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Xbox Ambassador Tries to Explain!

Previously, we reported to you about an Xbox Ambassador named “die coward” who had some very suspicious Achievements in his profile. Most of the alleged cheaters we report to you simply enable their Xbox Live account privacy settings in an effort to hide the evidence we point you to. Very occasionally however, we get responses from them.

Xbox Cheater Watch recently received a series of responses to our post on “die coward” and we were able to authenticate that this set of five comments are genuinely from “die coward” himself.

Go ahead and read the comments directly from the original Xbox Cheater Watch story, or you can read them here:

Comment 1: Uhh this is all news to me. I am not a cheater. I am an active community member and not a cheater. Almost all of my achievements are online. The Earth Defense force ones I got when a friend and I rented the game and played all night. The Perfect Dark Zero one was a glitch, NOT A GAMESAVE. I played PDZ for like 2 days straight and the was an in-game glitch that you used to be able to do do get some. I played PDZ for over 50 days tho, so most are legit. You can’t ban me just because of the achievement details. If anything else needs to be cleared up, let me know.

In Earth Defense Force, “die coward” earned the “All Stages Cleared (Easy)” Achievement at 10:40 pm, then he earned the “All Stages Cleared (Normal)” Achievement at 10:47 pm. He then apparently beat the game again on “Hard” at 10:53 pm, “Hardest” at 11:01 pm, and “Inferno” at 11:08 pm. How is that possible?

Comment 2: And again the gears one was a IN-GAME GLITCH. I did not download any gamesaves or anything like that. the glitch has been fixed however. Sorry for any confusion.

Comment 3: One last thing: I did not do this profile glitch u guys talk about. I dont even know what it is.

Comment 4: Just to be safe I am turning privacy settings on. I’m not about to be innocently banned for cheating.

“Innocently banned”? We’re sure “die coward” knows that only Microsoft can drop punish cheaters, and we’re sure that he also knows that Microsoft can look right past his privacy settings curtain. We’re going to have to remember this one for a future follow-up to our “Excuses Cheaters Give” post.

Comment 5: According to a post on this site:

But you won’t get banned for…

Boosting online with your friends. This technique requires a number of players to join games together and unlock Achievements as if you were a team. These are usually for Achievements such as ‘win ten games’ or ’score 1,000 headshots’, which would normally take much longer to unlock if you were doing them properly and on your own.

Glitching Achievements. Let’s face it, there are so many games out there that have buggy Achievements, so it would be a bit unfair for you to get banned for exploiting this system. Assassin’s Creed, for example, awards Achievements at some very strange and unexpected times.

That is EXACTLY what I did! Just boosting and glitches.

So he admits he has some discrepancies in his Achievement history. That’s a start. But glitching and boosting doesn’t resolve the issues of earing online Achievements at the same precise time, like the Achivements he received in “Call of Duty 3,” and “Splinter Cell: Double Agent,” to name a couple.

What do you all think? Do you buy his explanations? Do you think we’re we totally off the mark with this one?

UPDATE: In a gesture of good faith, “die coward” has agreed to disable his privacy settings.  We definitely appreciate his openness about exploiting glitches, and making his profile open to scrutiny.  This gives his case a great deal of credibility, in our opinion.  We will continue to investigate “die coward” and with all of your help, and hopefully for the good of the Xbox Community, we will find that every discrepancy can be explained.


54 Responses to “Xbox Ambassador Tries to Explain!”

  1. I have 1,000 in PDZ legit and I can say first hand that there is NO GLITCH in PDZ to give you free achievements. The ONLY glitch that HELPED earn achievements was the wall glitch on a few levels such as a jungle, which allowed you to glitch outside the map and avoid enemies for the majority of the mission making 2 or 3 of the missions in the game much easier. Aside from that there is no speedy way to unlock all those points in one day.

    However, Earth defense force MIGHT be legit, I have a friend that got the normal and easy achievements roughly 10 minutes or so apart from each other because they played the first level on easy, then replayed it on normal, then repeated this process for every level until beating the game. However I do not recall if you can play inferno difficulty right from the start or if it has to first be unlocked…. if it has to be unlocked then he definitely cheated at it.

