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“Neckshredder’s” Gamerscore Shredded by Microsoft!

Reader “smoked” tipped us off on this second Confirmed Cheater sighting today. Discussed by Xbox Cheater Watch readers, and rumored to be a cheater, “Neckshredder” has been confirmed by Microsoft as a Confirmed Cheater!

Here’s a screenshot of the profile for “Neckshreadder”:

We are very glad Microsoft is continuing to make examples of these cheaters!


20 Responses to ““Neckshredder’s” Gamerscore Shredded by Microsoft!”

  1. At last the next wave of banning orders has begun!!

  2. what about bushpir8 he has over 100k hacked. he should have been first. whos d*** is he sucking to keep his fake score. He should be next to go. theres no way you can let this guy be #1 he runs 360 gamesaves site or thats what he says. Also all his games he uses other peoples saves everything is hacked or saved he cant even do avatar I did it for him.

    Moderator Comment: Looks like that Gamertag has been deleted.

  3. I dont like him, but its a damn awsome GT name

  4. This was an error. Neckshredder was all good and 100% legit.

  5. Neckcutter.Neckshredder has over 180Ks in online achievs achieved offline like 1K in Quake etc. He still claims that these games were done legit offline. Call me a fool but I am sure this is not possible.

    Good to see him reset.

  6. This was an error. Neckshredder was all good and 100% legit.

    Apparently not. From Microsoft’s Gamerscore Corrections:

    We only correct gamerscores for players who meet the criteria 100%.

  7. If Neck is 100% Legit so is Xtronic hahaha

    You are a joker Benny

  8. he had hacked games. Its only fair to the community the tag to be reset.he never claimed to be legit benny. The only thing I dont agree with is bushpir8 didnt get reset he is now hiding his tag but its not reset and not fair to the gaming community. He is the bigest cheater ever. Its also not fair that microsoft just picks random tags when theres like over 300 people with hacked games on there card. Dont get me wrong I dont want people reset but im just saying thats discriminating and not how a proffesional buisness should be run.

  9. sorry in the last message I didnt make myself clear. I do want to see people reset that has hacked games. In my opinion trading is ok its the hackers that ruin gamerscore. also my point was that BUSHPIR8 has over 100k gamerscore hacked Its easy to tell If microsoft would take a look also im expecting to see a wave 3 of resets because that would not be a good buisness to just pick a handfull and overlook the others. keep up the good work me and the community thank you guys for all your time and effort to let these hackers know its unacceptable THANKS

  10. Neckshredder had every game after 98,000 hacked. He is not legit at all.
    160,000 of hacked games is a lot.

  11. neckshredder didnt have too many hacks on his card, only about ten. Sure he gamesaved but workeed hard for the majority of his GS

  12. Theres over a thousand if not more people with hacked games. They cannot clean em all up.

  13. Neckshredder cheated, but not half as much as the other resets. Probably about 10k hacked and 50k gamesaved.

  14. Monkey – what are you smoking?

    Neckshredder hacked near 30-45k – he jumped from being in the top 25 near the bottom to creating the gap between the real gamers and the hackers. While Xtronic and Japan Top traded their way to the top, the rest of the Top 10 of 3 months ago were hacking to keep up. Only one hacker not reset has been truly iconic, but I am sure they will get him too.

  15. Gamertag removed by Moderator has hacks on his tag too.

    Moderator Comment: That gamer must have recently changed his Gamertag.

  16. Neckshredder is over 60Ks but maybe more in hacks.He have many no date online achievement games and also many incomplete game make complete by hack.

  17. What about Gamertag removed by Moderator? He has more hacks than Neckshredder so why is he not reset? What about Gamertag removed by Moderator? He has hacks too and he is not reset? Dont get me wrong I dont want people reset but im just saying thats discriminating and not how a proffesional buisness should be run.

    Moderator Comment: If you have any evidence substantiating your claim, please submit them to us.

  18. Neckshredder hacked a little over 120K total. A lot of his hacks was game completions but the rest were pure 1K games with no dates. Good Riddance.

  19. i would like to point out you dont have the right to display other peoples gamertags on your site

    Moderator Comment: According to whom exactly?

  20. Everyone is so misimformed its laughable. Neckshredder had about 15k hacked. Its enough to warrant a reset but hes worked hard for a lot of his GS. He certainly hasnt had 120k hacked.

    As for gamesaving he did a that a lot too.

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