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Look Up “Rampant Cheater” in the Dictionary

And you just might find this guy’s Gamerpic. Reader “Smoked” clued us onto “The Enforcer 24,” and even a brief look into this guy’s Achievement history reveals at worst, quite a few extremely questionable Achievement earnings. For example, he apparently unlocked all the Achievements for “Rez” at the same precise moment. He also unlocked 49 out of 50 Achievements for “Virtua Tennis 3” simultaneously (the last one was unlocked a minute later). Even his “Eternal Sonata” Achievements were unlocked impossibly quickly.

What other Achievements look fishy to you from his profile? Notice any patterns? Any other discrepancies?

Thanks again, “Smoked” for pointing this one out!


7 Responses to “Look Up “Rampant Cheater” in the Dictionary”

  1. COD3 all online ranks done in a day. Impossible.

    Assassins creed beat the game before any assassinations complete.

    VF5 out of order

    Ziria out of order
    Many more.

  2. It would appear that he has gone ‘private.’ Shame, that.

  3. Looks like he has his privacy settings enabled which is sad to see. Any cheater can get away when their settings are private. So it seems.

  4. Surely, Microsoft can still tell, though, right? It would be a shame if they could not…

  5. Pisses me off when you see mottos like No. 1 gamerscore in Va. or bragging in a lobby when they all are idiots. Then go private cause they are scared little girls ,hope they reset all these losers.

  6. I dont quite understand why you publish these guys and give them more publicity then they deserve. Besides, the other thing I dont quite understand is that you say you dont publish cheaters unless MS has branded them with the cheater logo or they have confessed.

    “Please note that while Xbox Cheater Watch definitely appreciates all of our readers submitting leads and tips – just keep in mind that only Confirmed Cheaters (in other words, they were marked and punished by Microsoft for cheating) and admitted/confessed rampant cheaters will make the Watch List. And only the most egregious Unconfirmed Cheaters (those who have not yet been caught by Microsoft) will be posted in this blog.”

    Moderator Comment: We aim to track cheaters, both Confirmed and Unconfirmed. In exposing them, our goal is to not only expose their shame, but also to inform the gaming Community that these cheaters did not earn their Achievements with integrity. Both these aims serve to protect the integrity of the Gamerscore system.

  7. Enforcer is Admin and owns a gamerscore trading site where he sells 1K gamerscore for a 1600 point card. It does not surprise me to see him on your site. Anger Monkey’s is absolutely right about COD3.

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