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Cheaters Expose Each Other in Forum

Reader “Dave” linked us to an forum thread where a few cheaters apparently accuse each other of cheating. Among these forum trolls are, “xx Ludwig xx,” “iScar,” and “Public I Enemy.” We’ve received numerous tips on these particular cheaters, but since they have their privacy settings enabled, we were never able to prove that they were cheating.
In his comment to us, “Dave” said:

Iscar finally slips up and now I have proof he cheats.

As you may know I have mentioned Iscar many times before thinking if I can get one gamesaver reset maybe I can get another. SO my focus has been set on Iscar knowing he was a cheat by the games he completed in one day. How the heck does anyone complete virtua fighter 5 in a day? THEY DON’T!

But is the ranting and banter that goes on between these three are enough to convince you? In an ironic sense of all of this, the accusations and claims made by these three seem pretty darn legitimate and honest.

Click here for a link to the aforementioned forum thread.

Thanks for the tip, “Dave”!


4 Responses to “Cheaters Expose Each Other in Forum”

  1. Also please check out Gamertag removed by Moderator
    As he is another cheater that needs to be exposed.

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  2. yeah, i finally have some company on the unconfirmed list, i was getting bored over here

  3. I was gonna mention the other one’s but I was too excited. :p

  4. I’v seen public I enemy requesting blue dragon saves on the forums. Him and iscar are very notorious cheaters.

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