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Kane & Lynch News – FREE ACHIEVEMENTS!

We know all our readers are all Achievement junkies, so we’re excited to announce that the upcoming FREE Kane & Lynch downloadable content will have 250 Achievement points to earn…did we mention that this was FREE to download and earn?

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men’s Free downloadable content is coming this Thursday, April 17, and will include 250 additional achievements…and all for free! Some of the achievements include the following:

Total Achievements: 250

Name: Ninja Looter

Points: 25

Description: Loot katanas, and nothing else and escape!

Name: Take from the poor and give to the rich.

Points: 25

Description: Loot all the market stalls in Havana


Eidos is releasing four new downloadable maps for the Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. The maps will be downloadable for FREE on April 17, from Xbox LIVE and from the PLAYSTATION Network for the PS3. The new maps will be released in one downloadable pack entitled ‘The Dope Bag’, with each of the four maps featuring its own unique scenario. There will also be an additional 250 Xbox Achievements to earn!


2 Responses to “Kane & Lynch News – FREE ACHIEVEMENTS!”

  1. im in with u guys, bollocks to these cheaters i work hard to get my gamerscore and i just found this website in the xbox360 magazine.
    lets bust these cheating scumbags !!!!

    Moderator Comment: Which magazine?

  2. Yeah, most of the achievements are fairly easy to get, especially if you get in with a good group of players willing to help,like we all shoot the guys and let them loot the stalls and next time, it would be the other guys turn, so everyone can get the achievements.
    Its a lot better than “Must win 1000 Ranked Matches with inverted settings on controller and player must not use any weapons” for only 5Gs.

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