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“Shuckey” Writes Cheating Tell-All

In a previous post, we took a look at how “Shuckey’s” Xbox 360 spilled the beans on his cheating ways. Well apparently, “JD Buck,” managed to get “Shuckey” to write a tell-all, detailing some rather intimate details in his personal history with other people to manipulate their Gamerscores.

You’ll find “Shuckey” answering extremely probing questions from “JD Buck,” who did a great job in getting some juicy material out of this cheater. “Shuckey” names names, and goes way back to the origins of his (and his cohorts’) cheating ways. It’s a fairly long, but interesting read – and don’t forget to read the follow-up interview as well. We can’t say we’re shocked at some of the excuses “Shuckey” brings up for cheating, but it was definitely fascinating reading about how their shady ventures got started. Click here for “JD Buck’s” interview of “Shuckey.”

For some additional insights, take a look at Xenocidic’s opinions on this tell-all.


45 Responses to ““Shuckey” Writes Cheating Tell-All”

  1. Very interesting, indeed.

  2. LMAO you got to be kidding me. Shuckey is a well known cheater and he makes up alot of stuff he says. He never worked for midway games he will tell this and a bunch of other crazy lies to make himself look better which in fact is only a waste of his own time. He also never an ingredient when it comes to 360GS why would roofus and ang r need this guys help?? if he does have c++ knowledge its basically useless to roofus or ang r since their knowledge exceed his. whats also funny is that i found this link this is supposedly a picture of him, but his myspace page will show you a whole different story. Link removed by Moderator
    go there to see the real shuckey. Bald and Obese

    Moderator Comment: We cannot independently verify that that was Shuckey’s myspace page.

  3. You don’t know Shuckey at all.

  4. Yes, this is the real Cereal again and have one huge comment that JD failed to mention regarding Stallion using the time stamp and US Bulletwitch – his achievement was gamesaved because there is no way anyone can beat the entire game on hard in one hour which is what his profile stated he did.

    Not to mention that in the Army of Two Leaderboards he only has 325 Million, nowhere near the 1 Billion to get the achievement (this is a SPG’able achievement that can pop as soon as 1 match is played online).

    The top gamers are cheats and that much is clear and I strongly wait to see if this 8 hour maintenance downtime will result in more “confirmed cheaters” on this site, possibly even the fake legit people.

    And I seriously get a kick out of the people who come onto this site that are associated with a certain self proclaimed legit gamer and decide to post using my name. Never knew my name carried the kind of respect that people take seriously – as for those on – you should respect your true high legit gs member – xRogue 5x – this guy is the real deal and not follow a false prophet…

  5. @CerealsFriend, I’ve been hearing from several people since I posted this about Shuckey not being exactly what he says in the article. I told him before he sent me the email that anything he sent me he should consider I could use it in the article.

  6. JD I wish I could provide you proof that I do know Shuckey, but I dont know what I can do but I can tell you right off the bat this man makes blatant lies about himself as though as he has something to prove to the world. But there is some evidence I have shown you. The two links that I provided you both have the same info Name removed by Moderator, just look at both he has lied on one of them and that is the gamertagpics link where he quotes, me and jiu-jitsu practice. That one shows a pic of a strong looking young man, yet the myspace link shows the real Name removed by Moderator not so good looking, not so in shape, and not so young. Besides the fact that he gamesaved, what gamesaver ever gets approached when asked about their GS and admitts it there and then? He has in the Past along with his pal VGD ICEMAN load up their games for old spice challenges not to talk about the guy but I dont blame him when you live in tecumseh MI theres not alot of money there and yes it is a sad world but someone else who did their score legit could have won all that after shave and deodorant. As far as his interview im not suprised he has thrown so many names. He usually does this in his hate messaged towards people he does not like to make himself look bigger and badder over an internet connection. Also one thing you should have asked him was what is his title at 360gs Why you may ask? if hes such a big ingredient to this site how come hes not a MOD or ADMIN? well hes not hes a regular guy there just like everyone else besides cereal killer who is a mod, but yet roofus or anger never brought him into management. The only thing I can tell you that was the truth in that interview that yes he has profile traded,gamesaved,SPg’ed, and was one of the first few guys that have done it. Other than that he has not contributed a single penny or a save to 360GS. I can not show you proof on this but it is honesty. Look at the links I have shown you, look at his past behavior.

