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“LegendofGS” Magically Flies Through GTA IV

Get ready for some news that sucks, big time. Unconfirmed Cheater, “LegendofGS,” previously reported to you in this post, has raised more than a few eyebrows among our readers with by unbelievably and simultaneously unlocking 42 Achievements in the newly released, GTA IV.

We can’t think of any other game that should have been kept free from cheating more than this one – especially since Rockstar is rewarding the first 10 players to complete 100% of the game. We know there are tons of gamers out there vying to be one of these 10 people. Unfortunately, all of our attempts to get a response from Rockstar with regard to cheaters completing the game first have not been answered.

We suppose we should start expecting to see the top spots in the GTA IV Achievement Leaderboard start to fill up really quickly within the next few days (hours?).

Oh, and and click this link to get to the GTA IV Achievements for “LegendofGS.”

Thanks to “Anon1234” and “smoked” for the tip on this bad news.

Edit: We expected this guy to eventually block us from viewing the evidence of his cheating, so we made sure we took screenshots of his GTA IV Achievement list. Here is one screenshot:

Edit2: Added link to Rockstar’s Rules for the Key to the City contest.


16 Responses to ““LegendofGS” Magically Flies Through GTA IV”

  1. oh wow, so someone already found a way to glitch this one?
    that sucks

  2. This guiy has several tags

    Gamertags removed by Moderator

    Most of the games are hacked and gamesaved.

    Moderator Comment: If you have any evidence substantiating your claim, please submit them to us.

  3. like he said in his bio no stie will have 1000g of this game yet as its just bheen released so maybe he just spent alot of time doing it… one will ever know ? and why would you send him a message about it grow up for god sake.

    we kow hes on cheater watch isnt that enough for you people geez

  4. i made some spelling mistakes lol so dont be too angry also he block us from viewing his achiements so ill take people word for it cus i cant see the dates he unlock them .

  5. The top 10 to finish – that is a joke since some stores in the UK broke release 1 week early and many gamers illegally downloaded the game prior to release and were seen to be popping achievements – if you look at the top of’s leaderboards, many gamers up there had achievements prior to 4/29 giving them an unfair advantage in the race for 100%.

    And there is a save set available for much of the game making the fact that this guy cheated much more believeable. Interesting that upon the posting of this article that this guy covered up his card – definitely a sign he is hiding something fishy.

  6. His bio now says he didn’t gamesave GTA IV.

    This much is obvious so i don’t know why he’d put that in his bio. It looks like he ‘hacked’ or had someone hack the achievements for him. You can pick and choose what achievements you want if you hack a game but generally when someone hacks a game they get all the achievements. Which is what makes it so confusing that he didnt have 1000. I’m guessing he chose to not steal the viral online achievement for fear of who knows what but I really don’t know what’s going through this guys head.

    Maybe he’s still beating himself up for dropping out of Highschool and failing the GED test 5 times in a row.

  7. Sorry to post this here, but can someone link me the Grease Monkey time tool to install for the timestamp on achievements pages? I couldn’t find it.

    Moderator Comment: Here you go:

  8. I don’t know what system they did it on but the top 2 spots in the 100% club on the Rockstar Games Social Club website were taken by ninjaraiden2003 who it states 100% the game in just 17 minutes, and Only1Reality in 18 hours. Can be seen here

    Just click on the Rockstar games Hall of fame link from there to see it

  9. i got a legal copy 1 week early and i have 600, i havnt even spent that much time on it

    time u guys grow up and stop crying over some digits on someone else’s profile

  10. This guy is pathetic i wish he didnt cheat like the noob he is!!

  11. i clicked the link to his profile he has no gamerscore his account is silver was gold has he been reset ?

    Moderator Comment: No, he has not been punished by Microsoft. He probably simply changed his Gamertag to something else.

  12. He has changed his tag to Ilanfantasylive

  13. Well now that account is 0 and reverted to silver/zero and I had a friend help him get completely off the leaderboards now so good luck trying to find him, I doubt your going to be able to now…

  14. Link removed by Moderator
    Gamertag removed by Moderator
    is a Moderator on the above trade and account jacking website.

    Moderator Comment: We cannot independently verify that these Gamertags belong to the same person.

  15. Nice try Japan maybe when you do get trusted we can verify ur tags lol. Wow al that writing and none of it got posted lol.

  16. Theo Thompson:
    The information did get to Ace and I am purty sure he knows what to do with it šŸ˜‰

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