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Sidetrack: Your Thoughts on the Gears of War 2 Footage

We’re huge fans of Gears of War here at Xbox Cheater Watch, and we know many of you are as well. By now, you must have seen the vid of footage from Gears of War 2 the incredible sequel to the blockbuster title. If you haven’t checked out the vid yet, be sure to watch it and two more vids here: Trailer Vid, Comparison Vid, Analysis Vid.

What are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? What are your favorite moments from the vid? Anyone care to write a play-by-play?

We’re so amped for this game. We’ll be bringing you some exclusive looks at this game next week, so stay tuned!


8 Responses to “Sidetrack: Your Thoughts on the Gears of War 2 Footage”

  1. I thought it was great! I noticed new – and sometimes huge – enemies, which was probably foregone. I also noticed new weapons! At least I think I did. Active Reload appeared intact and unchanged, insofar as what happens on screen… as best I could tell, anyway.

    The Locust Shield(using a Locust enemy as a shield, that is) was very cool as was the small neck-snapping animation that followed it.

    As for the ‘on rails’ portion, well, I can take it or leave it. On rails experiences for me have been hit or miss. Having said that, there was still freedom for your character(was it Marcus? I didn’t notice) to move about and assume heavy cannons and whatnot.

    Verdict: November can’t come soon enough…

  2. Truthfully, I was hoping it would be more. The graphics seem pretty much the exact same, and gameplay wise, only a few things were added.

    I’ll still be getting it though.

  3. im not gonna get this bored of the first probally will get bored of this one

  4. Did they even change a thing about this game, looked like I was watching GOW 1. Oh well, gears sucks anyways!

  5. I hope they fix the servers so they can ban all the achievement cheaters and boosters.

  6. For those saying nothing changed. You need to pay attention a lot more.

  7. So Tyler, if I need to pay attention a lot more, why dont you tell me in detail what you saw that was different. Dont mention the enemies or levels since those are a given for any sequel. The human shield is about it, oh, and the fact that you can turn your chainsaw over and swing it in a down to up motion rather than up to down. BFD!

  8. lol, I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to someone who didn’t like the first. It’s not worth my time to try to persuade you. If you can’t see the difference from how the battles look and are setup alone, you are blind. Take a look at how much is going on and how much detail is in it, gow didn’t have near that much going on.

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