  2. Like I said there used to be a COD 3 online glitch. It was fixed, but you could stay in a custom online game in COD 3 (you have to be host!) for 2 days WITHOUT turning you Xbox off with another friend, then you had to have your friend leave, then once you leave, the achievements pop up. I learned this from a friend. Like I said, they fixed it, but that used to be a glitch. There are many similar glitches like this that many people have also used.

    I mean there are other people in the unconfirmed cheaters list that ADMITTED to cheating on the forums that weren’t banned. Why don’t you go after them?

  3. I am letting everyone know that you, “Die Coward”, cheated on the challenge (you stole the prize) and you know it very well. Does VF5 ring a bell or do you only have short term memory? You were reported to the team by everyone. Unfortunately, they did not have the power to punish you for your crime.
    Let’s hope that people at Microsoft pick up where the team left off.

  4. Texas Tea

    Have you ever played Virtua Fighter 5? I know I have. I played for since the very beginning on the Sega Saturn. I had played this game before at a friends house too. Just because I unlocked the achievement all in one day doesn’t mean I’m a cheater! A lot of Retail Xbox 360 games have glitches and buggy achievements, as stated on this site!

  5. I think we should ignore this bloke’s cheating. He’s an Xbox Ambassador and helps people in the community. He’s not a rampant cheater so lets move on to the next please.

  6. “die coward,” if you have NOT cheated as you claim, we challenge you to disable your privacy settings. We also wonder whether you would be willing to accept an official review of your Achievements by Microsoft.

  7. I played VF5 and I bet that I played it a lot more than you. I looks like you only played (hacked) it for 1 day. I just hope that someone at Microsoft will take a look at your account.
    We will just have to wait and see what happens to you and others like you.

  8. Uhhh I guess. But remember What OXM said was bannable:

    How you can get caught and banned

    Microsoft is taking the strongest action against those caught downloading game saves from community sites online. these saves are hacked so they can be associated with any profile, unlike legitimate saves, which are locked into the profile they were created with.

    A particularly obvious giveaway of a cheat are those gamers who have unlocked online Achievements without being signed into Xbox Live. Any Achievement gained online will normally have a date and time next to it. This is not the case with hacked Achievements.

    Account sharing is another violation of the Xbox Live terms and conditions. This happens when someone offers to use your profile online to earn Achievements on your behalf. Obviously giving up your password and username to strangers is a ridiculous thing to do anyway, especially because they are then able to see your credit card details.

    I never account shared with anyone. All of my achievements were achieved ONLINE, except a few that I got when Xbox Live was down and when we didn’t have internet. So according to OXM’s rules, I’m legit.

  9. Another boring cheater excuse zzzzzzzzzzzzzz get a life dude seriously!!! The only person your kidding is yourself so give it up nobody cares about your excuses the xbox community will always know about you and the rest of your sad lazy gamesavers/glitchers

  10. Whoa, why hasn’t his score been reset yet?

    It is obvious he is a cheater. Take Assassin’s Creed for example, it would be impossible to get 1000/1000 in one day.

    It shouldn’t matter whether or not he is an Ambassador.

  11. While it is true he doesn’t seem to be a rampant cheater and might help the community the fact that he cheated in a reward challenge at 360voice is reason enough that he should get attention. If it weren’t for that I think most people would be more willing to overlook his cheating due to other things he does for the community.

    However as far as what he said about virtua fighter 5. The quest mode is VERY easy but no matter how good you are at the game it still takes a lot of random luck to face all the right fights and it is VERY time consuming but not extremely skill based – no matter what anyone says legit 1k in virtua fighter 5 is not possible.

  12. Oh look he cheated in two worlds too! How convenient

  13. you cant ban me for just assuming that I got all of these through gamesaves. Almost all wer achieved ONLINE. I have not switched countries or shared my profile. I’m legit.

  14. I mean look at these guys that admitted to gamesaving! Why haven’t they been banned?

  15. Moderator Comment: “die coward,” you should know that we do NOT work for Microsoft. We have no power to ban or correct Gamerscores.

  16. “you cant ban me for just assuming that I got all of these through gamesaves. Almost all were achieved ONLINE. I have not switched countries or shared my profile. I’m legit.”

    No one ever said all of your achievements were earned through gamesaves.

    Your two worlds and virtua fighter 5 achievements are without a doubt not legit. Even if you never traded your account or anything like that the achievements in that game are without question obtained in a non legit fashion.

