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UK OXM Clarifies What’s Bannable and What’s Not

Hey folks, reader “KaibaChaos” was kind enough to chime in and send us some scans from the UK Official Xbox 360 Magazine Issue 33 May 2008. On page 17, the editors, in plain language, detail what actions will result in a Gamercore correction, and what won’t. Here is a transcript of the text:

How you can get caught and banned

Microsoft is taking the strongest action against those caught downloading game saves from community sites online. these saves are hacked so they can be associated with any profile, unlike legitimate saves, which are locked into the profile they were created with.

A particularly obvious giveaway of a cheat are those gamers who have unlocked online Achievements without being signed into Xbox Live. Any Achievement gained online will normally have a date and time next to it. This is not the case with hacked Achievements.

Account sharing is another violation of the Xbox Live terms and conditions. This happens when someone offers to use your profile online to earn Achievements on your behalf. Obviously giving up your password and username to strangers is a ridiculous thing to do anyway, especially because they are then able to see your credit card details.

But you won’t get banned for…

Boosting online with your friends. This technique requires a number of players to join games together and unlock Achievements as if you were a team. These are usually for Achievements such as ‘win ten games’ or ‘score 1,000 headshots’, which would normally take much longer to unlock if you were doing them properly and on your own.

Glitching Achievements. Let’s face it, there are so many games out there that have buggy Achievements, so it would be a bit unfair for you to get banned for exploiting this system. Assassin’s Creed, for example, awards Achievements at some very strange and unexpected times.

Thanks “KaibaChaos” for the heads up!


5 Responses to “UK OXM Clarifies What’s Bannable and What’s Not”

  1. Someone explain ‘account swapping’ to me… Say Player 1 sells his account to someone online so that person can glitch some achievements. Say Player 2 saves his profile to a memory card/recovers his gamertag at a friend’s house, and they play some Guitar Hero III co-op.

    One’s the way it’s meant to be, and the other obviously not, but is there any way for Microsoft to tell? Do they just see, “Hmm, this serial number changes for a few hours this day…” and assume the worst? I’m interested to know.

  2. Hi Dave, account sharing is when someone trades their account for another persons account . I don’t think that they will be able tell if people happen to live close together. However, if Player 1 who lives in the USA recovers the account of Player 2 who lives in the UK then Microsoft will be able to tell. This I do believe is how they will correct gamerscore. I don’t know however if they are going to correct the actual cheters 100% of the time…no one is perfect.

  3. According to these rules, I am a legit gamer.

  4. not all saves are profile locked infact youd be surprised how many and this cannot be fixed with any update at all as it is becase of a hole in the file caising data to pass through .

  5. @the unknown:

    They aren’t going after people who share ordinary gamesaves (otherwise everyone who got a PES option file off a friend or a community site would be banjoed :P), they’re going after people who swap gamesaves which are HACKED to unlock achievements the moment the save is loaded and such like.

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