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World’s Most PERFECT Gamer?

Reader “die coward” found a gamer who has a near-perfect Gamerscore. With 1516 out of 1526 Achievements unlocked (this translates into a 52370 out of 52620 Gamerscore), could “die coward” have found the most obsessive cheater? Check out the details for yourself and look through the game history of “LegendofGS”:

The only game he doesn’t have all the Achievements for is Samurai Warriors 2XL. He does have 1000 Achievements in that game, but it looks like the game offered 250 Achievements in Downloadable Content which he did not obtain.

Sure, this guy doesn’t have the highest Gamerscore in the world, but the fact that he has every single Achievement for every game in his Achievement history (except for one DLC) tells us that he’s rampant. If this isn’t a clear-cut case of Gamerscore obsession being the driving force for cheating, we don’t know what this is.


19 Responses to “World’s Most PERFECT Gamer?”

  1. Wow! Sixteen games played online on 4/20. He must get the good granola!

  2. I can assure you that he is 101% legit. With a tag that reads Legend of GS he has to be. Another perfect gamer is

  3. Viva Pinata achievements are out of order

  4. Yeah he is as legit as a fat guy who says he hates cake. Dw gundam, Simpsons, Pdz, Spiderman fof, are just a few. He has not just gamesaved he has Hacks on his card obvious HACK is Saints row.

  5. I have to agree with anonymous – he gets full growth for 25 plants one day and an hour before he gets full growth for 5, and he completes the whole thing (from first achievement to last) in 25hrs. The time seems to slowly increase from 6pm, but the date changes half way through, and he seems to unlock a lot at the same time, when it should take at least a few seconds for the game to load up the appropriate screen etc:

    Sherbat Dance
    Player has distracted Dastardos with the Sherbat
    Acquired 12/21/2007 6:06 PM

    Chewnicorn Healing
    Player has healed a Piñata with the Chewnicorn’s power
    Acquired 12/21/2007 6:06 PM

    Cocoadile Tears
    Player has attained full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears
    Acquired 12/21/2007 6:06 PM

  6. Wow.. Lost Odyssey Discs 1-4 and all other (1000/1000) achievements all on the same day (23/3)..

  7. I doubt this guy is legit. I don’t usually announce this, but I have Viva Piñata, just like this guy. Comparing his achievements to my own, there is one achievement he seems to have received hours before he should have.

    Secret Achievement: Longevity Master
    Gamerpoints: 20
    Unlock Requirements: Played the game for 50 hours real-time. Equal to 250 days in game.

    Now, looking at the dates each achievement (all received on December 21st and 22nd, 2007) was received, I have discovered that he only played the game for 2 days/ 48 hours. Just based on the Longevity Master achievement, there is no way this guy received that achievement in 2 days. Figure that this guy does not sleep, eat, or have any life what so ever and it would take 2 days plus 2 hours from day 3 for him to receive Longevity Master. Now I understand that he could have left his Xbox on, but the Longevity Master achievement still would have to be received the day after December 22nd, 2007.

    Now on top of this, this person has achievements that are not in a reasonable order. Case in point; there is an achievement for reaching level 10 skill and another for having a piñata called a Chewnicorn heal another piñata. According to, he got the Chewnicorn Healing on December 21st, 2007 and the Level 10 Skill on the 22nd. What’s imposable is that the Chewnicorn piñata does not become available until a player has a skill well over 20. I can’t remember what skill you have to be exactly, but I was at least at skill level 47 before I had is appear.

    Whatever the case is, there is no way this guy received some of his achievements legitimately.

  8. The thing that annoys me is when people like this broadcast the fact……

    this is his sig on a forum –
    Gamertag removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  9. One day after this story gets published and the guy makes a point of 1k’ing bluge dragon in under 1 day conveniently choosing to not get the two zero point achievements (one of which will without a doubt come during the course of legit play:

    0 points – ambushed by enemy 50 times
    0 points – retreat from battle 50 times.

    Funny how he manages to get over 100 hours of achievements in this game in under a 24 hour period without fleeing from battles or anything.

    I talked to a psychology expert and he told me this guy is likely suicidal in real life and would be unable to live with himself if it werent for his medication and stolen achievements.

  10. @ Don, about the Chewnicorn thing, i played Viva Pinata for a short amount of time and i remember the ability to send other users their pinatas, now is it not possible that he got one of his friends to lend him the chewnicorn to get the achive? im not sure if they unlock if you do it that way.
    but his longetivity is out of whack like you said

  11. Minutes after I posted that last comment I refreshed the page I saw he 1k’d call of duty 2 in under 30 minutes.

    50 bucks says that IF he has a family and IF MS resets his score he will without a doubt chris benoit his family and by his own hand depart this planet.

  12. People like this just wanna make you quit playing. You work on a game for days sometimes weeks to get a 1000 gs or whatever you are able to before you smash your box. Just to be satisfied with 980 cause you could not get that last one worth 20 points and move on to the next. To see people do them in one day is just pitiful. And nothing is being done, hell i don’t think anybody has stopped or even slowed down the cheating. You would think MS would try and fix this for the true gamers that enjoy hearing that little unlocked chime. Means you actually earned it.

  13. Wow How Pathetic. I know he isnt legit he has done some of the games on my account for me, so in that case he is obviously a gamesaver. Just like me and half the people posting replies to threads on this site.

    The sad thing is I have tried to expose him and Gamertag removed by Moderator before and the “moderator” keeps deleting them.

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  14. Quote disgusted “will without a doubt chris benoit his family and by his own hand depart this planet.”.
    That is horrible, dont ever say that! Mods should remove that comment as it is very offensive and makes me want to be sick

    Moderator Comment: In all likelihood, that comment was posted as a joke. A bad one, but a joke nonetheless.

  15. 100% cheater explain how on cod3 he got 40.000 ranked points in one day hes another waster who thinks he can get away with it and has been caught.

    i dont mind people with high gamerscoree aslong as their legit cus it shows how much time and effort they put in to that pointless number. i am becomming quite addicted to the gamerscore thing but i only have 12 thousand so im not that addicted ……

  16. Assassins creed he beat the game as his first achievement.

  17. “Die Coward” said something? Do you mean the cheating Die Coward:
    This guy had the guts to cheat during an Old Spice/ challenge and he really pissed me off. He cheated to win a prize that he never deserved. He should get banned for that:
    He also did his PDZ offline, but you can see his jump in GS with
    Have fun looking at his gamercard before he blocks his information.

  18. Pinatas can be sent to other players to unlock achs early. May not be the right way to do it but that is not cheating its part of how the game is set up. So that should never be considered Now 50 hrs in less than 3 days makes no sense. Many other problems anyway.

  19. This guy has increased by over 15k gamerpoints in the last few days..

    Not only is he a horrible gamer he is a monster by the likes the world has never seen – i’d say that I would rather hitler come back to life than have this guy on my planet. At least hitler was *MORE* psychologically stable than this guy (and hitler was an extreme psychopath!

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