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Sex, Lies, & Youtube – Sans Sex

A few days ago, we posted a story about an Unconfirmed Cheater who uploaded a video of himself cheating by artificially increasing his Gamerscore. Since then, reader “Axe Argonian” dug up a few more youtube videos of other people cheating in similar fashion (one vid shows a person using the “second profile glitch” form of cheating.

Unfortunately, the youtube users have not disclosed what their Gamertags are (one of the vids shows a Gamertag, but the quality is so poor, the Gamertag is illegible), but if any of you can figure them out, be sure to point them out to Xbox Cheater Watch!

Here are links to the vids, as well as screenshots:


11 Responses to “Sex, Lies, & Youtube – Sans Sex”

  1. its easy to find gamesavers/cheaters/glitchers/pudding on youtube, the morons think its big and clever to advertise themselves

  2. I think that the best way on finding out their gamertags is to leave a comment asking, “What’s your gamertag?”. Of course, they might realize that you’re trying to report them to Microsoft, but it never hurts to try.

  3. @Axe

    sounds like a plan, although i can imageine alot were posted and forgotten. i used to post WWE titan tron vids up but stopped reading comments due to spam/flames/other expletive removed by Moderator

  4. The GOW one is completely legible to me. The gametag is “YANKEESx730”

    You can see the profile at:

    Heres an image where it is legible to prove it’s the same person:

    I’d also like to point out that I’m not too sure if the VF5 glitch is cheating by Microsoft’s standards. The GOW seriously glich involves account sharing so that is cheating. Does the VF5 glich involve account sharing?

  5. Lol i also hate the people who say “Give me 1400 microsoft points and ill glitch Gears of wars for you or avatar”. Who the hell would trust those scammers

  6. Second Profile Glitching isn’t cheating according to the post in UK OXM that was on here.
    “Glitching Achievements. Let’s face it, there are so many games out there that have buggy Achievements, so it would be a bit unfair for you to get banned for exploiting this system. Assassin’s Creed, for example, awards Achievements at some very strange and unexpected times.”

  7. The middle video was done by YANKEESx730.

  8. @MikeJones

    The second profile glitch is cheating in most cases because it is usually account sharing, hence why you need a second profile. However, if the profile is yours then you are NOT account sharing and then it would not be cheating.

  9. ofcourse profile glitching is cheating where do you come from jeez. you are not playing the game to get them therefor its cheating now get over it jeez

  10. ok so my last post wasnt in detail…

    1. if someone has 1250 in gears of war and you have none and you glitch all those 1250 gs on to your profile its cheating because you havent earned them.

    2. profile glitching is as bad as gamesaving because ethier of the person or persons arent playing the game to get the achievements themself

  11. Nice finds, but on the second page of the comments in the GoW cheating one, he mentions that his gamertag is NYxYANKEESxXx24

    He, as everyone is saying, is making a business off of this. Hopefully, with this evidence, Microsoft will take this guy out and ensure that he never makes ‘blood money’ ever again.

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