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Microsoft Flexes Muscles With Second Cheater Sweep

Since the big shakedown that started all of this, back in March earlier this year, Microsoft has been selectively picking off individual Gamerscore cheaters here and there. And with each Gamerscore correction, with the help of our watchful readers, we’ve been trying our best to track both Confirmed and Unconfirmed Cheaters alike.

Today, Microsoft reminded everyone that it is still very committed in locking down these cheaters, and not just piking off a few random cheaters. So with what can be considered as a second major strike by Microsoft, our Watch List grows by over 100%. If the first wave of punishments was a shakedown, we’d like to look at this sweep as a crackdown.

Here is the list of Confirmed Cheaters that have been punished today (click on each Gamertag to view their profiles with the cheater banner):

You might recognize a few of these Gamertags, as we’ve reported them previously as Unconfirmed Cheates here at Xbox Cheater Watch. In all though, we are thrilled at this sweep – and at the huge statement Microsoft is making with it. So with that, we’re going to raise a glass to Microsoft and its preservation of the integrity of the Gamerscore system. We would also like to give special thanks to readers “Rance6” and “II Zeriam II,” for their keen and watchful eyes. Cheers!

Edit: Added “Gambit 6996” to this list. Thanks to reader “u know”!

Edit2: Added “NSH x Smok3y,” “xXCROSSFIR3Xx,” and “FARD0 NL.” Thanks to readers “ThatOneBlackDude” and “Some Guy”!

Edit3: Added “aCasinoguy.” Thanks to reader “II Zeriam II” for another great tip!

Edit4: Added “Ix UK Woody xI.”  Thanks for apparently reporting yourself to us!


96 Responses to “Microsoft Flexes Muscles With Second Cheater Sweep”

  1. That’s great news. Keep ’em coming.

  2. I like how they have a Zone called “Cheater” when you get reset, id like to rep the cheating Zone 🙂 have one tag for the cheater zone and another tag to play with. would be awesome.

  3. you forgot
    gambit 6996

  4. I got reset too so you can add me to the list. But the only reason microsoft did this is because they knew they wouldnt be able to stop the resigner and this is what they had to resort to resetting accounts which is pretty pathetic.

    Moderator Comment: What is your Gamertag?

  5. Wow i really have to post this and i hope that the moderate post this also yall said that Rance6 helped yall find out these people? Did yall know that Rance6 is Japan Top? I guess not because i don’t think he is 100% legit also yall need to check that out before reseting people. He pimps on them and think it’s alrite for him to stay on the leaderboard when hes not legit thats not right.

    Moderator Comment: He’s not legit? Prove it.

  6. Haha look at Splinuns bitter message in his bio now hes been reset get in!!

  7. LOL, of course Rance6 is helping you, now is is in the first place, ’cause he is JAPAN TOP (formerly known as Rance6).

    He’s a great player, and he would be first in any case, but he probably gamesaved too in the past. Less than others, but nonetheless…

    Moderator Comment: Reader “Rance6″ could be anyone on the internet, not necessarily “Japan Top.” Keep that in mind.

  8. I pity the fools at Microsoft. I continue to cheat and they don’t care.
    They only are after the top 25 so 26 onwards is safe.

    Moderator Comment: What is your Gamertag?

  9. Good swing by MS, thats for sure. I’ve actually played Bips in a few auto-challenges over at 360voice.

  10. I got reset 🙂

    Add me to the list please 🙂

    Moderator Comment: What is your Gamertag?

  11. you guys forgot a few.
    FARD0 NL
    xXCROSSFIR3Xx (he posted a few posts back)

    Really sad to see this all happening. Some of the guys that got reset really putted LOTS of time in to getting gamerscore. Im not saying all of them did, a few just hacked too much and deserved it. But really, some of these guys just hacked 1 or 2 games that are really hard. Isn’t it a little bit insane to reset everything?

    Anyway, I hope MS stops now. They got the guys that really went to far. Now the ‘legit’ people that wanted this to happen can go on and get #1 on the worthless gamerscore leaderboards, yay!

