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Reader “Shaun” Does His Homework

Since Xbox Cheater Watch thrives on tips submitted by you, our readers, we really appreciate every single tip that is sent in to us, even though not every tip pans through to a rampant cheater. But it’s times like this that really make us smile.

Reader “Shaun” submitted a tip that pretty much stands out on its own. He looked up “Head Hancho 10K” and dug up tons of questionable Achievements. “Shaun” pointed out details and even provided links to the particular games in question.

The Unconfirmed Cheater:

Here’s “Shaun’s” post in full:


Gamertag “Head Hancho 10K” has been using gamesaves! I’ve been comparing his achievements on – I have the GreaseMonkey addon for my Firefox so I can see his times as well. Here’s what I’ve found so far:
got achieves for 100 & 500 ranked kills in 1 minute!
got 11 achieves in SP in 1 minutes
Call Of Duty 4
completed Mile High on Veteran before finishing the game
got “Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty” 24 hours before getting “Complete ‘Game Over’ on Veteran difficulty”
lots of achieves out of order
Civil War
got 19 achieves in 1 minute (incl different achieves for finishing each level)
Call Of Duty 3
5 achieves in 1 minutes for “200, 2000, 8000, 20000 and 40000″ points from RANKED matches!
got the achieve for finishing on Veteran offline (proves nothing but very suspicious)
Gears Of War*iAs%05&compareTo=HeAd+HaNcHo+10k
got 12 RANKED achieves in 1 minute (incl all “get x kills with x weapon)
Army Of 2
got Stonewall (30 Riot Shield melee kills) and Starting a Riot (50 kills in Co-op Riot Shield). for Stonewall you hold the shield, for Starting a Riot, your partner is holding the shield!
got the achieve for healing your partner for the first time AND the achieve for healing him 25 times in the same minute!
got all 10 “get x kills with x weapon” in 10 minutes!
Guitar Hero 3
earn 5 stars on all Easy Co-op, Hard Co-op and Expert SP in 4 minutes
also did NOT get 250K for 1 song (which was 1 of my first achieves)
also got the achieves for beating all 4 difficulties in 1 minutes when they are NOT stackable achievements!
Splinter Cell: Double Agent*h1%02%07&compareTo=HeAd+HaNcHo+10k
got “Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play 25 sessions in this map” achieves for 8 different maps in 1 minutes
got 16 achieves in 1 minute (incl the map ones I just mentioned)!!
got achieves for winning 1, 3, 5 and 5-in-a-row RANKED matches in 1 minute
Virtua Fighter 5
full 1000/1000 in 1 minutes?!?!?! Nuff Said! (nevermind the fact this is one of the longest games around!)
GW Gundam
full 1000/1000 in 1 minute AGAIN!!!!
Bionicle Heroes
got 44 achieves in 2 minutes
got the remaining 5 achieves 20 minutes later
that’s the full 1000/1000 in about 25 minutes
Tenchu Z*i3%01%07&compareTo=HeAd+HaNcHo+10k
AGAIN, full 1000/1000 in 1 minute!!!

That’s all I’ve managed to go through so far, but there is more!
now, nail this bastard!



Thank YOU, “Shaun” and thanks to all of our readers for your continued support. Oh, and we’d also like to take this time to thank all the readers who contribute to our posts by pointing out all of the evidence we were too lazy to point out ourselves (reader “Monkey” is a perfect example of this).


38 Responses to “Reader “Shaun” Does His Homework”

  1. The reader ‘monkey’ appreciates the mention. But Headhancho is a good friend of mine. Yes hes cheated. I can’t believe you didn’t spot his messed up timeshift lol. But hes a nice guy and one of the best GRAW players on xbl.

  2. Also, a note on the gears of war, VF5 and bionical heroes achievements. They can be profile glitched, which requires no use of outside tools or manipulation. Yes its doggy as hell and considered cheating, but it isn’t gamesaving. I’v glitched plenty of games from my account to my brothers. Sometimes not even intentionally.

  3. This account was recently jacked.

  4. Head Hancho 10K is one of the best shooters out there along with JVacha and has always helped me out. And monkey is right one of the best graw players out there and a great friend.

  5. He must have been really bored.

  6. Are you kidding me? Dont u people see a trend here? First JVacha and now Hancho! When will this stop? JVacha and Hancho were best friends and the unofficial best shooter duo ever to play. This isnt even about cheating anymore, its about account thieves trying to mess with people so they lose their accounts. Hancho is a good guy just like JVacha was. By the way to the real JVacha, Gamertag removed by Moderator has your account…….

