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Lazy is as Lazy Does

Reader “USMC” gave us a lead on an Unconfirmed Cheater who seems to live up to his own Gamertag. One reason we’ve seen for cheating is pure laziness; an unwillingness to put in the time, effort, and energy to hunt down all the hidden items, or to beat a game multiple times, for example, to gain those time-consuming and challenging Achievements.

Well, “TheLazyWolf,” has all the markings of an Unconfirmed Cheater, with multiple Achievements earned simultaneously, and some Achievements unlocked out of order. Be sure to take note of the statement he makes in his bio:

Bragging about having an identity based on a “penchant for mary jane” = fail.

Click on through for the gritty details:

BTW, thanks for catching that re-post earlier today, folks…someone’s asleep at the wheel over here.


16 Responses to “Lazy is as Lazy Does”

  1. Hmmm….no responses. Not a surprise… All eyes are on me right now (which isn’t a good thing). But this guy did cheat. Most of his Mass effect is offline. He managed to host and complete 10 multiplayer matches on stranglehold on every map in the same minute. Half of assassin’s creed is offline. Half of two worlds is offline.

    I’d say about half of all of his achievements were gained offline. Now this guy IS a cheater. Many gamesaves require you to be offline for them to work. That is the glaring difference between a cheater and a non-cheater.

  2. Pretty sure Wolf has already admitted to it a long time ago. He said he gamesaved about 6,000 of it if I remember correctly.

  3. die coward that is an absolute lie and you know it.
    most gamesaves need to be used offline?
    how would you know that? and the fact that we’ve seen MANY people use gamesaves online…
    ur really trying hard to cover ur tracks

  4. Gamesaving can be done online now with the use of the resigner to those of you who don’t know.

    Lazy wolf (formally the greywolf) was a legit player who was a highly respected in the community. He was in the top 10 long before gamesaving began and he held his own even when he was still legit. Even when he was gamesaving he did all the hardest stuff himself.

    He did gamesave (check his RRXX) as he was getting passed by people like StripClubDJ who were gamesaving EVERYTHING. He hasn’t been on in months. I saw him come online a few days ago but his score hasn’t moved since Christmas. He was a hero to the score whore community and was known as one of the most talented players on live.

  5. That is not the original/real gray wolf.

  6. Yes it is the original GrayWolf but he doesnt play anymore at least not on that tag. The reason you wont see to many negative comments on Wolf is because he is a well respected gamer by both sides of the fence (Legit Players, and Cheaters) and the reason a lot of his games are done offline is because he plays offline.


  8. CG, yes it is.

    Pimp, no he wasn’t. He admitted to using gamesaves.

  9. Southside everyone was legit at somepoint. Evan you & me.

  10. monkey do i know you i guess you know me its been a long time since someone called me southside lol

  11. monkey thats not what i meant by he was legit i meant he was until strip and rance06 and there gamesave spree lol

  12. Ah I remember the good old days. 🙂

  13. Thelazywolf was never legit… I know one of the guys who’s part owner of the account and he even admits to gamesaving.

  14. who cares if he was legit? if hes not now and has gamesaved so much as a “kill your self 10 times” for zero points give him the bann hammer and a nice fat nil poi.

  15. One of the guys who is ‘part owner of the account’. Lol, theres only one lay wolf. I spoke to him a few times a week for the best part of a year.

  16. Scar remove your privacy settings and let me see your ‘only easy games’ profile. I would rather be a rampant gamesaver than someone who thinks there good at games and had a profile of nothing but 100k plus of easy achievements.

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