  17. Die Coward, how were you able to get the achievement to unlock all weapons on EDF2017 before beating it on inferno? In order to get the all weapons achievement, you have to get the Genocide Gun by beating it on inferno!

    And as already stated, here and elsewhere, hackers and gamesavers can now unlock their achieves whilst signed into XBL. Hence why this Firefox add-on is a powerful tool, so if they unlock them all in the space of a few minutes we get to question them. Like we are you, and your various achievement discrepancies.

    So let’s question your Sega Superstars Tennis. You have every achievement that has been unlocked, all at the same minute – including (but not limited to) ‘Win the final stage’, ‘Beat the Hidden stage’, ‘Rescue 500 ChuChus’, ‘Master Tagger’, ‘Win a match on XBL’, ‘Win 10 player matches’, ‘Win 10 ranked matches’. So you can win 9 matches in 59 seconds, wow you must be a god *indicate sarcasm*.

  18. so die why did you get soo defencive if you havnt cheated every1 knows you did so admit and every1 get on with our lives its that easy

  19. Hello Aceattorney.
    Could you please look up this guy’s achievements for VF5 and Assassin’s Creed with the time option on?
    In Assassin’s Creed, how did he get: “he Eagle and The Apple – 1191-Completed Assassin’s Creed” before he got all the other achievements for playing the game?
    Call me old fashion if you want, but I think that this guy should get banned.

  20. Well people are mad at me only because I got achievements through in-game glitches that I learned from sites such a So should everyone over there be banned too?

  21. Hold on cowboy. You did not get any glitches from that would be considered cheating. Don’t be dragging our good name through your mud. You are without a doubt a cheat and apperantly a liar to. Just man up and admit it.

  22. revoke his ambassadorship

  23. whether he does things for the xbox community or not he CHEATED end of story!!!

  24. This is my ROFLCOPTER -> soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

  25. His games look 100% legit.

  26. Aceattorney wants a Microsoft employee to review my account and I said that’s fine because I have nothing to hide. So he is going to try to arrange it. And as I said, achievements some were gained through glitches. But from now on I will not glitch again because of all of the trouble that it has caused. I apologize for glitching and boosting and even though it’s not against the rules, I can still see how it can be unfair. Once again I am sorry and will continue to contribute to Xbox Community.

    die coward

  27. I dont believe him

  28. You can glitch 1k (or 900+) in PDZ if you have someone else’s profile on your xbox, smiler to COD3’s rank glitch.

  29. Funny how he says he’s not a rampant cheater, but he just cheated again with three other guys on the online scavenger hunt. The four guys who all are leading got each of their last 5 unlocks within 1 minute of each other from 210 to 215. They didn’t even try to disguise their collusion.

    With all this going on around him he still couldnt resist the temptation to win by violating the rules. Some Ambassador!

  30. @Anon1235 Uhh how do you know this? I don’t even know who the hell those guys are on the leaderboard. I spent MANY hours on and I was all by myself. Again, you are making empty accusations with nothing to back up your claims.

  31. Lets leave the president alone for his mistakes because he is the president. Oh, wait, that would be stupid.

    Because he is an ambassador he should be held to a higher standard. While a small percentage might be an accident, the majority were intentional as admitted. While they may not be banable offenses they are clearly not behavior befitting an ambassador.

  32. thing is if he used 2nd profile glitches like for virtual fighter 5, you still have to use an external device to get the profile on your memory card or hard drive, ive done plenty of 2nd profile glitches and noone has given out recovery information, most of them people recover their account before uploading so you cant sign into live with the profile. even though microsoft doesnt state you will get reset for it, you still need to use an external device

  33. edit to proir post, even though microsoft state you will not get reset, or just because its not listed as a bannable offense

  34. @deacon 360gs

    I never used a second profile glitch and I don’t even know what that is. What is t and why do people keep bringing it up?

  35. im 100% sure this guy profile glitched Assasins Creed..

  36. I’m 100% sure that Bob712 has no evidence whatsoever about his claim. You guys can’t keep making empty claims just because of a suspicion. You need to back up your claim. Once again I have no clue what a profile glitch is. Could someone tell me what it is, without revealing how to do it because we don’t want more cheaters.

  37. Coward, quit the lies and admit that you have cheated. I could care less if someone cheats, to me that is their business but to keep posting that you are legit when it is quite clear that you are not is quite pathetic and sad.