  7. Also a couple more things I might want to add. He has always said he works for midway meaning he is still an employee yet in this interview he says he took a buyout and no longer works there ahh the story changes once and again. I have also called midway in headquarted in chicago and they never heard of this guy not even the HR dept can pull up his files and they would have it no matter where he was stationed at. for the real cereal killer no one is pretending to be you, hence the name Cereals friend but take it for whatever you want. You think your name carries the weight now as it once did with the gamesavers? sorry bud those days are long gone and over. Will you ever get that same repsect? Oh maybe your PHD colleagues 😉

  8. This Shuckey fella seems to like to contradict himself. One minute he’s talking about all these people who supposedly gamesave and the next minute he’s saying “people will always talk about you when they envy you and the life you live.” That says alot about how he thinks. He also shows his character by naming names. People have no honor nowadays, I’m glad I’m not his friend. He does seem to have a thing for Stallion though. In his follow up Q & A Shuckey questions Stallions cousins credibilty when saying Stallions legit like he (shuckey) knows more about Stallion than his own family. I can’t understand how he feels he can even question that knowing nothing about Stallion or his cousin. He sounds full of himself to me.

    I don’t understand this “self proclaimed legit gamer” stuff either. Is it a bad thing to say your legit? Especially when nobody has proven otherwise. Somebody saying he cheats doesn’t make it true. If words were enough to prove anything the worlds entire population would believe in the same God. Should Stallion be a “some dude proclaimed I’m a cheater?” Me saying Stallion’s legit carries as much weight as someone saying he isn’t which is none. I’m not trying to change your mind(s). I’m just asking for solid proof. Unless MS resets him it will always be a he said, she said thing which, in my opinion, isn’t credible evidence of any wrongdoing. If they never reset him what happens then?

    Everybody and their grandmother knows the AO2 leaderboards were reset and all previously earned money was NOT reset with them. That’s why most people on the leaderboards have the achievement w/o the leaderboards reflecting it! I don’t understand why people act like nobody knows that. Who knows, maybe you don’t but now you do. I couldn’t find the BulletWitch discrepency either. I might have looked in the wrong place though. The thing I want to know most though is, Why is Stallion’s gamerscore such a big deal?

  9. @Killer5
    U are a lowlife cheater and your posts are nothing but lies and deceit.

  10. The reason why its a big deal is because stallion83 is not a cheater. yes he does boost but does not gamesave or SPG. Cerealkiller5 is the main one jealous of stallion83 he is legit and has a very high GS yes people have helped him but not through nefarious ways. People such as Shuckey roll along with cerealkiller5 in tarnishing stallions name. Yet Shuckey chose to go around with his high GS and pretend he was legit, same thing he accuses stallion83 of doing, which makes shuckey a hypocrite. But that does not matter to him he only wants to follow cereals foot steps same thing with ICEMAN VGD he jumps on the bandwagon if everyone else is doing it. Wow the “real cereal” may peace be upon his gamertag is supposedly a PH.D while Shuckey is or was an employee at midway games but yet these two act so childish when it comes go to the whole gamescore issue I would atleast expect people with a high level education not cheat, and not make rumors on the internet. After observing these two I would not believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

  11. @Jon327 I liked your points. The topic of hating on Stallion is more interesting than what’s actually on Stallion’s gamercard. I was sent a link recently that was a freeweb site dedicated to NOTHING else other than ppl discussing whether Stallion cheated or not. That to me, is the interesting part of all this. Why are gamesavers so worried about knocking Stallion down from his perch?

    I did research the point brought up about Stallion’s Bulletwitch game. Using the time-stamp program, I found the achievement in question was 2 1/2 hours apart, not a single hour as CerealKiller5 states above. I’ve been told that’s enough time to get the achievement legitly. I heard the Ao2 leaderboards were reset, therefore explaining the supposed discrepancy in Stallion’s billion-dollar achievement. Gamesavers, if that’s all you got against him, it ain’t near enough.

  12. Cerialkiller5 and Shuckey have no credibility whatsoever. They are cheaters and also friends with Alex the account jacker who steals tags of people that cross them.

  13. Cereal and his goons liek Alex hate Stallion because they cannot steal his tag. Go Stallion ! GO !

  14. @JD Buck, I’m glad I’m not alone in wondering why Stallion is the subject of so much hate. I don’t know Stallion personally but one would think Stallion himself was responsible for the resetting of gamerscores with the amount of attention he receives from those who’ve had theirs reset. I’ve seen posts saying Stallion craves attention but I’ve never seen a post with Stallion putting himself out there in a way that would suggest that. The people who say he craves attention are also the same people giving him the most, which I find extremely funny. People have no common sense I guess. If you don’t want Stallion receiving attention, stop giving it to him. It’s as simple as that. The XBL community in general reminds me of high school. Stallion’s like the cool kid that everyone either loves or can’t stand.

