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Confirmed: XBLA Cheater, Not Master

Back on April 4, 2008, we posted about a gamer who had way too many Xbox Live Arcade games perfected to be legitimate. Thanks to yet another tip sent in by reader “II Zeriam II,” we now know that “TheSwindler89,” is nothing but a Gamerscore cheater. Microsoft has officially punished this April Fool, and we can finally add him to our Watch List as a Confirmed Cheater!

Here is the obligatory screenshot and profile link:


16 Responses to “Confirmed: XBLA Cheater, Not Master”

  1. NOOB!

  2. I have to say i known swindler for quite sometime now and his arcades are not gamesavable i really think M$ went out with this one. I watched him on day to day bases as he stays online playing the arcades. I guess people see him with a high school they say he gamesaves but no you people don’t know the half of it. And if M$ was so smart they would look into his arcades and see that they were done legit.

  3. Swindler was and will always be noob! He didnt just gamesave he had games hacked.

  4. Hi dear men.
    I will now explain all and you you will understand the great error that you have committed.
    I am TheSwindler89 (GOD-LEGEND BATTLEFIELD and Master ARCADE), a lot of people know me, I have played for the gamerscore since 2006 (before the cheaters). I have always played for the % and for the games live arcade. And later around two years of hard job I have succeeded in reaching 116 live arcade to 200/200, but later around 2 years, not 1 day, therefore only this is already the test that I am a player legit. Then continuing I have to say that the second test they are all the recorded scores in all the games live arcade that I have played (example first in battlestar 6000+ kills after 5 mounts for 50 gs achievement, the third test are the dates of the achievements and therefore the time spent by a game all other. Then the third and last test are particularly two games, the first one is smash tv 0 points, I never have started this game even if I have always had 0 points in this game, because the maximum attainable is 150 and for this reason for % I have never wanted to have it to 150 but I have preferred to have here it to 0 and then to end fatal fury special 180, if I was a cheater why I have not completed this game to 200, my 50 victories were blocked and since I am an unlucky player legit I would have continued to have forever this incomplete game.
    I finally tell you the whole truth My Games LIVE ARCADE are All LEGIT After Time and Time Of Hard Job (2 years+)
    And the only reason for which I agree with you can be my games retail as nfs carbon quake 4 fears graw 1 and saints row, these are alone the games that I have completed in way not legit for my %.
    But That little games are not able and don’t have to be able to eliminate the 2 years job for my 116 arcades legit.
    I have ended, this is the whole truth, I hope that you will appreciate and that later this you will understand that I am indeed an unlucky player legit.

  5. Apparently “TheSwindler89” thinks I’m to blame for him being reset. He keeps sending me messages about how the post about him getting reset means it’s my fault for his GS reset, even though back in April an article was posted on him, as reported by a user name “Howard” about him being a cheater. “TheSwindler89” sent a message to all his friends, with me being on his friends list at the time, but I’ve been since removed, about his GS reset. After that I just submitted his gamertag to be added to the watch list. Anyway he thinks it’s my fault he was reset so he keeps sending me messages about how he is going to get revenge on me and telling me bye in broken english. I guess he is trying to threaten me, but I find it just laughable. I even sent him the link to the previous article, yet he just wants to blame me. At one point he spammed me with voice chat requests which filled the entire screen on I just told him it didn’t both me because I haven’t even played in a week and seeing those on my PC didn’t matter to me. Very immature! Grow up kid.

  6. Dear II Zeriam II you are lucky because I don’t speak well the English, otherwise I would now have responded in the best of the ways and you would have written only nothing.
    I will try to explain everything and once more you will have to be silent.
    The article of April was in a doubt with an “?” and therefore my gamerscore was perfectly entire.
    but for you (Thanks to yet another tip sent in by reader “II Zeriam II,”) as it says this article of May. You have signalled for envy or for stupidity a something of not existing and therefore for your guilt I have been eliminated.
    Then I write you finally, that I will have my revenge, and it won’t be your gamerscore to be eliminated, but maybe (you have understood) 🙂 and with this I have said everything, ended, talk to you soon.
    ah a last thing… Maybe I am immature but one day I will be a true man. But you are and will be forever a small man.
    Bye II Zeriam II 🙂

  7. It’s more inmature to look for people who cheats, what are you gonna achieve? Life is not a videogame and you can’t get “Achievement Unlocked -0GS- You discovered a cheater” Deal with it losers

  8. You say MS Expletive removed by Moderator up because you didnt cheated on your arcade games? even if this is true if you gamesaved or hacked 1 or some games you can be reset, if this is your case you are not unlucky, you are incredibly stupid for compromising your “acomplishments” of 2 years just to have some extra points on other games, really stupid, you deserve it.

  9. Swindler asked me to do his Eets Chowdown Marsho Madness achievement one time but I refused. Big lying cheater is what you are Swindler… in fact even your gamertag explains you.

  10. TheSwindler89, you are still misreading the article. The “tip sent in” was just me bringing to this site’s attention the fact that you were reset, which I did after you sent me a message saying that it has happened. I never sent a message suggesting that you were cheating, as you are assuming. I don’t understand how you can’t see that you are wrong. Ignorance, or poor understanding of English. You are either in denial, or you just can’t see the true meaning of the article. I have said it before and I will say it again, all I did was tell them that you got reset. The only reason I continue this arguement is because I refuse to admit or accept something said about me that is untrue, or I have not done. And I didn’t report your ass, whether you like or believe it or not. I probably should have, but I wouldn’t do that to someone on my friends list. Then you had to go and be an ass about it. You are just pissed because of what happened and to want to blame me instead of yourself. It’s all your fault, accept it.

  11. I know what will clear this up, could the moderator confirm or deny whether what I’m saying is true? My “tip” was sent in on the “watch list” page which leaves it undisplayed, therefore you can’t see what I wrote. If I had posted a normal comment, it would be there for all to see and you would see the proof (since you are ignoring the rest of it) because the comment I submitted would have been posted. You would have seen that all I said was basically “add TheSwindler89 to the watch list, he just sent me a message saying he got reset” and that is it.

    Moderator Comment: That sounds accurate.

  12. Dear K4rn4ge i did my Eeets Chowdown Marsho Madness achievement LEGIT and you are wrong … i’m sorry … please silence .

    Dear orp08 , yes 1 game is not legit nfs carbon and some few retail , but my arcades are all legit . my question is … why the ms reset all gamerscore (177k) for only 1000+ points? because the ms is a …. and last thing I’m stupid 🙂 … but you are a … i can’t or the Moderator don’t send my reply .

    Dear MichMaster trust me I have a life … maybe you no … why u lose your time on this site? you understand .

    Ok done .
    Bye People .
    See Soon .

  13. Because your a cheat get over yourself and get a life mate seriously cos trying to convince yourself that you have one doesnt work, In fact your prob one of the most immature of cheats to be caught and thats saying a lot

  14. All lies, your horrible at arcades, it took you 2 weeks to do wits and wagers!!

    C’mon man you payed a lot for people to do games for you

  15. I agree, well said.

  16. Everyone just check and you can see how many times he has switched countries. I remember that he switched to United Kingdom and within 4 hours, he switched back to his original country and he had the full 200 in Discs of Tron.

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