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Stay Tuned – Microsoft Just Laid it Down Hard

Thanks to reader “Rance6,” we just learned that the three Confirmed Cheaters we just posted about are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got 11 (and counting?) more Confirmed Cheaters to report to you.

Today will go down in gaming history with this huge step against Gamerscore Cheating.



21 Responses to “Stay Tuned – Microsoft Just Laid it Down Hard”

  1. Isnt Rance6 aka japan top??

  2. Something big definitely happened because someone on my friends list that was about #26 on the gamerscore leaderboard is #16 now. They really knocked off a lot of gamertags today.

  3. Actually, they are #18 now, my mistake.

  4. So much for “Neckshredder iz lyk totally legit!!11!” because he just got knocked off the list. Yeah, definitely a legit gamer!

  5. Actually everyone who got nixed today had achievements that were obtained through means other than gamesaving or SPG.

  6. everyone who has ever been reset had hacked achievements not gamesaves… shows what this site knows

    Moderator Comment: Perhaps if you actually read the posts in this site instead of merely trolling it, you would realize that Microsoft has publicly indicated that it considers several methods of Gamerscore cheating to be violations worthy of punishment.

  7. @ fullclip101 I agree, the only people who have been reset are people who paid to have roofus hack gamerscore for them, and most likely that will be the only people who will get reset.

    Moderator Comment: With regard to what type of cheating will get people punished, would you bet your Gamerscore on it?

  8. M$ came out with a tool that helps people gamesave, such as sony and nintendo. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal really i mean we bought it with our money and so on i’m very suprise it pises alot of you people off because instead of hunting down the people yall can get on with yall life with something more intresting.

    Moderator Comment: Do we really have to go over this again? You agreed to abide by the Terms of Use. You violated those terms, and therefore must pay the consequence. Your cheating dilutes the integrity of the Gamerscore system.


  10. LOL, Rance6?? Submitting Tips? Rance6 is Japan Top and he’s #1 for gamerscore currently. Check out his name.

    Rance Six has been around for ages, and they actually think that people admit to cheating even tho “Alex89” is clearly in there bio.


    Moderator Comment: Reader “Rance6” could be anyone on the internet, not necessarily “Japan Top.” Keep that in mind.

  11. funny you know, japan top has done a lot of transformers offline. ironically enough there is a save set on 360gs for this, that has been upped recently. lol

  12. …because instead of hunting down the people yall[sic] can get on with yall[sic] life with something more intresting[sic].

    That’s rich.

    I suppose something more interesting – as you so succinctly put it – would be to troll the net for things to bash on, then, after that, undermine the hard work of others by subverting a ‘number’ and then, after that, have the unmitigated gall to tell the hard working, legitimate gamers that said ‘number’ – and by extension their effort – is meaningless.

    Well played, Legend’, well played…

  13. Anyone could be Rance6 Mod? Well obviously you don’t think so and yall just got into this cheaterwatch, The real GS know who the real GS are. Rance6 could be anyone lol i laugh at stupid people.

    Moderator Comment: Obviously you don’t realize anyone can comment on this site and give themselves any alias they want. You must be a really smart person.

  14. So if they can’t give themselves their alias why are you reseting people due to people sayings? Catches u right back Mod not smart to post that.

    Moderator Comment: Sorry, but your comment is incomprehensible.

  15. @ the moderator that commented on betting my GS…They can reset mine if they want, i only have 12GS and yes i have gamesaved, if they reset my GS id just start a new tag, so its not a big deal to me if i get reset. they wont stop me lol

  16. Ludacris is Truly Iconic.

  17. Rance 6 does not necessarily mean he acctually posted it. I could use the name major nelson if I wanted. Doesn’t mean the real one said anything.

  18. They are only chasing American gamers. I am in Eastern Canada and my gamertag is untouched. I have been cheating and hacking since October and if MS resets me c’est la vie 😉 I don’t think they have legal rights to go after Canadians.

  19. i agree no brits have been reset yet either

  20. ix woody xi has been reset if u look above hes british and its because theres far more americans that gamesave than us british hence why not many british have been reset yet!!!! does it really matter anyway?

  21. TheSwindler89 was reset and he is from Italy.

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