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Developments in the “MorgonxoxNelson” Crackdown

This story continues to amaze us. Not only from the swiftness of Microsoft’s dealing of “MorgonxoxNelson,” but now this. At this point, we cannot verify any of the following intel, but we would still like to document it as we learn more about this entire story.

“EVILxAVENGER,” posted in the the forums two very interesting tidbits of information, first, he posted this screenshot that may or may not have been Photoshopped:

In this particular screenshot, you can see that “Jcnet” purportedly sent “MorgonxoxNelson” a rather threatening message. Now, “Jcnet” is someone we’ve received tips on but did not find sufficient evidence to find him as a rampant cheater. We’ll definitely keep a closer eye on him now. We’re not sure if “Jcnet” really sent this message, or who he is in the scheme of things, so if you have any information related to this person, please sent it in to us.

In the same forum thread, “EVILxAVENGER” made made two very provocative posts. First, he issued a what seems like a warning or possible threat:

“No it wasn’t ROOFUS. This was a good laugh while it lasted. Just shows how quickly GS can be acquired. That was some mad gameplaying. LoL. Hats off to the creator.
WHY did they BAN the console? Not only did they reset the gamerscore, but they BANNED the console. MS took a step too far there. Get ready…”

Next, “EVILxAVENGER” posted a purported email that was sent from “MorgonxoxNelson” to Microsoft’s Major Nelson:

“from Morgon Nelson <email blocked for privacy>
date Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 3:05 PM
subject MorgonxoxNelson
hide details 3:05 PM (1 minute ago)

Dont you think banning my entire console was a bit much? You could of just labeled me a cheater and reset my score… sheesh.”

Could it be that Microsoft actually went a step further than simply zeroing out his Gamerscore, and branding him a cheater? Did Microsoft really ban “MorgonxoxNelson’s” console? And what is “EVILxAVENGER” alluding to when he says, “MS took a step too far there. Get ready…”?

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how this story continues to develop.


8 Responses to “Developments in the “MorgonxoxNelson” Crackdown”

  1. The funny thing that that screen capture doesn’t show are the messages HE sent ME and also its funny how he didnt include the part where he sennt me a message telling me I need to be a big man and give him a when and where meeting him in real life.

    Which I had replied to with something along the lines of – I have no need to, i’m not going to harm your family but your actions in life will be their downfall if you keep it up.

    That was not intended as a threat from but rather as a message to insult his ‘lifestyle’ while pointing out that most people that cut corners like that in life will ALWAYS have it bite them back in the end. I still believe its true. Such blatent cheating with this account and spitting in the face of ‘the authority figure” is just an example of the lifestyle SOME of them live and the type of people they are.

    Making an account just to slap MS in the face was very immature and tells me that that person has no problem slapping ANY authority figure in the face or even the law thus if they keep it up it’s quite possible they are gonna make the wrong person mad someday and their family will pay for THEIR actions.

    Personally it won’t be ME or anyone I know that would take that action but the fact remains it’s highly likely if this is how they keep living their life it will branch out into things beyond just gamerscore and it will do nothing but cause problems for them and people they know. – This is referencing actions more or less that they likely commit in real life.

    Moderator Comment: If you are really Jcnet, post his messages to you in the forum link we linked to in the original post. Or you can submit them to us directly.

  2. They most likely have been purged already. I recieved a LOT of messages yesterday some agreeing with the fact that their actions are wrong and some just being hate messages that people were sending in hopes I would reply so that they may give me bad feedback or something.

    There really weren’t that many messages exchanged between the person and question and i though, maybe 3 tops. Most of which was me replying to him saying that he lives in the same state as me and that I should name a place to meet to settle things otherwise I needed to stop hating on achievement hackers.

    I’d actually never harm someone from xbox live lol that notion is rather laughable to me HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I wont make observations of people that so blatantly violate the rules… the way I see it if people will break these rules its highly probably they will eventually get caught up in their greed of life and end up doing something that hurts their family. I MIGHT have saved one of my messages from him but I’d have to look for it a little later.

    Anyway anyone here (including the moderator’s) are welcome to message me on live and ask me any questions about the situation to get the full story. I’m rather suprirsed this blew up so much, but leave it to one of ‘them’ to spread things to the forums even when they were in the wrong.

  3. jcnet has spent more time posting negative things about people than he has actually played games. He has personally sent me several threatening messages before I blocked him, not mention posting negative stuff on every gaming website.

    jcnet has gamesaved, was a memberat 360gamesaves and is nothing more than a hypocrite. I too would love a face to face meeting with him, but he will continue to hide in various forums and post his negativeand nasty comments like a little kid. The really sad thing is, he is not a kid but an adult in his 20’s but is obsessed with other people’s worthless gamerscore.

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  4. He has now blocked his played games now that the new add on for Firefox was released that would show the games that he cheated on. I am sure that we will see many of the so called legit gamers start blocking their games now so we can see that they unlocked their achievements at the same time.

  5. I think what MS has done is commendable and reseting people who have blantanted cheated is a small step forward, but I think they also need to remove people like JCNET who also violates the ToS with his hate speech and threats. Just because he is legit (which I doubt), shouldn’t give him immunity. Threatening someone with physical harm should get you banned or suspended at the minimum. We have to remember that we are playing fricking video games! Why all the hate? I just don’t get it.

  6. yeah Gamertag removed by Moderator used to be a member of a gamesave site now he’s being hypocritical because he sucked at gamesaving as well at sucking at being legit.

    Moderator Comment: This person has privacy settings enabled, so we cannot view his profile. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

  7. Ok. I will keep this brief. This account wasn’t meant to be anything other than a “test.” Anyone familiar with any form of computer security knows that you “poke” your target to look, evaluate and develop a bigger and better method.

    What did we discover? You can no longer sync PC Live titles from the 360. Proof? They booted on the card but the points didn’t unlock. The list continues but this is neither the time or place to divulge all the findings. After all, you hate us, right?

    Secondly, jcnet sent a unprovoked message. He has a habit of doing such things. When I responded it was a “hey, you hide on the internet where its anonymous and if you feel so strongly then step up.” Nothing really more or less but thats the basic idea.

    He assumes that I am a “failure.” He has seen my W2 and knows that “I am poor” and he was at Turkeyday and Christmas and knows “that my family hates me.” His childish, ignorant and baseless comments show the big issue with Xbox Live–accountability.

    The jcnet’s of the world yell at your kids, call them racial slurs and spread hate. Hackers and gamesavers boost their score… Pick the lesser of two evils.

    In closing… yes, my account was reset. WOW! I AM SHOCKED!!

    Yes, my console was banned from Live. That was kind of a shock but I will use my welfare check that jcnet knows about, because again, he knows how much I make a year based on my gamerscore activities. He probably knows all the Powerball numbers too based off a progressive algorithm he is developing based off gamesavers profile feedback.

    We sadly are giving him more attention than he deserves. Did you see how quick he was to come here and attempt to get an interview and get his name out there?

    Long after MorgonxoxNelson was reset to 0 — he still continues as well.


    No one was harmed other than my console in all of this. While I admire this website for the attempt at cleaning up and keeping certain individuals accountable… in the end, we are months ahead of you and MS.


  8. With a statement like, “get ready”, well who knows, but in this day and time, especially where MICROSOFT is concerned, that could be considered a “latent” threat and be looked into. Jeesh, when are people gonna learn that IP’s can be tracked straight to your house.

    I would not cry a tear that if you were to EVER get caught for gamesaving, they just ban you PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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