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A Quick Unconfirmed Cheater Post

Like the rest of the world, here at Xbox Cheater Watch, we’re all prepping for the release of GTA IV (tonight!). But we didn’t want to leave our readers hanging, so here’s a quick post with a link to a person of interest, tipped off by an anonymous reader:Here are the links to the evidence for “o ImOldGregg o” for your scrutiny:

See you all on Xbox Live playing GTA IV!


8 Responses to “A Quick Unconfirmed Cheater Post”

  1. Nice Simpsons – love how Land of Chocolate (1st mission) was one of the last few achievs popped – talk about largely out of order…

    His Warriors Orochi has glitched achievements

    PES08 was glitched as well, just the 1st few achievs were glitched offline

    Prostreet had the last few achievements glitched (game completion + online

    VF5 – all achieved in the same day – no glitched….

    Assassin’s Creed – complete the game the 3rd achiev?

    COD3 – ranks were glitched on – typical when you see medic after the general…

    THAW – rally the pros after 100% complete…

    FIFA WC – win the cup before qualifying – how is that possible?

    PDZ – all time comprehensive achievs unlocked on the same day

    DiRT – you get the jump as your 1st achiev – how did he drive 500 miles before he got it?

    Crackdown – glitched – pack rat the last achiev…

    Many more I am sure – those were just the easy ones to pick out – this guy is definitely used illegitimate means to boost his gamerscore.

  2. if you want cheaters check cod3 achievements

    Moderator Comment: If you have evidence of any specific cheating, please submit them to us.

  3. I just thought I should report to everyone “im old greg” was found dead this morning in his studio apartment. Police believe the death is a self inflicted suicide due to drug overdose.

    Apparently he couldn’t live in a world where everyn realized he sucks at games.

    He may have been a horrible gamer and human being but this is truly a tragedy, let us all tip our heads in silence…

    Ok who wants baskin robbins!

  4. anon1234 thats not funny

  5. im not dead lol

  6. ok Anon1234 wat sort of post was that and Anon it is possible to get medic after the general…
    so wat is that all about.

  7. Nice how he Acquired all Chessmaster achievements at the same time: 2/26/2008 7:43 PM

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