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Video Killed the Gamerscore Star

Most of the evidence of cheating we examine is limited to the profile of a particular cheater and a person’s Achievement history (timestamps are a dead giveaway). Reader “Killas Boss” found an incredible piece of evidence of Gamerscore cheating against one person – in the form of a video on youtube.

There is no mistaking, the July 16, 2007 video is even titled, “Crackdown Gamesave 1250/1250.”

Here’s a screenshot of the video:

Watch the video for yourself:

And the synopsis gives us the details on the author of the video: “This is a video of me gamesaving all of the achievements in Crackdown. My gamertag is HyphY iLL, and HyphY iLL V2.”

Sure makes us wonder what other gems are out there at youtube! Thanks again to “Killas Boss” for this great tip!


20 Responses to “Video Killed the Gamerscore Star”

  1. uh he hasn’t been on since january

  2. I love how I havent even touched my xbox for over 5 months. Yet my legacy is not forgotten.

    Get a life nerds.

  3. Legacy….What a loser….Whos the nerd again?? The guy who GAMESAVES Crackdown or the people who point out cheaters who sometimes use that cheating to win contests…..I think the GAMESAVER is the Expletive removed by Moderator nerd…And I am sure you havent touched your Xbox for a reason..Maybe it broke and you dont have the money to fix it or something. Give me a break….

  4. LOL, my thoughts exactly Gorguts.

  5. um no i still have it. it just sits there under my tv. and how am i the nerd? I get the poon every day while you guys are all b*tching on an xbox cheater site about cheaters. GET THE CLUE. CHEATERS WILL NOT STOP CHEATING. I will be the first one to admit that xbox live has gone down the sh*tter with cheaters and little kids…

    how you guys sitting here complaining about cheaters is NOT PRODUCTIVE go out side and have a hookah sesh with your friends from school or something.

  6. Dude, you cheated for a meaningless number. You can’t even begin to call other people losers lol.

  7. He is a dumbass, I bet he is the kind of cheater who slags other gamers of who haven’t got high achievments…that chap is a muppet…bit of luck he gets a bang of a falling xbox..that would be funny

  8. “I get the poon every day”….Gimme a break. What a douchebag…

  9. MarkHitman06- HOW DID YOU KNOW!

    Beucase i care SOOOOO much about xbox and a number… exactly why I play everyday for hours like you.

  10. You obviously did if you went the extra mile to cheat for it.

  11. Dude, you made an 8 second long video to post on you tube showing how much skill it took you to cheat your way to 1250 on Crackdown. How are we the losers again?

  12. does “Last Onlint: January 5th” bean anything to you?

  13. I agree… get a life guys, let others do what they want to do, if they cheat, they cheat and anything else… Microsoft will know what to do

  14. I agree… get a life guys…

    Yeah, ’cause someone who trolls a purpose-built website to slam the ideology of it and its users definitely has a life…

  15. dude why the hell do you cheat.You say that numbers dont matter yet you cheat to get them.You my friend are the loser

  16. Look at my last online time buddy. I realized that its pointless and childish to play video games.

  17. *Darkmaster4123: a loser? you’re too obsessed with my GS and cheating, who is the real loser here? and I dont agree 100% with Hyphy but yeah what’s the point of playing games? have fun, that’s all, if I cheated or not its not your problem

  18. good point mich or whatever your name is. people need to worry about themselfs.. i mean seriously.. how does someone cheating for gamerscore ruin your fun in gaming? it doesnt! i know you wont admit it but your jealous that you cant do what we do/did. and dont even try to say that you’re not beucase if you aren’t you wouldn’t be so bitter and opinionated on the subject.

  19. You’re right! I wish I could cheat… But I’m not smart enough to figure it all out. THAT is why I’m so angry at you cheaters!

  20. Oh and you’re also a loser for pretending to be me.pathetic freak with no parents…

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