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The Smoking Gun on “die coward”?

It certainly has been an interesting past few days with our report on possible cheating by an Xbox Ambassador, “die coward.” Accusations and explanations have been flying back and forth, with “die coward” standing his ground, and leaving his privacy settings off for all levels of scrutiny by the Community.

Recently, “die coward” posted a comment with links to a couple of screenshots, one of which he alleges, provided him with information on how to “legitimately” glitch a certain game. Keep in mind that “die coward” has vehemently denied using, or even knowing about utilizing the “second profile glitch” form of cheating. Our sharp-eyed readers, “LegitGamer” and “Alan,” noticed that in the screenshot, “die coward” redacted a bunch of information, except for the very bottom of the screenshot, where the title bar is clearly legible, and reads: “Second profile Glitc…”

Could this quite possibly be the smoking gun that proves that “die coward” really is a cheater? Well, in the very least, it sure seems to dismantle any credibility that “die coward” had left.

Here’s the screenshot in question. Direct your attention to the red-circled area (click to enlarge):

Edit: “die coward” has provided us with a far less edited version of the above screenshot.  It does certainly clear up a lot of the speculation we had as to whether “die coward” used the “second profile glitch.”  Here is the “cleaner” screenshot:


23 Responses to “The Smoking Gun on “die coward”?”

  1. Ok if you look closely you will see that it says #2 in the top right. That means it is post #2 in the thread. In the thread, a guy asked “how do you profile glitch the virtua fighter achievements?”

    And then the post in the picture is a guy that says “There is no need to SPG. You just can do the achievement glitch…”

    I can repost the pic if you want to show more of it. But the title of the thread was Second profile glitch on VF5.

    Geez do I feel like I’m explaining this to a bunch of 5 year olds. I mean you keep accusing me, and I keep explaining but that still isn’t good enough for you.

  2. He could have just been reading into what the second profile glitch was. I sure would if someone accused me of doing something I had no idea about.

    I’m totally against cheating but for someone who is an unconfirmed cheater, this site is really giving the guy a hard time. Several people are making accusations that cannot be proved or disproved from anyone other than MS.


  3. THANK YOU SAMWISEM. @aceattorney: I’m sure I bring lots of traffic to your site so whenever I post something new you make a new post. I mean you made THREE posts about me. Read my first comment. That explains everything. But if you have something to say, invite me to a private chat. there is no need in making a new post on your website.

    @everyone else: What can i do to make you happy? I used a glitch to get achievements. NOT THE SECOND PROFILE GLITCH AND NOTHING ILLEGAL. I can’t remove the gamerscore. I am not going to admit to something i didnt do. what do you want me to do?

    I will however go ahead and re-submit the screenshot to aceattorney so he can see that i’m not lying.

  4. What can you do to make me happy? Admit that you second profile glitched gears of war. There is no in game glitch for it. Try to prove it. Keep searching the web looking for it, you won’t find it. We all know what happened.

  5. Being the genius I am I found the site that this was posted on:
    Unedited thread:

  6. Look dude you used no glitch you either used a SPG or gamesaves for your a cheater as well but geez stop pretending to be so legit I looked at a few of your games and can tell what games have been gamesaved or SPg’ed you need to stop pretending. If this stuff really gets on your nerves just dont come to this site.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t understand a couple of things here.

    1. Why is it so important to cover up the date this member registered and the number of post he has, but it’s alright to show his name? Maybe because you just registered it yesterday and made this bogus post?

    2. You say this is were you got the info on how to do the glitch, but if you look at the top it says this post was made “Today at 11:15 PM”, long after you did it. But I suppose you just happened to take the screen shot before and had it laying around.

    3. Why not just tell us the name of the site instead of posting a screen shot that can be easily changed? If what you are saying is true I would love to visit this site. They must have the details on how you did the Gears and COD3 achievements legit to.

  8. Ok, fine. No 2nd Profile Glitch, but I still think that constitutes cheating, against TOS or not. You didn’t earn those achievements. You don’t deserve them.

    Now you need to explain Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, COD3 and EDF 2017. All of those were also glitched as well.

    Regardless of how you glitched them, you didn’t earn this gamerscore and it makes you a cheater.

  9. to make me happy? provide a direct link to the topic in question. then we can see if its true or not. if it is, you should have no problem in uncencoring it

  10. Anon1234 gave the link and what CovertDog said is correct.
    He made that account and then made a bogus post 😉
    its obvious.
    Give over Die Coward

  11. Thank you Anon1234. You have to be kidding coward. That is the lamest thing I have ever seen. Two people sign-up on the same day and post a glitch no one has ever heard of that benefits your case. I give you an A for effort.

  12. I agree with covert dog. I think that new post is bunk, especially since iloveachieves joined MaxConsole on 4/30/08.

  13. Wow, I’ve never seen someone lie so much in my entire life. You even took the lengths to create two fake profiles on MaxConsole and then make up some convoluted glitch that clearly doesn’t exist.

    You’re a bad liar, you should really give it up and admit you’re a cheater.

  14. “Ok, fine. No 2nd Profile Glitch, but I still think that constitutes cheating, against TOS or not. You didn’t earn those achievements. You don’t deserve them.”

    I’m not going to get into whether this guy is cheating or not. But I’d just like to remind you that glitching is not something you will get banned for. I’m talking about the VF5 glitch, not the profile glitch since that probably means account sharing (or at least it would seem so by the name). Check the UK OXM post.

  15. Why do you guys even bother speculating? It’s obvious that he glitched his profile. It’s stupid to sit here and make 1000 posts when its obvious that he glitches his achievements. He is a spineless coward for not coming out and admitting it and he is going to be shunned by legit players and gamesavers alike.

  16. My sentiments exactly, the post was likely made as a cover to his cheating but the funny thing is this post about a ‘legit’ glitch in virtua fighter 5 is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a glitch and I am usually pretty good at staying in the know on these things.

    Side note
    I actually feel dirty posting as an anon but for the time being I think i’ll keep it that way so that I can continue to play my games in peace without hate messages from the non-legit crowd.

  17. The user who originally asked the question also joined on 4/30/08.

    Man, what are the odds?

  18. ok uhhh all i did was search Virtua fighter 5 achievement glitch on google. Remember, that is NOT the thread where I found out about the glitch originally. I doubt the thread is still there. i already told aceattorney this.

  19. Wow, I can’t wait to hear his next excuse. At least he is a creative liar.

  20. Here is the google link for searching “Virtua Fighter 5 Achievement Glitch”

    The first response shows how to the Second Profile Glitch, which was posted six days before you used it on your Live account. (Posted 1/15, your achievements all say 1/21). The second response is the fake thread you made yesterday using two fake accounts.

    If that isn’t the real thread you found the glitch you claim to have used, why don’t you link to the real thread? Oh, that’s right, because it doesn’t exist. Because you made it up. Because you’re a liar and a cheater.

    Moderator Comment: We have not seen any substantiated proof that “die coward” himself actually created those thread and posts, despite their suspicious nature. If you have any such evidence, please submit them to us.

  21. Still waiting on that gow link. You really should just change your tag to coward, so it represents you better.

  22. and assassin’s creed thats suspeicous

  23. To everyone –

    Die Coward was a member of a famous gamesaves site where he learned to do all of this and was recently banned from the site. He is full of it and should not be believed.

    Moderator Comment: If you have evidence substantiating your claim, please submit them to us.

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