  12. you forgot NSH x Smok3y

  13. At USMC, they have spent more time looking for cheaters than actually dealing with Pirated games, so if I cant do one then i’ll do the other… Note that I do NOT have a flashed xbox or Pirated games, but if they consider gamerscore more important then I will take advantage of this…

  14. Also i’m happy that I got reset becuase they wasted their time, my account hasn’t be touched for at least 2 – 3 months now…

  15. Haha, it’s about time all the cheating scumbags got what was coming to them, i was especially pleased to see Stripclub Dj’s Gs has been wiped because he was the first person to make it to 100,000 and he had quite a big following (of brown noses) in the forums swearing that his score was legit when it was obvious he was game saving and having people from different regions recoving his profile to boost his score.

    Congrats Stripclub you’re back to zero lolololololol

  16. it didn’t sell because he was told he had to format it to sell it and what would be the point of that?

  17. Yeah Rance6 sold he account and still plays on it, Anon he sold it and got it back so much you know. We can tell your not in the gamesaving community because if u did you would know it’s still his tag. pfft

  18. So what your your saying Splinun is that because ms took your gamerscore away you decide you want to pirate instead??? If you were a legit player in the 1st place you wouldnt be in this situation, your maturity matches most who have been caught so far so im not suprised by your comments

  19. Fardo NL thinks he looks cool because his score has been reset according to his bio. What a loser.

  20. Here is one more that you forgot, “aCasinoguy” which was changed from “Blinkandgone” that you reported on previously which was changed from none other than “Casinoguy” actually. I don’t know if he was hoping to evade the gamerscore reset by changing his tag, but someone submitted “Blinkandgone” to and to remove his tag from the leaderboard he made the final change of the gamertag, just before getting his gamerscore reset.

  21. its my name Ix UK Woody xI

    People will find a way to cheat again and again.

    Well done microsoft 🙂

  22. Gamerscore means nothing most of us just did it for fun you people bitching about cheating and how we ruin it, and how you guys are all serious about it need to go outside and breathe some fresh air.

  23. TheSwindler89

    Legit Unlucky Gamer

    Games Not Legit :

    Need For Speed Carbon (1000)
    Quake 4 (1000)
    Fear (1000)
    Graw 1 (achievements multiplayers)
    Saints Row (achievements multiplayers)

    Games Legit :

    All Live Arcade and All Other Retail

    Why Live Arcade Legit?

    I Love The Games Live Arcade And I Have All Sores In The Leaderboard Of All Arcades.
    Example You See BattleStar (I Have 30m+ Score In TeamDeathMatch , First With 6000+ Kills , Because I Have Played It For 5 Months For 1 Achievement Of 50 Points)

    I Have 180/200 In FatalFurySpecial (50 wins glitched) (If I Was A Cheater Why I Didnt 200 By Hack? Because I’M A Legit Unlucky Gamer)

    And My Arcades Achievements Are All Legit Order And Legit Time.

    Why Silver Account ?

    Because I Have Many Cards 48 Hrs Free.

    How I Did Halo 2 PC If I’M A Silver Account?

    I Did This Game Time Ago In The Year 2007.

    I Was Gold Account From 2006-2007 , From Year 2008 A Silver Account.

    Why My English Is Bad?

    Because I’M Italian.

    Why MS Did Reset Me?

    For 1 Game Need For Speed Carbon 1000

    Why I Say Questions And Answers?

    Because I’M TheSwindler89!

    Why My Gamertag Is TheSwindler89?

    Because I’M A Swindler On And In My City (NO FOR XBOX)

    Thank You For To Read



  24. Swindler was a beast at Battlefield 2 back in the day and is a beast at arcades. He has only hacked a few games like NFS Carbon and Quake but almost all his arcades are legit. All gamesavers, glitchers and hackers need to be reset but people should know that Swindler is a great guy who just got too involved with this Gamerscore Chase.

  25. Gamerscore means nothing most of us just did it for fun you people bitching about cheating and how we ruin it, and how you guys are all serious about it need to go outside and breathe some fresh air.

    xXCROSSFIR3Xx – May 23, 2008 at 3:34 am

    Take a look at my Gamertag and tell me I care about gamer score. I have like 245 points. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but when I do, I’d rather that time not be wasted playing with people that feel the need to cheat for a stupid point total. I applaud all of those that get their scores legit.

