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…And We’re Back – With a Confirmed Cheater!

You’ve asked for it, and we finally had to give in and get rid of our writing block. We’re still far too engrossed with Age of Conan and Ninja Gaiden II, but we couldn’t put off the tracking any longer.

So we present to you, one more Confirmed Cheater, “CHIP MLC 01,” submitted by reader, “dbad.”

We have received a couple of tips of alleged Confirmed Cheaters, but when we looked into those Gamertags on, we did not see the infamous cheater watermark that ALL Confirmed Cheaters have. A Gamertag may look like its Gamerscore was corrected if it is dropped to a zero score, but keep in mind that without that watermark, the more likely explanation is that the owner of the Gamertag simply changed his Gamertag to something else, resulting in that zero Gamerscore.

Keep those tips rolling in folks, and thanks for your patience!


9 Responses to “…And We’re Back – With a Confirmed Cheater!”

  1. This is CerealKillers tag

    Moderator Comment: How do you know this?

  2. I love his motto. 100% in 153 games. About 100ish were cheated. I remember seeing his tag when hacking started and he popped on with 1k in GRAW with all the leaderboard achievement acquired offline.

  3. Its not CK5. Cerials main tag got reset, hes working on a new one and giving the saves hes making to the 360gs community.

  4. No – that is not my tag. Feel free and check the leaderboards, I still have my score which is all legit (34k at the moment).


  5. @CK5
    Once a cheater always a lowlife cheater.

  6. BigAL, your simpleton comments should be kept for your lowlife friends. This statement is not the case and the fact that you think it is shows that you have no willpower to make changes in your life when you realize what wrong has been done. Looks like you have a bright future ahead of you **sarcasm**.

  7. BigAl hes probably a better gamer than you buddy

  8. mod – why is the name on my post changed to fakemonkey?

    Moderator Comment: Looks like that’s the user name you posted under previously.

  9. I know this guy from awhile back.

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