  7. “completed Mile High on Veteran before finishing the game
    got “Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty” 24 hours before getting “Complete ‘Game Over’ on Veteran difficulty”
    lots of achieves out of order”

    I dont know about the mile high one but you can beat the game on “hardened” and then go get the vet achieves.

  8. This account was stolen by Gamertag removed by Moderator who is Gamertag removed by Moderator‘s friend.

  9. Hey Cerialkiller cud you shed some light on these jackings?

  10. Wow man you actually went and look and type all of his cheatings in games? Can someone say no life?

  11. He has his account back. I spoke to him quite recently. And Gamertag removed by Moderator had his account stolen because he stole Gamertag removed by Moderator. I personally loaded about 10 0’s on his account for stealing my friends.

  12. Can someone say no life?

    Apparently, it is you who cannot say it.

    What sort of life do you have if you spend all of your time vulturing threads, posts and suchlike looking for something to bash?

    If you don’t like what people do here, run along, then…

  13. Its funny how someone can just come right out and call someone else a cheater and not post their gamertag for public view, which typically indicates that maybe you are not on the up and up Shaun. I have known Hancho for a good while now and I know that he’s about as good of a gamer as you could ever want to play with, he’s not rude and he puts up with alot of racial slurs and continues playing. Why none of you are targeting the majority of the shooter leader board I have no idea. Alot of these individuals are hackers and in a joint circle of hackers. As far as I know Hancho has his tag blocked to where you have to be on his friends list to even view it, so if you are on his friends list and you are posting negatively about him, they should reset you just for being an idiot.

  14. hey nester –

    check out a kid that uses the term insanity alot – he has been obtaining alot of high gamerscore accounts including jvacha as well as a few others

  15. Cerialkiller please let me know the wereabouts of these gamertag
    HeadHoncho,Jvacha,Barbieri ?? You know who has them.

  16. @anon1234
    The person is named after breakfast Cereal and his accomplice is named after Alexander the great.

  17. Greg shhhh little puppy.

  18. Good Find Shaun, I know hancho is a very good gamer, nice and always willing to help his friends out with achievements. He’s not a Gamesaver as you claim, I know for a fact he Traded his tag with a friend that did for him. Those games are SPG’d and are partial. The rest are legit, well except for the 1000/1000 in a min. Shaun Failed on COD 4 and NBA 2K8 those are not cheated. COD 4 you can finish the game easy or normal and play MHC on veteran and then go through the rest on veteran in any order. NBA 2K8 when boosting your opponent quits out of 5 games play the 6th game fully by winning and Yes the 1,3 and 5 in a row will stack for you, do your homework well shaun. Hancho’s Legit ways far over shadows those SPG’d games thats why you don’t see a negative comment for the guy.Yes He’s That Good.

  19. the fact that he lend his gt for some1 is a violation of code of conduct

  20. Hola Ace: Our old bumchum CerealK is bridging in Saints Row. This is cheating no?

    Moderator Comment: Please explain what you mean by “bridging.”

  21. JVacha and Headhancho are practically family. They know each other and hang out in the real world. I don’t see my brother helping me out as violating the code of conduct.

  22. So with all this ample proof Hancho still gets support? I cant believe that folks who give out their gamertags to others and then get it back with an extra 20k can be regarded as “good players” by the rest. If nobody is up to take up the task of cleaning XBL from cheaters then GS is worth nothing IMO.

  23. If he violates code of conduct his score must be reset – end of story regardless how good he is at shooters or how nice a guy he is.

    He cheated.

    Well done Shaun!!!

  24. Please post proof of Mr Killer’s bridging. Hunches do not count as it is easy to match up gangs on Saints Row without help especially since the launch of GTA 4.

    Also, to monkey:

    Is Jvacha now living in South Africa (HH 10k’s home country)? He would have to if they are hanging out.

  25. Most of these games are GLITCHES. Using cheat codes on GRAW, Farcry or blazing angles is cheating as well. If you start pointing out glitches like the ones on hanchos tag I will post hundreds of other tags with glitched achievements. I can see plenty of people who use these glitches on Keans ‘gamesaverless’ leaderboard. If this guy was gamesaving all this stuff then fair enough. But the fact is shaun is wrong about a few of the games hes labeled as cheated and the ones he has are glitches, not hacks or resigned saves.

  26. So tell me, I am curious, if someone in your household gets on your 360 and ur tag to play, and somehow or another he or she unlocks an achievement while playing online or otherwise does this constitute a violation of conduct as well? You didn’t earn the achievement, but I bet you won’t call MS and ask that the achievement be removed. Personally I think boosting is a strong form of cheating that doesn’t receive the notarity that you are trying to give Hancho, and if you adjust the sliders on any sports game and posting negatively on this site about others you are a hypocrit as well. Suggestion, leave Hancho’s yard alone til yours is mowed.