  26. C’mon swindler, I like you dude but that is a slew of bullshit.

    Your a mediocre arcade gamer and have payed hundreds of dollers for people to complete games for you. Bliss Island was done by a friend of yours for starters so your not legit man

  27. Oh yeah, If anyone is wondering who I am then im a gamer who is very close to being reset myself, Im not using my account as much now but if I get reset ill reveal myself

  28. lol @ ilTruffatore89 or theswindler89 or w/e ur name is u are a fool to have all those stupid comment on ur reseted gt which put a target on urself get real and play for fun not for gs so much for the completion % lol and now u came here with another gt ilTruffatore89 and crying about getting reset guess what 1 misstake on ilTruffatore89 back to zero zip nada again learn from ur misstake Mr. 19years old

  29. Hey Swindler –

    Remember me (or should I say my account?)

    You are nothing more than a 2-bit punk who has stolen others accounts in the past. Get over yourself, you are not a great gamer and are even less of a man. And yes, you definitely got what you deserved, although MS did much less to you than they should have.

  30. Gamertag removed by Moderator
    He is hacking from the beginning and was call Crackshot. Chromehounds , Quake 4 and many all offline without date.

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  31. LOL!! Gamertag removed by Moderator Got Reset by MS
    And In Less Than a Day has over 26k Gamesaved on the same tag
    What is he tryin to Proove?

    Moderator Comment: You are mistaken. That Gamertag has not been punished by Microsoft.

  32. Msoft is only going after big cheaters so ppls under 100K need not worry.
    I have 2 accounts which are heavily cheated on
    Gamertags removed by Moderator
    Neither have been touched ever and will never be touched…why?
    Because I keep them under 100K.

  33. Haha theres nothing but a a bunch of snitches on here who left comments. I’ve game saved and have over 145k gs but these retarded employees as ms wont ever reset my account because i keep my achievements secret.

  34. Hello, i know well Rance6 and he never sold his account. It was all a joke time ago to see how worth can be gamerscore 🙂
    Now he is playing as always many hours a day with his JAPAN TOP account, in particular all japanese games on the market, good luck!

  35. There is nowhere in the terms that you must not hack and cheat. Microsoft has no right to reset anyone as it is illegal. I am in Mexico although I put my tag in Switzerland so I can be #1. My all gamerscore is by account trading,spg,hack and boosting and i will still do this. I pay for XBL so what I do is my problem. Microsoft cannot touch me.

    Moderator Comment: It might help to look at these links: Link 1, Link 2.

  36. Expanding on what ticket said, account stealing is a far more serious problem than gamescore cheating, I agree with these resets, but M$ should have there focus elsewhere.

  37. Microsoft has no right to reset anyone as it is illegal.

    You have been grossly misinformed, my friend. It’s called Property Rights and Microsoft has the right to police their property however they see fit. In Microsoft’s own words: “Microsoft reserves complete and sole discretion with respect to the operation of the Service.” There you have it; Microsoft ‘reserves the right.’

    In addition to reading the two links provided to you by Moderator, I recommend you revisit the Terms of Use. I suggest you start with #3, HOW AND WHEN YOU MAY USE THE SERVICE. There are some tasty vittles there.

    Numbers 10, 14 and 20 are also chock-full of pertinent, legalese goodness.

    Lastly, if you are so immune why not publish your gamertag?


  38. Ms can’t reset savers cause they are more than 60.000…..
    If they reset one saver ,they have to reset all them, not only first top 100 or so on.
    Resetting 60.000 peoples= lose too many money, cause many of them will not play more 360 or play really few games on it.
    Ms warned people about cheating, so now few ones are saving as always. They should reset who FROM NOW use savings/cheating/hacking, so all that can end without problems.

  39. Attn:Moderator Comment
    You are the one who is mistaken. There is no such thing possible in Mexico as we have laws that prohibit interference by Microsoft.

  40. I admit to gamesaving probably about 5% of my gamerscore but i have not touched a save since easter and have got many saught after achievements legitametly. I know what i have done was wrong but since i only gamesaved probably 5% of my GS i think its unfair that i will probably be reset due to my high score (won’t reveal to stay anonymous) whilst someone may get away with it if they have less tahn 100 000 even if they gamesaved 50% +.

