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Two For One Cheater Post

The whole “MorgonxoxNelson” story is very fascinating, and though we will continue following that story, we need to get up to speed on a couple of reported cheaters. So in this post, we’re going to be taking a look at TWO alleged cheaters in one post.

First off is “jvacha,” whose Gamerscore is relatively low compared to some of the more rampant Confirmed Cheaters out there, but check out the rather bold statement he makes in his bio:

Here’s a link to his profile for you to check out for yourself:

Next up is a person we probably would not have sufficient evidence to point out, but for the new Timestamp tool linked to us by “Scott Raynor” also doesn’t have a abnormally high Gamerscore, but the evidence speaks for itself. Obtaining Achievements at the same exact time, or within a very short amount of time are the smoking gun for this one. Take a look:

Thanks to all our readers who tipped us to “Jvacha,” and to reader “libson” for tipping us off to “Scott Raynor”!


18 Responses to “Two For One Cheater Post”

  1. Wow… I wonder if the guy who uses Scott Raynor is trying to pose as the ex-drummer for blink-182? Not smart.

  2. I know JVacha and his profile was hacked by Gamertag removed by Moderator (who is a huge gamesaver, hacker, and profile stealer) a couple of days ago. J did not put that in his bio or motto, the hacker did. You want to see some major gamesavers, look at Gamertags removed by Moderator and so on.

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  3. Scott’s dead rising achievements seem to be in a horrible order indeed

  4. JVacha’s account was phished a few days ago by Alex89 who happens to be close to Cerialkiller5. The thief is trying to set Jvacha up.

  5. The JVacha account was stolen by none other than…. well if I post his tag it will just be removed saying ‘prove it’. But we all know who it was any way so whats the point. So that new bio is completely made up.

    You can see the tags been stolen by him with the name on the account: alex. JVacha’s name is josh. Also the motto is ‘no fr or your tag is mine’. Alex can hack you by tracking your IP. JVacha didn’t hack quake 4. He was on my friends list, he had over 10,000 kills and 5,000 kills in quake 4 giving him a legitimate 1k. Also he had about 15,000 kills in gears of war giving him a legitimate 1k in that as well. He was also one of the first people in the world to earn 1k in Army of Two.

  6. Wow just reset the everyone with 150 k + there cheaters and dumb

  7. I have a legit friend at 145k so no, that wouldn’t be a good idea.

  8. JVACHA is a stolen GT. It was stolen by Alex a few days back and the bio is a fake.

  9. Scott Raynor’s lost planet is defiantly gamesaved. He got the achievement for beating game on extreme before even beating the second level. He also got the achievement for getting every single target marker on every single level on all difficulties. Before he beat the second level and without even getting the target markers for any other missio appart from the first mission.

  10. He also beat assassins creed without completing the training level or a single assassination & beat arcade mode in virtua fighter 5 with every character before he did it with a single one.

  11. Jvacha is a sound bloke and his tag was stolen.

  12. Here’s my 2 cents: I was on JVacha’s list as well, funny thing is… same day his account got stolen I seen him playing GoW (possibly trying to get his friend’s IP’s as well?) and a message from him as well saying…
    i just been msg by major nelson. saying i will be reset. why? i guess because of my games. god bless me. well if you guys can take the time to back me up that would be great
    Link removed by Moderator
    — NOTE: that is an account stealing site, don’t believe me? go to google and search it… check the results. I don’t know if anyone here has been to it, but from what I heard it is a phishing website set up just like… (If you ask me these guys (that hack) should have their consoles permanatley suspended off of live, instead of microsoft trying to reset peoples gamerscores they need to find these people, and either fine them or jail them, an estimated 11 million people play on xbox live, don’t you think we want to play a game in peace, and not worry about some A**hole on GoW tracking my IP with my credit card number on it which can be used to attain my SS number) MICROSOFT PLEASE CHANGE FOCUSES, seriously I could care less about gamesavers, in the end they are only screwing themselves out of the gaming experience. Why would they waste their time at something they suck at doing? If they want to waste their personal time to get illegitimate achievements then let them… and find the people that are more of a concern…

    Moderator Comment: We’re pretty sure Microsoft is doing their best to shut down phishing sites as well.

  13. Ya, I hope so, I just want to warn everyone here so they dont go to it…

  14. Yeah, Alex89 v2. To keep it brief, he is the scum of xbox live. He’s developed new software which allows him to take anyones account who is on his friends list or plays any sort of game with him. He has jacked hundreds of accounts and if you get a firend request look for any possible clues of him.

    He refers to himself as ‘The Imfamous Alex 89 v2’ or ‘AlexTheLegend’, apparently proud by his dispicable behaviour.If you have a particualrly desirable account and you get an f/r off him, chances are, he’s after it. Thats why hes written that in his bio because he doesnt care weather it gets taken from him

  15. I dont think J even cares about this tag being jacked bc he doesnt even talk about it. Really doesnt even mention it other than the fact that he said some spanish guy from california stole it bc some other top shooters wanted his tag. J’s new tag is already in the top 25 in the shooter leaderboard! hes crazy rediculous at these games!

  16. Another top 25 profile? I doubt it highly. Not that fast.

  17. Apparantly he has been working on this profile on the side ever since he started playing. i was amazed when he sent me a friend request from his other tag. i mean its over 60k. i had no clue of this tag before he sent me a friend request. And yes i know it is Jvacha bc ive chatted with him from that tag. haha he told me that those account stealers will never find out what tag it is. but i tell u what…….everyone has heard of this tag and no one really ever knew who it was or even thought about it. at least i didnt. other than that i promised Jvacha i would never say. Looks like the real Jvacha lives on!

  18. Target the 19 year old L.A. kid with your aggression, not Jvacha. He is actually one of the best shooters that can actually play the game. His account was hacked and the idiot with no fear who punched his ticket is still free to hack more people and send phishing links from J’s account. MS is so messed up with this, they can ban an xbox using an IP but can’t track a hacker and stop him.

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