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The Excuses Cheaters Give

Excuses, excuses, excuses. It never ceases to amuse us when cheaters try to excuse their unethical behavior. We’ve heard a litany of cop outs and excuses to why they cheat. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • “It’s a waste of time to play ‘bad’ games.” Sure, there are such things as “bad” games, but why in the world would they to get the Achievements offered by those games?
  • “Some Achievements are just too difficult to earn.” By cheating to obtain these Achievements, cheaters take way from those who earned these challenging Achievements. What sense of pride do cheaters have in these Achievements when they know they didn’t earn them?
  • “Cheating doesn’t hurt anyone.” Fact is, cheating harms the integrity of the Gamerscore system, which in turns, affects all of us who earn our Achievements without cheating. Of course, this excuse is often accompanied with the claim that “Gamerscores don’t really matter anyway” – which puzzles us because cheaters are often so obsessed with increasing their Gamerscore.
  • “Everybody else is doing it!” Thankfully, the VAST majority of gamers earn their Achievements without cheating.
  • “I can do anything I want with my Gamerscore.” Absolutely false. Everyone agrees to abide by the Xbox Live Terms of Use when they sign up for an Xbox Live account. When you purchase a ticket to attend a ball game, you don’t have the right to throw rubbish on the field, harass people, or manipulate the scoring system.

What other ridiculous excuses have you heard from cheaters?


17 Responses to “The Excuses Cheaters Give”

  1. Some people don’t want GS when they gamesave. Many just want the save itself for what it unlocks in that game. I hate GS because I had no way of getting my files back when my hard drive broke when if it had been ps3/wii, i could have gone to gamefaqs and downloaded them. I wish theyd get rid of GS and open up the save file systems.

  2. I agree with you there willy, i know one of my friends used a gamesave to get the extra characters and costumes in DoA, while not being even the slightest bit bothered about the achives. perhaps microsoft could allow a user to enable a gamesave import for a game, but if a user chooses to do that, achieves would no longer be unlockable in that game.

  3. get rid of gamerscore u loose one customer right now

  4. Why don’t you do us all a favor ang go buy yourself a wii/ps3? Really, Gamerscore is what ties me to the XBOX. It makes me try harder at the games I like and even try games I would otherwise leave in the shelf. I’m sure this is how the majority of the gamers feel.

  5. what if someone gamesaved one 1 game do they get reset

    Moderator Comment: Probably not, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

  6. CerealKiller5 has sooo many excuses in this regard that it could keep this thread alive for 10 years. I hope he posts 🙂

  7. Would I get reset if someone else hacked games on my gamertag?

    Moderator Comment: This is not an excuse, per se, but it’s a common defense cheaters try to raise. You should probably ask yourself whether it would be apparent to Microsoft that it wasn’t you personally that artificially manipulated your Gamerscore.

  8. Oh, here’s one I like:

    “If [person, website, hardware] didn’t exist, we wouldn’t cheat.”

    Nothing like a complete disregard of personal accountability to start the morning. Places like are community hubs – they exist to simply report and provide a top-down view of the community, which is why we don’t remove or alter any Live-reported information for users.

    In the end, any person with simple comprehension skills is responsible for their own actions, and blame cannot be placed on any entity (person, website, hardware) other than the person physically engaging in the action in question.

    GamerScore is something that’s bigger than Microsoft now. It’s in the hands of the Community; the Community has spoken, and Microsoft is listening. There’s really no use defending cheating (in whatever form you prefer) now, as you’re aren’t going to convince anyone (especially MS) that this activity shouldn’t be actionable.

    Moderator Comment: Excellent points raised – that’s definitely another common sorry excuse.

  9. I gamesaved easy kids games I don’t want to play. Like I would be playing a TERRIBLE game. Feel I’v has enough. Look at the site, see a save ‘THANK GOD I NEVER HAVE TO PLAY THIS AGAIN’

  10. I gamesaved easy kids games I don’t want to play. Like I would be playing a TERRIBLE game. Feel I’v has enough. Look at the site, see a save ‘THANK GOD I NEVER HAVE TO PLAY THIS AGAIN’

    That seems like a non-sequitur to me; Why would you care about achievements for a game you dislike or find ‘juvenile?’

  11. I’m a completionist (achievement wise anyway). If I start playing a game that I then realize I hate. I cheat it.

  12. @Moderator
    That was not an excuse but a question
    “Would I get reset if someone else hacked games on my gamertag?”
    I have hacked games on my tag that were done by someone other than me. Does this count?

    Moderator Comment: How would you prove that it wasn’t you that cheated?

  13. Danake you have a stickied thread on 360gs of ‘how to use the resigner’. Yeah I think you ‘might’ have cheated.

  14. I accidently typed in some button pressing cheats, and the achievements unlocked. Not sure how, but i managed to gain 1k on TMNT by pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, righ, A, B.

  15. Seriously, this is computing at it’s finest. Why is finding loopholes and workarounds to accomplish programmatic methods unethical? It’s just free thinking and the greatest expression of innovation and accomplishment.

    Moderator Comment: It is unethical because it intrudes upon the integrity of the entire Gamerscore system, in turn, taking away from what other people have worked hard for. In addition to this, cheating is against the Xbox Live Terms of Use.

  16. Danake jumped from 89 k to 145k in 28 days. I am sure he was aware if someone was adding games to his tag without consent.

  17. @danake
    you probably will have more of a chance of getting reset if the other person hacked your games, if the other person gamesaved your games, there is less of a chance

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