  41. CHIP MLC 01 was reset too

  42. update:
    neckshredder has started over and has alrdy got 6k of hacks
    REDNECKKUTTER is his new tag.also this guy is 41. has no job,or life.spends all his money on games etc, he has 1 son that he cant even raise and for the mom, shes a slut. left NECK cause he loves games more than girls. this guys an ass. and if i knew him in life i would kick his ass

  43. I agree with the guy that said that account stealers are much more serieus trouble. Of course the people that hack like hell need to be kicked from LIVE. But the people that did under 5 games, have LOTS more of legit gamerscore, and stopped with hacking should be left alone now. Everything is fine at this moment, isn’t it? I’m not sure but there are some ‘legit’ people that wanted to get in the top but couldn’t because of all the hacking. Well now there are a few in the top 25 if im correct.

    It’s also clear that a lot of cheaters got the message. Maybe MS can clean up a few people that still hack, but please let the rest go. It’s very sad if they start reseting people that did gamesave/SPG in the past, and are legit for a long time.

  44. Im a member of 360GS and let me tell you the admins and mods there are the biggest cheaters of all time and Im very happy they were all reset!!!!!!

  45. ^ ^ ^ I agree ^ ^ ^

    Like i said i’ve “cheated” in the past but have been clean for a few months now and most gamesaves still require you to play the hard part such as defeating the bosses before the achievement pops so the only advantage to using a save is to save the time inbetween. i have 186 games played but only 5 that have been “cheated” on so i don’t see what the point of a reset would be. If Microsoft gave me an option to be removed from the leaderboards and have a little * after my name to show that i have “cheated ” in the past i would willingly allow it as long as my hard earned score remained intact.

  46. what some of you guys fail to understand is that some game saves unlock online achievements even if you are offline so some of the stuff you call hacking is actually just a game save

    and @ ihateNECKSHREDDER, some of the stuff i posted that felt should have been and it wasnt, what you just posted shouild have never been posted, there is no reason you need to talk about someone like that and if i knew where you lived id come kick your ass

  47. if a person has been 100% proved to have gamesaved or hacked even so much as a “kill your self 10 times for 0 points”achievement they should be tolerance is the only way to go i.m.o,if someone has“only”gamesaved/hacked a few thousand points whats to say they wont just decide what the hell and cheat more in the future? where as if there was zero tolerance in this matter that wouldnt happen even though i dont see MS going that far this new crackdown is a step in the wright direction and is a welcome though slightly late edition to the ultimate goal of wiping out gamesavers who crave some respect/recognition in the game community without the hard and skilled (and fun) work to get it-so well done MS on this new crackdown of cheats 🙂

  48. i like how people say they dont care about being reset but look at their bios and its quite clear they live for gs. you brought it on yourselves and i do feel sorry for you guys but theres nothing me or you can do about. make a new tag as you proberly have keep it legit and your feel much better knowing that ms cant touch you.

  49. @ihateneckshredder
    dude thats funny. hes a loser and a Bum. he cant even do games legit.
    @deacon 360gs
    dude chill man no need 2 get mad about a
    if your the same uk scumbag, your time is limited as i am working on sum stuff just for you!!!!. f*** every1 else. your next dude.!!!!
    ms cant stop me but they can stop gamesavers,etc.

  50. Gametarg: GuidoValli

    Games Not Legit :

    Gundam, eternal sonata, ridge racer 6, perfect dark zero, earth defense force 2017, warrior orochi, fatal inertia

  51. Good. I dont care if these guys put “a lot” of time into their gamerscore or not….the fact is, they cheated, whether it was 1 or 2 games or not….its still cheating. And for what? You dont get some sort of reward for having a high gamerscore. It doesnt make you good at a game. So why do it?

    The fact is, MS is going after people who have CHEATED. People can have high GSs without cheating, and thats why those people havent been busted. There is no conspiracy, MS isnt out to get you, you just cheated and you’re being punished for it.

    Grow up, take responsibility for your own pathetic loserness, and start over.

  52. lol… haha i’m amazed on how you are sooo interested in cheaters, people you dont even know and havent done anything bad to you, still you enjoy seeing how they get reset, get a life…

  53. haha… MS can reset or ban you when ever they want.. and they do! don’t matter if you`re legit or not!
    whats up with the gamertag “RichardGaywood” was banned, cuz he used a sexual term in his gamertag.. its ridiculous!

    i think lots of people are happy about getting reset, cuz they dont have to bother with this expletive removed by Moderator anymore!

