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Privacy Settings = Cheater?

Xbox Live has a feature that, when enabled, hides a ton of information that is normally available to view to the public. Information such as the latest games the person has played, to the current Xbox Live status of the person are available to check out without the privacy settings enabled.

But along with the other info that gets hidden are the particular Achievements the person has unlocked. That goes for the times and dates of the unlocking as well. Of interest to us is why people enable the privacy settings on their Xbox Live accounts. We’ve heard a few reasons, ranging from wanting to avoid being seen on Xbox Live to prevent harassment from certain people, to simply wanting to remain private about their gaming history.

There is one big reason why some people hide that info – and despite it’s obvious nature, given a person’s Gamerscore, no one has ever admitted to it. We’re talking about hiding like rats, lest the light show how filthy and rotten they really are. Yes, some seem to want to the Achievement history that details their proclivity to cheat. Every single illegitimate unlocked Achievement, hidden from public perusement. It seems to just scream “cheater.”

Of course, since the privacy settings do not protect them from Microsoft’s scrutiny, why hide the fact that they cheat? Could they possibly be ashamed of their actions? Are they afraid of being scrutinized by the Community? Or perhaps we’re just jumping to conclusions? Are we completely mistaken about the people that hide their Achievements, and these people really aren’t trying to hide the truth about their cheating?


14 Responses to “Privacy Settings = Cheater?”

  1. I think some people are shy 😉

  2. Lol so what; ever heard of a thing called parental control

  3. One somewhat plausible reason I heard was because the individual gets games prior to launch very often, and doesn’t want the constant barrage of ‘omgz h0w deed u getz the gta 4 earlyz d00d?!’

  4. My kids have Xbox Live accounts so they can get game and system updates, but I certainly don’t want anyone to see a list of the games that they are playing or the acheivements that they have earned…it just provides fodder for the rare (but existent) predators that are online looking for kids to harass. There’s a reason that MS provided that option – don’t jump to conclusions!!

  5. I am also going to chime in on this. I have my privacy settings open to my friends and that’s it. Too many times I have had people I play casual games with sift through my achievements, only to bombard me to help them boost for something I got months ago and have subsequently traded in or sold. This has personally happened with Lost Planet, Prey, The Darkness, Quake, and Wartech. If you want to set boosting parties up for stuff like this, go to an achievement geared site to do so. Don’t sift through your recent players list and message me to “help ya out” with something I probably don’t have since the community has died out. More importantly, act civil and not like a crying child when I say I can’t help you. Don’t keep bothering me. It’s the same reason why some people use the “appear offline” option. Sometimes you simply don’t want to be bothered with messages and chat/game invites when playing stuff.

  6. Well, most of them aren’t legit that do this. However I know a few people who do this for other reasons.

  7. I have my profile on private and I have a very minimum gamerscore and I have had live for two years,the reason mine is now private is because I was recieving threats from a gamer because he viewed my profile and saw I had kids then threatened my kids,so I dont do it to cheat my 1169 gamerscore I do it so no random gamer that isnt my friend can know anything about me

  8. A fair few people block their achievements for the simple reason that they are tired of being abused for LEGITIMATELY playing “easy” gamerscore games like Avatar – Cars – King Kong etc.

  9. Gamerscore is the biggest mistake Microsoft has ever made. True indeed that it is helping profits for now but in the long run it will be more trouble than its worth to the end user.
    This thread is enough proof that the big brother is watching.

    Moderator Comment: You understand that in Orwell’s commentary, which you are referring to, “Big Brother” is representative of a dictatorial government, right? No government is involved here, and in any case, you realize we’re talking about video games, right?

  10. This has to be the worst rationale I have ever heard of. Obviously you were not thinking about your kids when you created this topic. The privacy settings were not created to protect cheaters and have been around for a long before any cheaters came on seen, they are there to protect your privacy for all the reasons that are listed above.

    If you play enough Xbox Live, you would have experienced at least once all of the reasons stated in the above comments. I thought that your were a gamer dad.

    I have many friends with kids, and all of them block their games played and online status, and no they don’t cheat.

    Moderator Comment: We definitely respect parental control in ensuring the safety of their children, but we do not believe the majority of privacy-enabled accounts belong to parents who intend to protect their children. Most cheaters reported on Xbox Cheater Watch for example, find the compulsion to enable their privacy settings after they are discovered. We hardly believe that these cheaters suddenly found the desire to protect any children they might have.

  11. It’s a joke. Fair enough i understand this site posting some stuff. But IDEAS like this is a joke. Maybe you should concentrate on something else because this is becoming very pointless, and it seems like you are just posting stuff to keep speculation up. Now when i see a gamertag with privacy settings enabled, i will report them…because even though they have 80gs it means they cheat. Very stereotypical cheaterwatch…I disagree with you on this, privacy is there for a reason, we have curtains so nobody sees into our homes. We have privacy settings so nobody speculates upon us, like you are trying to portray.

    Moderator Comment: Regular readers of Xbox Cheater Watch know that we do not rely on one piece of evidence when exposing a cheater. Indeed, when a purported cheater is reported to us and that person’s privacy settings are enabled, we will not post that Gamertag due to a lack of evidence of cheating. That said, we do not believe that looking into a person’s Achievement history is comparable to looking into a person’s home.

  12. I only let my friends see my games/achievements because I want them to know what I’m playing so that they can join if they want or play in another game that I have. I don’t like getting random messages from people I don’t know because they saw I played such and such game, etc. I was getting FRs everyday when I had my settings public and it was getting annoying.

    Just because someone has enabled privacy settings on their account doesn’t mean they are a cheater. I’m also not a child. I’m an adult and I see a use for it other than protecting your children.

  13. Not always, most people just don’t want you to know they played both cars games to maintain there score obsession.

  14. I don’t care if people know i played cars….all my friends know that I am playing for achievements…but I do show offline sometimes because I get the “get a life” messages all the time and also because I don’t feel like chatting

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