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View Achievement Unlocked TIMES with New Tool

OK folks, whenever an Achievement is unlocked online, a gamer’s profile will record the date the particular Achievement was earned. We’ve used dates quite often to determine whether a person has nefariously unlocked Achievements, but now we have another tool at our disposal. posted a great report on a Firefox add-on (called Greasemonkey) that will display the time the Achievement was unlocked as well! The add-on really does work (check the sample screenshot) and we’ve even used it to investigate some unsavory Gamerscores. BIG thanks to Xenocidic for the research and linkage.


8 Responses to “View Achievement Unlocked TIMES with New Tool”

  1. Thanks for the mention ace =)

    Happy cheaterwatching ;>

  2. Very cool and working well!

    Well played, guys. Thanks for bringing it to the masses…

  3. go check out Gamertag removed by Moderator before he blocks his games, everyone who blocks their games are wusses, so many people who swear they are legit have now begun blocking their games. I think everyone who blocks there games should be added to the unconfirmed list

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  4. Iv noticed some inaccuracies but its not half bad for a 3rd party product. I’v noticed some stuff unlocking without times that I did online. And times that just don’t make sense. Like 1st achievement 3am, 2nd is at 3 am and the 3rd is at 1 am. All same day.

    Also notably on my quake 4 one of my achievements is done with a date, the two after the time of that achievement the time is just replicated. Even though the following achievements are acquired offline.

  5. So far, I’ve found it to be accurate when checking my own stats. It’s not foolproof, but it’s a solid tool.

  6. Great tool I just used it to catch the biggest hypocrite on Xbox Live Gamertag removed by Moderator look at his RRX.

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  7. Someone posted this tool on – At first I was a little worried about what I just downloaded. This is a nifty little tool I could have used before everyone put their accounts on block. I suggest downloading it even if you’re just a fan of achievements.

  8. Is there anyway that someone could modify this to work with Internet Explorer?

    Moderator Comment: If anyone could provide an answer to this question, that would be much appreciated.

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