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Is this Guy for Real?

This one really caught us off guard. “Avahra” from the forums let us know about this particular gamer who is apparently trying to pass himself off as a member of the Gamerchix clan, going so far as to send each clan member a Friend Request.

What’s surprising about this guy besides the evidence of cheating we found in his Achievement history, are his Gamertag and Bio. His Gamertag is “Kate PlayGround,” and his bio suggests that his website contains “a ton of picture sets, videos, wallpapers, games & a whole lot more!” The link he provides in his Bio however leads to pornography!

So it appears we’ve got a wolf in sheep’s clothing…


24 Responses to “Is this Guy for Real?”

  1. He runs several adult themed sites and uses his tag as a ad medium. Is there anything wrong with that.

    The cheating is defo a no no tho

  2. Nice find Avahra!

  3. KingOfJapan,

    Are you kidding me? Are you seriously alluding to the idea that it’s acceptable for one to use their Gamertag as an “ad medium”, let alone one for pornography!?!?!? You can call them “adult themed sites” all you want but it’s still against the Terms of Use for Microsoft!!!!

    I won’t post all the exact specifics other than:

    -Unless otherwise specified, the Web Site is for your personal and non-commercial use.

    -The Web Site may contain bulletin board services, chat areas, news groups, forums, communities, personal web pages, calendars, and/or other message or communication facilities designed to enable you to communicate with the public at large or with a group (collectively, “Communication Services”).

    -• Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information.

    -Advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services for any business purpose, unless such Communication Service specifically allows such messages.

    So, Cheating is a no-no….. but also so is using your Gamertag, Profile, or anything Microsoft to advertise your “services”, especially “adult-themed” ones.

  4. @kingOfJapam

    You ask if anything is wrong with that? This guy is advertising adult entertainment on a medium that is atleast 50% minors. This guy is scum beyond gamersavers and cheaters. This is a whole new low. He should be baned from live permently for that alone.

  5. Japan you think ur smart only because you cheat and trying to frame others is a good idea maybe you should lay out ur real tag or perhaps M$ will find out soon.

  6. “So, Cheating is a no-no….. but also so is using your Gamertag, Profile, or anything Microsoft to advertise your “services”, especially “adult-themed” ones.”

    Cheating is a definite no no but it is perfectly ok to advertise services on a gamertag YOU pay for as long as the services you are advertising are family friendly and some phishing type scam link.

    IE If someone posts a link to an adult website in their bio they are essentially trying to solicit pornography to minors (as well as other age groups) this would be in violation of certain protections xbox live has in place to protect minors.

    HOWEVER, if someone uses their bio to say advertise a message board site like “View my ezboard gaming messafeoard at or if they were advertising a service relating to gaming or something that could help people while still being family friendly then i’d say it would still be ok.

    As for you you do not have the right to tell other people to lay out their real tag, if I change my mind about that I will let you know. You’ve changed your gamertag twice in the last few days just to avoid being labeled as a cheater.

    I may be posting as an anon name right now but at least my reasons for posting anon are to avoid being harassed for exposing people like you, you changed your tag to avoid being harassed for violating the rules of xbox live and cheating at gamerscore..

  7. My real tag is Coyatsub and I admit that I have cheated. I would like to be reset to 0.

    Moderator Comment: We cannot verify whether this reader’s Gamertag is really “Coyatsub,” but it does look like “Coyatsub” may indeed be a Gamerscore cheater.

  8. Im FL Trooper be and I have cheated too and would like to be reset, where can I apply to get my cheating undone?

  9. Again, you cannot use your Gamertag for ANY COMMERICAL purposes. This includes linking to a website that you run that sells good/products/services.

    Linking to a forum or whatever you run is fine, but when you begin to use a gamertag for the purpose of advertising a product it becomes a violation of the ToU.

  10. Yeah a cheater with alot of 0’s KingOfJapan reveal ur real tag man.

  11. You can’t prove it is or isn’t him, just like it would be with the next tag he could put.

  12. If you try to go this his gamertag via the xbox website it no longer exists.

    Haha, scum.

