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“Cobra” Introduces Us to “Hog”

Reader “Carefree Cobra” discovered a hog in the grass after examining this next Unconfirmed Cheater. What is interesting about “Hogowner,” is that his cheating didn’t seem that apparent to us, compared to other rampant cheaters we’ve looked at. But thanks to the time-stamp tool, we were able to discover a pattern of unlocked Achievements that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Take a gander for yourselves:

Oh and we wonder what he means by “M$ clean my sak,” which is his profile’s motto?


8 Responses to ““Cobra” Introduces Us to “Hog””

  1. Did you check out his bio? I thought that was interesting…

  2. Nothing obvious to begin with. So I did a search for a typical game, Rumble Roses Double X. He gets 3 of the ‘You have won the singles title with…’ achievements at the same minute.

    Has games from the UK and Jap regions, though he may have multiple 360s. Many people now do (including me).

    Ah here’s one – Tenchu Z. Gets the achieves for 500 stealth kills, 700 stealth kills, 10 Ninja 5 ranks and 30 Ninja 5 ranks all at the same minute.

    Its a pick and choose affair – most achs look legit, so this is a tough call. His bio states : “JCNet= Backstabbing hypocritical douchebag”, so is this reference to what all known gamesavers are saying about JC?

  3. I only looked at a few of his games, but there is enough evidence to support the cheater claim. Viva Pinata – all achievements within 48 minutes of each other, Ridge Racer 6 – most achievements completed at the exact same time, CoD3 – General, Colonel, and Major at the exact same time (could be in game glitch, not sure), Assassins Creed – most achievements completed at same time.

  4. He is an active member , save user & contributor on
    He is also Shuckies good friend so go figure

  5. I agree..JCnet is a backstabbing douchebag that needs to get a life

  6. @borandi

    jcnet was once a member at 360GS and have gamesaved many games including Rumble Roses XX, Crackdown and Perfect Dark Zero. Now, he has taken a strong anti-gamesaver approach after many people admitting to him they were gamesavers. Now he has finally removed his privacy settings, you can look through these and many other some what questionable unlock times.

  7. I see “narcotic venom” gets worried when he gets outed as a cheater so he posts up hogowner. cobra is actually “narcotic venom”… its funny how people post anonymously on here and everyone still knows who you are.

  8. I spoke with Hogowner and he tells me that M$ clean my sak means that he wants microsoft to clean up the saks fifth ave store by his house. He feels MS can only do this deed.

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