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Would You Call This Guy a “Rampant Cheater”?

Reader “Rlan” pointed this guy out to us, but we’re not really sure we can call him a “Rampant Cheater.” It might be easy to simply conclude that he is a cheater due to his Gamerscore, and there are a few discrepancies in his Achievement history. However, we’re not so certain he has reached the depraved level of cheating that many other Confirmed and Unconfirmed Cheaters have sunk to. Or perhaps this one is 100% legitimate?

What are we missing? What do you think? Take a look for yourselves:


15 Responses to “Would You Call This Guy a “Rampant Cheater”?”

  1. This is a joke, right? Had all perfects till the big gamerscore reset then not so many strange isn’t it.

  2. Virtua Tennis, PES2008 US, Ridge Racer, Simpsons, DW Gundam, Amped3, Eternal SOnata, Burnout Paradise, Stranglehold, Spiderman FOF, and thats just from looking at his tag for 5 minutes. This person has done a lot of offline gamesaving also that helps hide his cheating from noobs who dont know the order things unlock.

  3. This is Trigger from Germany. He changed his gameer tag to avoid the gamer score police.

  4. He is a cheater and changed his gamertag after being pointed out recently. Anyone in Germany knows him as Trigger. He is also a member of 360GS and many trade sites.

  5. Eternal Sonata is a big one. Did the Jap version in 10mins LoL

  6. BioShock is interesting, look at the times he unlocked his Wepon upgrades

  7. and assasins creed for that matter

  8. I agree that hes a gamesaver, but the bioshock weapon achievements were made glitchy by the update so bioshock being out of order isn’t a giveaway of gamesaving anymore.

  9. I know of a confirmed cheater. He is shameless. His gamertag is Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    He is a gamesaver, he has told all his friends.

    Moderator Comment: Thank you, but please note that we are currently investigating only the most rampant cheaters.

  10. Gamertag removed by Moderator is a cheater, lol at PES 2008

    Moderator Comment: Please note that we are currently investigating only the most rampant cheaters.

  11. This guy is a gamesaver!

  12. I confirm that he is a gamesaver and hacker since I did many 1K’s for him for cash.

  13. the name it self xCRACK360x any one who used a priated PC program or has read info on them. that CRACK means its been hacked.

  14. This guyz is Gamertag removed by Moderator from Germany who is the worst and most rude cheater in Germany.
    The other is Gamertag removed by Moderator who have now change his tags to Gamertag removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  15. i know this guy he never paied anyone for gs and hes not a hacker stop talking Expletive removed by Moderator.

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