everywhere yet people like cereal are reset. WOW, its not like cereal threatened people or anything…

  7. Anyone here play Halo 3?
    Every 7th guy on there claims to work for Msoft or is a ambassador.
    move on m8

  8. jeez if he was he would have a greyed out print behing his gamertag saying what he does at ms. like major nelson has 360 lauch team behind it.


    hope you see wat i mean

  9. thank you very much, respond mods…we wanna know a big interesting story as to why YOU think that cheating gamerscore is more of a crime then posing as an xbox admin? Enlighten us!

    Moderator Comment: A crime? No crimes have been committed, as far as we know.

  10. This guy does work for Microsoft and this thread will get you into a load of hot water. Please post facts and not fiction.

    BB Gunner
    #3 in the USA

  11. yes theres plenty of idiots posing as mods/admins but not many send strangers messages about it aswell as claim to be associated with this website and allso boast about it on there bio and even ask people to call MS about them if they have problems with them as XBOX MOD USA did…all together now t.o.t.a.l. a.s.s lol.

  12. fare enuf, why is a number more important as a fraudster?

    Moderator Comment: What precisely are you asking? Are you wondering why we don’t feature more of these fakers on this site? This site is dedicated to tracking Gamerscore cheaters, but if you have a tip on more fakers, please submit them to us.

  13. gladly. I dont care for cheaters, they can cheat whatever they want. Its people who fake things like this that P155 me off

  14. To the guy who thinks XBOX MOD USA is a real mod/admin did you read the other posts? he is obviously a jackass and like one post stated his tag isnt greyed out to confirm he is for real like major nelsons and other MS associated tags are.ive had real admins confirm he is a blagard allso they said he is in no way associated with MS.he didnt even respond to messages from me and my friends when we told him he was a fake.i would like MS to punish people like this as many people are duped by them but i fully understand this site not taking a larger intrest in people of this nature as there main priority is to track and expose gamesavers/hackers which is tuff enough a thing to do without the added pressure of watching for fake admins/mods.people who do “fake it”though are attention seeking jackass’s in my opinion.

  15. agreed, im just saying we really need to be careful with things like this 🙂

  16. I went on his gamercard, and it seems he has updated that info, when I read it he said something about that he wouldnt of made that account if MS didnt reset him, so any off you think he is a gamesaver that got reset ?

  17. i was starting to really feel i would probably end up being the sole young man that thought about this, at least at present i discover im not loco 🙂 i am going to be sure to look into a handful of various other posts after i get my morning caffeine in me, it’s difficult to read with out my coffee, I was really late last evening playing zynga poker and after drinking a few ales i wound up melting away all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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