  54. LOL REDNECKKUTTER now has 18266 gamerscore. Some of these people really don’t have anything better to do do they? Hope they reset that account as well.

  55. im at 100k with about 30k gamesaved, im so legit that i wont get reset. If i ever do then im just gonna sell my 360 and get a ps3.

  56. All of these resets can be dangerous for MS in the future should these gamers get in touch with one another and contact a legal team.

    Case Action Lawsuit

    MS is calling people out saying their entire card was cheated, pushing people to alot of scrutiny from a community that is unjustified and just being plain pricks about the whole situation.

    If I get reset over a few gamesaved games in my 150+k then I will be looking into action against MS. Near 3 years of legitimate work being removed in an instant over a few mistakes is uncalled for, especially since I never agreed to those Terms when I created my account on the original Xbox.

    In a country where stupid people can make cash for spilling coffee on themselves and suing McDonalds a bunch of smart gamers could earn quite a few bucks with a decent legal team, going after MS for damages resulting from the reset. This is possibly why the resets have been slow and in relatively small numbers, because MS is scared.

    Again, this will be something I will be pursuing if I ever do get reset.

  57. You agree to the Terms of Service everytime you log in buddy.

  58. well uodate:Gamertag removed by Moderator was also reset

    Moderator Comment: No, he wasn’t. He simply changed his Gamertag to something else.

  59. gamerscore means nothing. they reset a guy with 88k of gamerscore
    Gamertag removed by Moderator
    also a mod at 360gs. as Gamertag removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: It appears that this Gamertag has not been punished by Microsoft, but the person simply changed his Gamertag.

  60. Well, i hope you get yours reset for having 30k game from game saves….how sad are you?
    Sell your 360 and get a rubbish PS3…who wants you on xbox anyway?
    I don’t think you would lower yourself to get a PS3, your just crying because you’re pathetic.

  61. What in the heck is a “case action lawsuit”? Maybe youre thinking of a Class Action Lawsuit. Get it right before you claim that your going to file one against MS you cheater.

  62. hey monkey if i worked for 3 yrs then decided to rob a bank they shouldn’t take me down because i was legit for those 3 yrs right?, and i dare you to take a “legal team” up against MS, your just pissed that you finaly have something like a gs to where someone will love you and if it gets reset everyone will know you are a fake and leave you, dont want to get reset dont cheat simple as that why make a big deal out of it, personly the whole cheating thing has never bugged me my gs is more about me watching my own progress nothing more, but its when cheaters start crying they are getting attacked that its stupid you dont even deserve the gs

  63. Regarding the above post, that is not the original ‘monkey’, there can only be one damb it. I have over 160k with some cheated, but if I get reset I know theres nothing I can do. Its MS system. MS rules. Were there slaves to the system and if they choose to hit the reset button then there is NOTHING we can do about it. Sorry all who think you can.

    Moderator Comment: We changed his user name to “fakemonkey.”

  64. MS scared? seems like a whole bunch of gs/hacking scums are the ones getting squeeky bums to me! go microsoft just like a pokemon master-u gotta catch em all but even if u only catch just 1 more cheat its still awesome ,gs/hackers your time is nigh mwahahaha etc lol.

  65. to the moderators is gt XBL MOD USA a moderator on this site? if not hes pretending he is.could some one on this site PLEASE confirm this? please reply…

    Moderator Comment: No, that person is not a moderator here. Where is he claiming this?

  66. You can now add Gamertag removed by Moderator to the list i reported him to cheater watch a couple of weeks ago but for some reason my post was deleted, but anyway he has now had his gamerscore reset and it’s about time.
    To all the people saying Microsoft are only reseting cheaters over 100,000 Gamertag removed by Moderator only had about 13,000 gs before the reset.

    Moderator Comment: That Gamertag doesn’t seem to have been hit by Microsoft. Only Gamertags that have the cheater watermark on their profiles have been punished.