    Also JD, after reading your interview with Shuckey I feel he should have a timestamp on his forehead that simply says “OWNED.” I know thats probably childish but every counter-point you made did just that. Great Work!

  15. And if the real cereal killer is reading this. One question I must ask, your a mod at 360gs and I know if most if not all people there hate account phishers, yet jvacha is a member there and his written about his account being stolen but you did not admit you are one of alex close friends or even try to say maybe I can convince him to give your account back. Besides those facts you still associate yourself with a person who jacks accounts? care to explain why?

  16. @CerealsFriend
    Cereal Shuckey are close friends with Alex.
    They are aware that he phishes accounts.
    They support his activities.

  17. Yes i am well aware of that serebo im asking why he associates himself with these types of people, since he is a person who himself has said its a wrong thing but yet at the same time associates himself with alex?

  18. Purhaps Cereal is not as clean and decent as he claims to be. Why would any honest person associate with a person that steals?

  19. Cerealsfriend and sucky, i shall call you by grnidbandit. you think alex is a threat? need i mention dr unterrified and dj insanity along with the clan infamous – they are who you should be scared of. Why are you taking your private beef with Shuckey onto this site? Just because he would not play by your rules and help you boost in Gears and instead detroyed you. Most people would turn around and let it go, but instead you have become his own private groupie stalking him. And maybe if MS focused on making sure accounts were secure rather than focusing on cheaters, things like this would not happen to your friend the cow…

  20. I think that gamesaving is really pointless thats all it is pointless not harmful not irritating christ if I was so bothered that I had been cheated out of a 1000 places on the gamerscore leaderboards I would need a frigging life check.

    Some of you guys are pathetic saying gamesavers are scum, so tell me smart-arse what makes you so different? You dont have the capacity to do it thats all. If you saw some drunken idiot pissing in the road would you go over there and call them scum? I really doubt it.

    I am not defending gamesavers, and I am not one myself I done my 22k legit which is rather sad I think shows I have a bit too much free time on my hands but oh well life’s life. I think microsoft could be using OUR money to do something a bit better like stop moding 360’s how about focusing on something that breaks the real world law.

    Pat on the back to the gamesavers and better luck next platform lol (gotta admit that was funny)

  21. @ Serebo, Yes this was the point I was trying to make, I am glad you see it like that

    I dont know who this clan infamous you speak off all I know is this Alex likes to go around stealing others poeple accounts and MS should focus some of there attention on that. Dont know who this grnidbandit is either or this guy you refer to the cow who is supposedly my friend??

  22. lmao. i love when my fans mention my name.@grnidbandit- your an idiot. why do you care about shuckey so much? over gamescore? or is ot over gears? i dont really know the details that much, but for your age you act like your shoe size(10) dude get laid, get payed, get off shuckeys and cereals nuts, aswel as mines. you dont even know me. keep your mouth shut!!! did you even see what happen to jvahca!!!! THAT GUY GOT PWNED!!!! why? for being a big mouth. i was stalking him for 1 month. and believe me if i want to i can do the same to you!!! JUST DONT LET ME CATCH YOU SLIPPIN!!!
    p.s cereal does have a phd!! what do you have??
    and dont say what do i have, as i am only 19 and in college getting my M.D!!!

  23. Ok Sucky and “my friend” –

    Care to defend any of your allegations against me?

    As for what I posted before – unless someone can provide definitive proof that the leaderboards were reset and EA’s reasons why they reset them, your allogations are heresay. True, the money is locked not to an EA server but to your profile which enables people to cheat the 1 billion if they access an account that has the achievement legit. And unless anyone here has played Bulletwitch legitimately on hard and can show that they can beat it in under 3 hours, then that is but another question mark on a suspicious profile. My point is this – if it looks out of place, digging a bit deeper will show that it probably is.

    As for the other issues brought up – no, I do not control Alex nor do I glorify his actions, i my opinion, account theft is wrong – I play with him on live as he is a good co-op partner, and very reliable. As for not trying to get him to give back the account? Maybe if I was asked off this site maybe I would have tried – I have been trying to get a close friend of mine his account back which was stolen by another prominent account thief – either B16H or DJ Insanity.