  13. Well Kate Playground is no more. The tag is now OLIV sans E.

    My French isn’t all that great, but it says something along the lines of after 2 months he is back and that is account had been stolen. So it maybe that Kate had stolen this guys account. What is odd though is his motto ☆ КAㅜㅌ$ ヤㄴタУムЯㅇㅆиワ ☆ Kates Playground fits in there nicely.

  14. Thanks to my friend his new gamertag has been identified:

    If you go to MGC you will notice that the last several games played by kates playground before the tag change are the same as this new guys tag whom only has a few hundred more gamerscore than kates playground.

    Also you will notice the text in his motto says kates playground in foreign characters.

  15. kates playground is a porn site, ran by a girl obviously who does cam shows
    as if she would steal his account, yaz are all funny mo fo’s lmfao

  16. lol its the same guy and yes he gamesaved look at lost planet. 1st acheviement was cleared level 3 and his 2nd one was worth 150g which is complete the game on professional difficualtly. any way apart from that fl trooper be you said you cheated but your bio says your legit lol im not bothered ethier way just though it was funny.

    the one thing i find amusing is the fact that people who has gamesaved leave their setting open to the public even if ms can break that the public cant so i guess they wanna be caught?

  17. So now that the tag is changed and everything could we stop worrying about what the name is and was, please. It’s obviously the same guy so after the name change, it matters not.

  18. These seem like 2 different issues. He is advertising a porno link + he is cheating.

    The porno is really causing us anti- cheat pple any grief so lets say we pursue him for cheating.

  19. the guy who said your fl trooper be and would like to be re set to zero your a liar…i know fl trooper be and have for over a year he is 100% genuine and to make things worse he doesnt even have a PC so how could you possibly be fl trooper be?! show some balls if you dont like him and tell him not post rubbish about him behind his back.FL TROOPER BE IS A GENUINE PLAYER WHO GOT ALL HIS POINTS THE HARD WAY-SHOW SOME RESPECT.

  20. as i said before Scar7humb i thought its there was something about that when i checked his profile it says hes legit. on here its saying his a cheat im stuck between two stories lol.

  21. vito-fl trooper be doesnt even have a PC so obviously he cant post on this or any other site ,so plainly the person claiming to be him is a jealous person trying to blacken the name fl trooper be which is sad really.fl trooper has been on kaens leaderboard for a long time so kaens has obviously checked his tag and believes it to be legit.fl trooper be has put many hours into earning achievements the way they,re meant to be earned via skill time and effort.fl trooper be has a passion for gaming and a hatred of all things gamesave related to-i assure everyone he is 100% legit unlike many people above him on leaderboards who should have the finger of blame pointed at them instead of fl trooper be because of a jealous individual spaming his name.

  22. The guy who claimes to be FL trooper be is a layer,
    i know him for a year and he is no cheater.
    It’s true that he has no pc and that he can not defend himself against lowblows like that

  23. my name is dia quaid
    2 years ago i started an xbox gaming team named DIANE,
    the name coming from Group Diane the 1st Belgian Tactical Intervention team founded after the Munich hostage attacks at the 1972 Olympic Games
    dedicated as we are, trying to specialise in playing xbox 360 shooters since then, we play by the rules & follow them

    one month ago we recruited FL trooper be
    one of the most dedicated & consistent xbox 360 gamers to be found in belgium, specialised in shooters

    FL trooper be is an amazing guy
    legit is his middle name

    since then he has continued keeping up his XBL image in the latest & greatest games by clearing them at a regular base,
    achvm by achvm
    (ex. scoring 950 G on the Devil May Cry 4 game & reaching the top 1% online of the world on Kengo Legend Of The Nine)

    screw the guy that’s trying to nail him.
    screw him hard. thanks.

  24. trooper be is an a-hole’he reached 100k+ then cos people he knew started to get quite a bit ahead of him he’s like oh i never played for points any way i hate achievements-why he doesnt just state hes “retired”i dont know’insted he now hates against achievement hunters cos they play every game out there both easy and hard for points which he dissagrees with.he was an achievement hunter and like the rest of us played everything he could get his hands on but know he has a rather large chip on his shoulder as his rivals have leaft him behind by doing what all achievement hunters do-playing as many games as possible for as many points as quickly as possible’he somehow now sees this as wrong even though hes played for points this way for ages himself and now “hates” against achievement hunters-how two faced-like i said hes an a-hole.

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