  38. the only people that don’t are the one’s that don’t know how…

  39. With new means of checking when someone got these achvmnts… it all pretty much speaks for itself. Shame, but unbecoming of an Amb

  40. What the hell are you defending yourself for crack head we are all gamers and know how long it takes to play games and finish them I own VF5 and know you cant do it in one day. You have balls the size of an rasian, And how dare you talk smack about a wonderful and legit web site like its the best around and does not need losers like you tainting its name

  41. Coward, just own up to it. Seriously, this is just pathetic. There is NO glitch in Gears of War that just happens and your achievements pop other than the profile glitch which doesn’t just happen. You did it.

  42. I love how this kid will just not man up and admit he’s a cheater.

    First off, he’s been banned from x360a for a few reasons: failing to follow through on boosting arrangements after getting his achievements, lying and saying he got his cheats from our website (which we do not condone and delete any we find posted on our forums) and of course the profile glitching and and achievement hacking.

    Second, if you want clear cut proof he is a cheater, Virtua Fighter 5 is all you need. He got the achievement for clearing Arcade Mode with every character in the game before getting the achievement for clearing Arcade Mode once. Clearly you can’t do something with everyone before doing it with one person.

    You sir, have been served.

  43. I know for a fact that Die Coward is a cheater, i used to play with him all the time and he has an account on 360gamesaves. Link removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: There is no way to substantiate that the real “die coward” did in fact create that account.

  44. I would just like to follow up that “die coward” sent me a message (again, claiming to be legit) and I prodded him to explain the above situation with Virtua Fighter 5. He messaged back and admitted to glitching it, linking to the OXM UK article that says glitches are not bannable. What he clearly misunderstood is that ACCIDENTAL glitches are not bannable, such as “achievements being awarded at strange times” like the articles states. Obviously the type of glitches he has taken advantage of are completely ON PURPOSE and clearly constitute cheating.

    Here is a screenshot of the message he sent me admitting to the VF5 profile glitch:

    Once again, “die coward” is a cheater and we all know it.

  45. @The Pants Party Glitching is legal. I did not use gamesaves or account sharing. Using IN-GAME glitches is legal. You really don’t know anything, do you Pants Party. I did not “profile glitch” or use gamesaves or account sharing. I just used a in-game glitch that ANYBODY can do. It’s not against the rules.

  46. You keep saying you used “in-game glitchs”. Fine. Then prove it. Post a link to were ever you found out about these glitches. I can tell you for certain there is none. We know ever legit short cut to achievements at our site and we have never heard of any of these ones you apparently used.

  47. Die Coward, you really are pathetic. Not only for the fact that you used glitches, but that you won’t admit what you really did. It’s not an in-game glitch. You used the profile glitch, there is no other achievement glitch on Gears of War. Stop lying. You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it.

    Covertdog, he can’t. He won’t even acknowledge you. It wouldn’t surprise me if he came back with, “I’m not going to post it, then more people will start doing it.”

  48. Here is where I found the in-game glitch for virtua fighter 5:

    I blacked out anything that could give away how to do the glitch.

    Here is more proof that I’m not a cheater:

  49. LOL You forgot to block out Second Profile Glitch at the bottom of the first screenshot. Hahahahaha yeah you’re totally legit lmfao.

    Moderator Comment: Good catch, LegitGamer – this screenshot posted by “die coward” only serves to hurt his credibility.

  50. Dude, you are making this too easy for me. Everyone, please draw your eyes to the bottom of the screen where it shows the title of the webpage he is visiting on his firefox bar.

    “Second profile Glitc…”

    Hm… looks like you DO know what a profile glitch is. I’m glad the truth is finally out there. Just in case he decides to delete the image, I have saved it and uploaded it to my personal site for archive purposes. Always good to have proof of a cheater.

  51. Ah, LegitGamer beat me to the punch while I was saving and uploading the image. Anywho, glad the truth is out there.

  52. Die Coward, still waiting on that explanation of Gears that will never come up. Still searching for it? Also, don’t really care what Kiki says, she’s not employed by Microsoft. What she says proves nothing. Not only that, but you didn’t even help yourself. Achievements are tied into the Live system, which your cheating ruins the leaderboard and completion part of it.

  53. You wanted proof? You were just removed from the leaderboard.

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