    And I am sure that both of you know that there are other forums to interact with people you have issues with. I probably do not know who you are and have never played in a game with you yet you feel that a forum dedicated to a friend of mine coming clean is a great place to debase my name. You tell me who the child is here. If you don’t believe who I say I am, then fine – I have nothing to gain by pretending to be who I really am. And I do not appreciate that you are using these comments to launch an attack against me and the people I choose to associate myself with – what they do in their own time is of no concern to me and should not be to you. And as for your dig that I do not get respect – do I care? I was always a silent gamer keeping to myself and not promoting myself to get articles written about me or interviews on sites – my purpose on live was always to respect other gamers w/ the same that they show me, and not to get too cocky as being a gamer, it is extremely easy to be knocked down a peg or two…but please – I would love Sucky to back up his claims that I am a liar and live on deceit, and follow up my friend exactly on why you think I feel the need to be respected – I need a good laugh…

    And if magnus’ claims above are correct and that is who you really are – I did boost with you in R6V2 – how come you never vented your concerns then? And it would make sense as seeing the immeasureable hatred towards Shuckey. But you yourself are an active member of 360gs and seem to be hiding your games to be able to post stuff like this and not get caught for cheating. Again, if you would like to continue this on 360gs, feel free to PM me any hatred or further allegations there. This is not the site to be engaged in a personal fight against someone who supposedly wronged you or for that matter fighting against that person’s friends…

  24. Like I said before I dont know who this grnidbandit is nor do I care unless hes cheater believe what you want that is fine not going to waste my time convincing people that I am not grnidbandit. Your behavior is child like cereal you roll with a known account thief and yet say hes a good partner when playing games, great maybe if he was a murderer you would feel the same way? wrong is wrong you think its something small when someone gets their account taken away? Deface your name?? you have done that yourself my friend hanging out with these types of individuals alone has done that. You also seem to have a strong hatred towards Stalliom83 yet anyone who seems to defend him you have a problem with them too.

  25. ok I stood by long enough listening to this bull crap. Cereal yes I did boost with you one night in R6V you were asleep when I came in and remained that way until I was done. There was nothing to talk about I dont have any problems with you, but your friend shuckey seems to be the one with problems. One time I had your friend Arabburnvictim on my friendslist, i added him when the site was down to know what happened to it. Your boy shuckey some how found out about this started launching his verbal taunts over XBL and next thing I know hes throwing your name and everyone elses too. Talking about how close he is with you when infact it had nothing to do with me or any of the problems I have had with him. Now my problem with him was before knowing about gamesaving I boosted alot whatever game I could. In gears of war the average joe set up ranked matches 1 min 1 round. the way this worked was one person from each side would go over to the other team and kill 3 tags the match would come to a draw, rinse and repeat. Shuckey thought it would be funny if I he could join these matches and mess them up. He did it a few times we told him nicely to leave if he did not wish to help, yet 4 hours went by and he kept doing this out of sheer boredom. He thinks this way he has beaten me somehow when infact my conrtoller was done. He went on to refer to the gears of war manual and told me theres no where it says you can boost a ranked match. Obviously he did this to get on my nerves. When asked about his GS he says to me, ” Its legit, you should try this sometimes” he also invited me to his imaginary condo so he can do his jiu jitsu moves on me. He even game the address yes I did threat him told him if he really wanted to me show up there would be some things that would take place that he could not change. Yet I realized this guy is full of crap. Left it alone found out months later when I got into gamesaving I found out shuckey had gamesaved his games, not that I minded he did this, I did not like how he told me he was legit and I find out hes not and ruins other poeples boosting matches for the hell of it. He even once said, ” I will leave your match is anyone has a higher GS than me in Gears of war. Im not the only one who has complained about this cereals friend and others have too. As far my hidden score its not so hidden everyone on my friends list can view it , but if you feel the need that I should unlock it for everyone to see so I can get my name plastered all over this website feel free to let me know. Im not an attention hog so I dont benefit from that. Alex or should I call you Name removed by Moderator the 16 year old highschool in CA dont worry bud your time is coming real soon. Cereal I have no problems with you I admire what you have done for 360gs but know one thing I am no dummy Im not going to let you know on a site where you moderate and are friends with a hacker who gets kicked off the site from left to right and keeps coming back, and friends with a guy whos confused with reality and only wants to make him name look big. Now I have not judged you so take what I have said I am done dealing with this nonsense.

  26. Also Cereal If you feel like theres anything else that needs to be explained please add to your friends list I have no issues talking about whatever

  27. I would never have a account stealer on my friends list even if he was good at co-operative gaming. Cheating is one thing but associating with known account stealers is disgraceful.