  67. fakeMonkey: hahahahaha good luck with that, do you not think a company the size of Microsoft will have all that covered? And you did agree to the terms and conditions,you can’t create an account without doing.
    Microsoft are not saying your whole gamerscore is gamesaved they’re saying if you are found with any none legit achievements on your account your whole gamerscore will be removed as a punishment.
    If you are such a smart gamer and so sure that you could sue microsoft for stripping you of your score why don’t you tell us your real gamertag?

  68. The cheaters reign is over!!! MS will cancel ANY cheaters whether it be 1k or 100k they will get to you in the end, Iv seen some recent profiles who were nearing 100k now back to zero without the cheat tag, whats the matter guys are you worried??? your bubbles finally about to burst guy get in!!!

  69. File a class action lawsuit, and you’ll get your ass kicked by the system for not being able to read the TOS.

  70. You know what I just thought about ..a lot of people here are sorry for cheating a few things. They did it a long time ago. IN A TIME THAT THEY DID NOT KNOW THAT DOING IT WOULD GET YOU RESET.

    Since MS told they were going to reset tags, I stopped. A lot of people stopped. So that ‘you decided to do it, even if you knew what was going to happen. just accept it you n00bz0r’ is all bullshit. People didn’t know that MS was going to reset GS.

    So really, I really think that MS should stop the reseting. If they continue they will be reseting people that haven’t gamesaved a thing since they ANOUNCED that they are going to reset, that are sorry for the stupid mistakes they made, that didn’t know that gamesaving a game could do any harm.

  71. Resident Stevil –

    My tag is quick5057 – send me a message on live so I can see who I am dealing with.

    And no, you do not agree to the ToS everytime you log on to Live – that only happens when you sign up for an account or recover your account.

    And such a lawsuit would depend on the jury and how influential one can be, the fact that MS was been hit legally before through anti-trust puts them in the role as evil corporation, whereas I am an innocent gamer that committed these “atrocities” as you jealous morons put it prior to the lame major’s annoucement. Again, if a woman can spill McDonald’s coffee on herself and win millions, if a burglar can get hurt and sue in the act of a crime and get a large settlement, who is to say I could not do the same. Of course MS would need to reset me first for this to occur.

  72. Lol, Mostly everyone that has been reset has made a new tag and is already over 20K.

  73. Mods, what’s going on with TKO iZoMBiE’s profile?
    There’s no ‘cheater banner’ and he’s now on a silver account. Has Microsoft banned his profile all together? I take it there was something abit more serious than gamesaving going on with his profile since the ‘Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie’ achievement is impossible to get right now?

    Moderator Comment: that person probably simply changed his Gamertag.

  74. As it stands microsoft have reset less than a 100th of a percent of those who have cheated. M$ is far form solving the issue. I know people with less than 10k who gamesaved.

    I mean look at this profile.
    You might remember the name gonucksgo as the old ‘rifle does woes work’ gamertag which had about 150k of his 160k cheated… and reset. This is his new tag. 12k about 11k cheated. Absolutely everything on this profile pretty much is glitched (for the slow amongst you check the assassins creed for the obviousness). There are literally thousands of people like this who want gamerscore because they have nothing else in there life and there meaningless score makes them feel better.

  75. This is the real white negg, whoever made that post for me please dont do that anymore

  76. REDNECKKUTTER now has 21456 gamerscore.
    I think you should stop him right there. lol

  77. I have 118 00 GS, 35k cheatet and I’m not scared.
    Noone will reset me b/c I work for MS as a beta-tester….nothing will happen to “unhacked” accounts.

  78. @quick5057:

    Okay Mr. KnowItAll, the last time the ToS was updated was November 2007 and Microsoft, in accordance with their own ToS, notified everyone by e-mail of the change. If you did not agree to it, you had to cancel your account. Don’t say you didn’t get the e-mail because I did, and it is your responsibility to maintain updated contact information. As quoted from the ToS:

    If we change this contract, then we will tell you at least 30 days before the change is in force. We will tell you of the change by e-mail or online posting. We may also use other ways that we believe will reach you. If you do not agree to such changes, then you must cancel and stop using the Service before the changes are in force. If you do not stop using the Service, then your use of the Service will continue under the changed contract.”

    So there, you lose. =)

  79. Glad to see this happen. I hope anyone that has hacked even 1% of there gamerscore get a full reset. It’s doesn’t matter if you haven’t hacked in over a year and then went legit, what matters is you cheated in the first place.

