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This One Covered His Tracks

If reader “Buckshoteyejo” is right, this next Unconfirmed Cheater covers his tracks pretty well. “Ace o4x” doesn’t have a lot of Achievements earned simultaneously (which would typically be a tell-tale sign), but according to “Buckshoteyejo,” “He has several achievements unlocked out of order.”

And while it’s not a smoking gun, we have to say that playing 27 arcade titles in one day (“Ace o4x” has nearly 100% of those Achievements) definitely raises our eyebrows. On top of that, he’s got 93% of his total possible Achievements. That’s pretty darn impressive – if earned without cheating.

Another interesting tidbit about this fellow is his bio:

Take a look at his profile for yourselves:


7 Responses to “This One Covered His Tracks”

  1. He hasn’t really covered his tracks. Take these two games for example Eternal Sonata and Warriors Orochi.

    Having done both of these games myself I can tell you there is at least a 40 hour or more investment in each of them. He supposedly completed each of these in one day. I thought that was a little iffy and took a closer look. Also for these two games the achievements are out of order. In such a way that it is impossible to get those achievements in such an order. For example he got many of the eternal sonata second play through achievements before getting the chapter 7 achievement.

    After those two examples I quit looking at his card as this was all I needed to see. This guy is a dirty cheat and I hope he gets the deletion he deserves.

  2. Ridge Racer 6 is out of order

  3. lol or he could just stopped caring about achievements… unlike some people, who knows for sure cheaters are all alike

  4. How has he covered his tracks? Looking at his card for 1min I see Lost Odyssey, Simpsons, Virtua Fighter, Simpsons, Eternal Sonata and im sure the list goes on. How about you post a tag that requires some detective work

  5. He is cheating for the old spice challenge.

  6. How about you post a tag that requires some detective work.[sic]

    This isn’t CSI; who cares how the cheaters are revealed…

  7. this guy didn’t cover his tracks, its painfully obvious he has gamesaved, 2nd profile glitched, and shared his account to gain gamer score

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