  28. @Cerealkillers
    CHEATER !!!!

  29. Grnid –

    Please disregard anything I have said in the past then – It is natural to get offended when people pretend to be someone else to try to take stuff out on you. As I have found with many of my friends on Live, people hang around in different circles – I know I do – I enjoy gaming with both Shuckey and Alex but that does not mean that I share their views or ideals on alot of things – playing games and chatting with people who can help play co-op makes things easier, enjoyable and the time go by faster. Again, sorry if anything I said disrespected you, as you have proven myself wrong with your post above, which I can admit – too many kids on Live these days that post on impulse and without reason which seemed to be where these comments were heading.

  30. And a point toward my “friend”

    Have some guts and face me unless you would rather cower under a misnomer. I do not share in hatred towards Stallion or any other gamer, I simply feel that he is false in his stance that he is legit. Case closed. Anything else has been conjured up in your fantastical mind in order to generate a response.

    And again, who cares that I know Alex – I have known him for well over a year now, and while it bothers me he steals accounts, I am not his parent. He is a good gamer, which is why I have him on my friend’s list. He also has the guts to identify himself.

    As for your comment about defacing my name – Microsoft already did that, and I am still here. I have a badge of dishonor associated with my tag that only 7 others have – for my work and donations of more work to a gamesave site. So yes, I have had my account basically stolen, forced to start over and my name defaced plenty.

  31. Comment removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: Please refrain from simply hollering expletives.

  32. Im actually glad I got this settled then Cereal, people told me to stay away from here and not even feed into the negative hype I could not help it and Im sure you feel the same way no one wants their name tarnished over what cause it does no good to anyone no matter how big the person or how small its never does any good. Over people saying you roll with alex guy yes it does not look good I mean its like saying, Im friends with an account thief. It looks bad like that but you choose who you want to be friends with, the one thing I knew this site would do is bring people on here pretending to be one another, its a waste of time and in my opinion not needed. I believe if MS is going to reset me or any other gamesavers they will do so and theres nothing we can do. In a way if they do reset the only positive thing that can come out of that is people like Alex and the Infamous Clan can stop stealing accounts. Not everyone can 1K Fear shadown run or anything else so

  33. But it can only slow down so much. Usually the tags that get stolen are tags with big scores but theres also CC’s and email associated as a gift to the thief.

  34. Can anyone trust a cheater?
    If he cheats he lies. Enuff said.

  35. Cerealkiller5 is friends with all the dregs of society like Alex.DJ Insanity.Shuckey & Bellic.A good gamer does not need to keep the company of account stealers unless he is working with them.

  36. I gotta admit i was looking at 360voice last night and I looked at stallion83… and there was one game that really was confusing how did he get 1000/1000 on Burnout Revenge in 1 day? I had that game it took me like a whole day to get 1 achievement and then you got the tournament thing and the submit your picture and get it choosen. I mean not really all possible in one day unless you get 10,000 people to work for you or you gamesave.

    Just saying thats all tbh I dont believe anyone about 150k is legit and if they are NO LIVES when do they play for FUN?

  37. Burnout takes 2 or 3 days legit if u re really good at it.

  38. @Donut. I looked at Stallions profile after you sent me a message about his achievements in Burnout. I see him accumulating them in progressive order from 3/27 to 4/3 in 2006. Not in a single day. I have all 1000 in that game, although time consuming, it’s easily possible to do in a week, if you focus on it. That was right near initial release date, it would be easy to pile up the online achievements with some boosting.

  39. I think these ppl cheat so they can win the old spice challenges.

  40. Wow, what a great story teller.

    “Now (at the time) mind you, Stallion83 is nowhere on the radar and we all have between 30K and 60K. (JD’s note: A quick check on the popular gamerscore-tracking site shows on 5/31/06, Stallion83’s score was 33,745. On the same date, Shuckey’s total score was 10,037)”

    And since when do the best players in the world play xbox360? lolllzzz

  41. I have to agree with JD Buck on this… Stallion83 has not even used his own saves to exploit points on multi-region games. Just give it up… The guy is legit and stop trying to bring him down because you’re tainted.

    And to everyone who’s legit – Stop kissing his ass.