  27. bridging is when you have a second network card in your pc and use that to plug in your 360, then you share the internet connection between both network cards and you can control ip address ranges of who you can connect with. its good if you have a group of friends you want to play with all the time but the game doesnt have an invite system or you want to get in ranked matches with your friends but there is no option in the game to join your friends while playing ranked matches, the bad thing is you can simply lag anyone out at any time if you are the host and there are tricks to make sure that you get host i dont expect this to get posted but hey, you asked

  28. I can’t believe how many people are supporting this guy! 1000/1000 for any game (except Avatar) in a minute and his army comes to defend him? c’mon people!

    Cheating is cheating… whether it be glitches or gamesaves. Sure, unintentional glitches aren’t your fault (I’ve heard of people getting 12 achievements randomly in Skate when doing something as simple as an ollie, but this never happened to me) . If sliders or cheats are used (as you say in GRAW) that are built into the game, then fair enough. That is up to the person playing.

    I do not have him on my friends list. If you compare games (on to someone who is on your friends list and replace the gamertag in the address bar (%20 for a space), then you can compare achievements. He has however only now put up privacy settings. I started off with screenshots of the games I mentioned but it got boring/tedious. “Can someone say no life?” hahaha… I’ll say it if it makes you feel any better!

    “Shaun Failed on COD 4 and NBA 2K8 those are not cheated”. Then I apologise for those and retract them. But if he’s that good, then why resort to gamesaving/glitching/lending his GT to get gamerscore. It is sad and I don’t understand why anyone would do that. I never said he wasn’t a good guy. He probably is a great friend! But why do it?

  29. It doesnt matter what u claim “stolen”, used by other person, .. etc. There is pass code and password to protect ureslf is ur responsiblityto keep ur gt to yourself. He obviously is gamesaving therefore he should be reset. I dont care who u are and if u are so good on the game why gamesaving. The end

  30. lol, monkey you do realize that glitching is still cheating? Sure, you can’t get your tag reset for it, but it’s still cheating. You aren’t attaining the achievement in the intended way, making it cheating. So just writing them off as not cheated for doesn’t count here, it still is cheating.

  31. Glitching doesn’t require use of outside tools, and that is what fills microsofts criteria for being a reset target. Our current #1 on the leaderboards blinkandgone got 270k in a day. About 10 people in the top 25 have over 100k hacked. Only 3 people in the top 25, Stallion, ZAKKE WYLDE and midwynter even look remotely legitimate. How they hell did hancho deserve a mention then 22 of the top 25 aren’t mentioned.

  32. Monkey I am questioning that myself, he is (at last I checked ) number 36 on the shooter leaderboard, but something made this guy target him above all others. I still say whether its up to the individual user or not that sliders and boosting are cheating but i guess since so many do it then its ok. Glitching on the other hand is something the game developers could prevent but don’t and yes I know people use it alot. Shaun if you are bored check out the shooter leaderboard and tell me what you think. I am telling you though if you were gonna play with anyone you’d want to play with Hancho.

  33. Headhancho 10k is Legit, please leave him alone this jealousy must come to an end

  34. blinkandgone i agree monkey this person just appered out of no where. maybe he did play offline then when bringing the account online it just said he got it in 1 day.

    i agree that this Headhancho 10k should not have been targeted to the top players on my gamercard because even in some bio it says ill do 1000g on this game for so many ms points.

    i still dont understand how some people get away with it even when you look through the game list and it stairs you in the face. ms have messed this up big time and its never going to i say make a leaderboard for the none legit players and leave it.

  35. “Good Find Shaun, I know hancho is a very good gamer, nice and always willing to help his friends out with achievements. He’s not a Gamesaver as you claim, I know for a fact he Traded his tag with a friend that did for him.”

    Are you kidding me? So you’re saying that it’s ok if you have someone ELSE do it for you? Wrong answer bub….. zero his account out if he can’t play like the rest of us.

  36. lol monkey did you read what I wrote?

    “Sure, you can’t get your tag reset for it, but it’s still cheating. You aren’t attaining the achievement in the intended way, making it cheating. So just writing them off as not cheated for doesn’t count here, it still is cheating.”

    Maybe read over it a few more times…. or something.

  37. Anon1234:
    Head Hancho does not live in Africa. He is from Africa just like JVacha does not live in Italy but is from Italy. Those guys always put their tag locations to where they use to live. To my knowledge they do live in the same neighborhood.

  38. Not saying hes legit, but hes far from warranting a reset.

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