  80. Microsoft will not reset anyone else but I hope they take down all the staff on 360gs over and over again.This site is like a cancer and needs to be removed.

  81. What about banning all the standby-ers, banning a handful of GS hacks is like urinating into the Atlantic ocean thus making no benefit whatsoever to clean gamers.

  82. to moderator…the guy called XBL MOD USA sent FL TROOPER BE a message saying he knew someone was impersonating him on this website [they used his name saying they where him and that he wanted to be re-set to zero in the“is this guy for real”thread] and he claimed he was a mod of this site and told FL TROOPER BE he knew he doesnt cheat so not to worry.He claims on his bio to be a LIVE ambassador and mod for both USA and EUROPE…fishy!,send him a message that’ll sh%t him up lol,anyway hes a fake and definately told FL TROOPER BE he was a mod for this fine website.

    Moderator Comment: What exactly is his Gamertag?

  83. What about Sufoor?

    Moderator Comment: What about him?

  84. @Adam REDNECKKUTTER is Neckshredder

  85. Only stolen account holders got the reset. I have gamesaved and hacked and have no problemo at all. I think maybe its because I moved my gamertag to Japan and pretend that I am Japanese.

  86. the guys tag is XBL MOD USA he claims its his work tag and his bio says hes a mod and MS ambassador for europe and the usa and he says on it he is from the usa but if you click on his tag just before his motto appears it clearly says united kingdom allso he says if anyone has a problem with him to call MS support and quote a ten digit code but whenever ive had to use MS support all there codes have been nine digits not ten…and as i said in a previous post he messaged fl trooper be stating hes a mod of this site and told him not to worry as he knew he was no cheat-he probably pretends to be a mod and ambassador for attention so gullable people will kiss his sad.

  87. ”What about banning all the standby-ers, banning a handful of GS hacks is like urinating into the Atlantic ocean thus making no benefit whatsoever to clean gamers”.

    most of them arn’t even hackers there just game savers.or people that SPG ed. but all these simpletons think it’s a grand victory for anti cheating.but yet another game saving web site is up and running with more than 350 members. good luck guy’s will your useless attempt at stopping people from having such a big meaningless number next to their tag.

  88. quick5057,
    You have my gamertag it’s Resident Stevil (just incase you’re to stupid to work that out) feel free to check out my profile whenever you want.

  89. Mods:
    Gamertag removed by Moderator
    He’s a cheat and admits it in the forums, he’s not changed his gamertag coz if he had he wouldn’t beable to post in the forums with this tag would he?

    Moderator Comment: Looks like he did change his Gamertag.

  90. I don’t think there will be any more resets.

    Moderator Comment: You know, you don’t have to pose as someone to submit a tip.

  91. 1000 GRAW , 1000 SR-J, 900 Chromehounds, & 950 Quake 4, With many Longtime Friends to Prove against your Slander. Spent many days boosting & never paid for any Hack Games unlike the Selected someone that is impersonating me. Feel Free to Check the Leaderboard Servers on any of the Rank Position #, then call me out. I also have enough Systems to boost myself without anyone’s help on any japan games, Chromehounds, Quake 4, etc.

    Whomever is Impersonating MC420, is just hating & needs some Mental Help or P****.

  92. quick5057 why don’t you turn off your privacy settings so i can see who I’M dealing with?

  93. I can vouch for MainCompton, all his leaderboard stuff is him, not hacked.

  94. Gamertag removed by Moderator
    1. Trades
    2. Gamesaves
    3. Boosts with his 4 consoles (Pretty Sad)
    4. Poses as an Asian so he can scam saves out of Asian gamers.
    5. He uploads some of the saves he collects to 360GS which is the biggest xbox360 cheat site online.

    He does not hack but 80% of his tag is all traded or game saved. The online leaderboard stuff is all boosted with his multiple consoles so IMO thats cheated too. I have no sympathy for him as in my eyes he is a cheat.

    Moderator Comment: That Gamertag does not exist.

  95. First of all, fakemonkey is NOT quick5057. He is using my tag for some foolish reason which I don’t understand. He claims that he is CerealKiller5 in another post which I doubt. That’s one thing I don’t like about these blogs – you can pretty much impersonate anyone and get away with it.

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