  42. I would also like to point out one thing, Its seems people who are afraid of getting caught *cough SHUCKEY cough* are writting long made up stories about themselves to gain some kind of fame out of this. I have news for your Shuckey no one cares what imaginary stuff you did in your life the world still spins pal get over yourself. Oh as far as me being afraid hiding my GS, you should not talk, atleast I did not take my own tag change the name, and transfer the old name on a new one. I guess its ok for you to do since you are a follower everyone knows this and if you say is true, you know everyone on your friends list then im sorry but the majority of people on your friends list happen to people under the age of 15 except Cereal who is the only real adult you have as a friend. You appear snitch like in your long boring story and no one likes a rat shuckey boy. As far as stallion83 I dont know the dude but who cares what he did. If Shuckey can go around pretending to be legit for a long time so can stallion83 people need to not worry about an inflated number that represents nothing we have bigger problems in the world like children starving in africa while shuckey sits at home eatting buckets of lard. It just sad that Shuckey story is full of lies and does nothing but add fuel to the fire.

  43. Well I was your friend not friends “Cereals Friend” aka grnidbandit who was boosting with you that night in GOW. Shuckey MLG was the gamertag that came in and you told him along with GA DoomedReaper whom both came in the room that this was a “Achievement Match”. Shuckey told you yeah get them legit. You then proceeded to threaten to kill him and others in the room because only we wanted to boost. I took grnidbandit off my friends list after that night because he is a very unstable person. He told me to send Shuckey MLG threatening messages after the match and I refused. He then threatened to kill me. I met him on which if you google him you will see how many sites he is banned from and the crazy stuff he says to people. The sad fact was Shuckey MLG killed you and me and that GA kid killed Shuckey and the rest of the people on his team. Also it was only one game and you said it was for 4 hours we did not even have a boosting group unless me and you is considered “A Boosting Group”. You need to get a life and stop threatening people who are better than you because you need serious help that you post up as 3 separtae people on here. “CerealsFriend” , “Suckey”, and “Grnidbandit” and anyone who has had a English class can see it’s the same voice in all 3 peoples post. Sad indeed.

  44. Ok, this is the first chance I have had to read this so here are my opinions on the subjects at hand. 1st, good article JD.

    Don’t judge cerial by the company he keeps, hes a mod at 360gs, lotta scum accumulates in dirty places.

    ‘Will you remember StripClub for being one of the best gamers in the world (which he is) ‘
    This I find funny… stripclubs ‘skills’ as a gamer were a joke, even amongst the gamesaving community his abilities as a gamer were thought as a bit of a charity case. I played gears of war, rainbow 6 and battlefeild 2 with him. He was terrible. He trash talked to a friend of mine who probably is the best gamer in the world just before playing with him in rainbow 6 and strip got obliterated without mercy. He was AVERAGE at sports games and did them for other people in exchange for gamerscore. I have respect for Cerial killer, hes not the best, that place is reserved for someone else, but hes a talented player who has enormous amounts of time and dedication that he can put into his games. I also know shuckey as a skilled player, especially in GRAW and shadowrun.

    As its come up, the subject of alex89, an very talented individual, but not only at his games which he excels at. Very clever and cunning he is FAR more dangerous than other hackers. And can take peoples profiles, identities and details pretty much when ever he wants. In comparison insanity and phonix are harmless. He even took insanities account to prove he was nothing to him. Even the other hackers and phishers are afraid of him.

    Subject of the original ST theking. Talented yes, but if you knew ‘him’ you know it was really a ‘them’. His room mate also gamesaved his chromehounds and his table tennis. If you were on his friends list back in the day you could see he gamesaved his win 50 tournaments as he only had one win on the leaderboard.

    The new st theking is just someone who took his name after he changed his name to tv3 theking. Hes a talentless lump of dung who boosted every online achievement he ever got and gamesaved ALL his campaigns to get high up on the shooter leaderboard. He got into a disagreement with a guy high up on the uk leaderboards and refused to face him, play him, talk to him or even send him messages, just said nasty things behind his back.The guys pathetic and has no skill or life. Someone relieved him of his account recently. He deserved it.

    And the subject of stallion83. Hes probably legit, can’t see anything obvious or out of order. No doubt the guy boosts just about every online achievement he has… but I can’t see any obvious gamesaving at all.

    Lastly: ‘Then it just got away from us. We let it consume our lives and bury the real gamers we were…’

    I agree completely, relentless boosting and gamesaving (or score whoring) destroys skill as a gamer and is NOT fun. I imagine that stallion83 has nightmares about all the kids games he has to play to keep up. A friend of mine who I believe to be the true most talented player on live rarely boosts and plays for fun and in MLG tournaments. When playing with me and a few other 100k plus guys and people high on gamescore leaderboards and he simply mops the floor with them.

  45. thanks^

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