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Microsoft Acts Swiftly Against “MorgonxoxNelson”

Very soon after “MorgonxoxNelson” popped up on everyone’s radar, Microsoft took quick steps to correct his Gamerscore and brand him a cheater.  So chalk up another one on our Watch List. One very important observation from this affair is that Microsoft is obviously not going to sit idly by and let rampant cheaters reek havoc in the system.

Just as “MorgonxoxNelson” tried to send a message, Microsoft responded with an even clearer one: the Gamerscore resets a few weeks ago were not just a one-time deal.  You can count on Microsoft to keep cracking down on rampant Gamerscore cheaters.  Well-played, Microsoft…well-played.

Here’s a link to the profile of this Confirmed Cheater:


7 Responses to “Microsoft Acts Swiftly Against “MorgonxoxNelson””

  1. Ah, the Swift Hand of Justice. Good stuff, that…

  2. Wow. I still simply don’t see how this accomplishes anything. If somebody is doing all this offline, nobody would care because it’s not affecting them. A person comes online with the same thing nobody cared about before, and start the witch hunt. The sad fact of the matter is this. It STILL isn’t affecting your gaming experience. Gamerscore is a couple lines of binary that prove nothing. It’s the same principle as boosting for a rank/# of kills with only friends. Ok, now you have a high rank. Does that mean that you are magically better than everybody with a lower rank? It most certainly does not. Before you say it isn’t the same thing, take this into account. You are playing something in rapid succession outside of the norm, achieving a rank in dubious time that others don’t have to misrepresent your gaming prowess. This is accompanied by a visual cue of some sort. As much as people don’t want to hear that, it’s true.

    If somebody wants to game save a game for rosters, weapons, to see the end of the game, to get past a difficult part that is simply out of their range as a skilled gamer… let them do it. They deserve to see the finished product of an item they bought. If you want to run it up to absurd highs to fake the fact that you do nothing but play games and are a self-professed guru of gaming, go right ahead. I don’t draw the slightest ire from somebody that has a crazy gamer score. If you want to boost ranks without ever playing a legit online match and use in-game cheats in games that have them, more power to you. Reason being, gamer score isn’t some sacred hallowed ground with a strong moral fabric filled with integrity at every turn. If you think it is, take a step back and realize you are talking about a game system. It’s one thing if you are cheating a contest with tangible prizes that are dependent on gamer score. I would most certainly have a problem with that. But score just for the sake of bragging, big deal. There are bigger problems in the online community than trivial stuff like this.

    Make no mistake about what I am saying. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I would never try to silence a person of differing opinion than mine. I just think this whole thing is silly that people are complaining about games. If game saving is your bane of morals and integrity, try to avoid face to face human interaction on a massive scale. You will be greatly disappointed.

    Moderator Comment: As we’ve said numerous times – this sort of cheating devalues the Gamerscore system, and in turn, makes all of our honest, hard-earned Achievements meaningless. One positive thing that can come out of this report is that by exposing cheaters, we can bring the Gamerscore system back some of its integrity. We recommend you read the following articles:

  3. I can’t wait till he shares how he’s done this and the gamesave community swiftly makes 1000accounts. The truth is microsoft has only made the situation worse by stepping in. Unless they figure out a full proof system to take all gamesavers down this will never stop.

    Moderator Comment: And what puts us at ease is that Microsoft will NEVER stop punishing cheaters.

  4. While I agree with The Truth’s statement that Gamerscore tampering does not affect my online experience, I still think it’s important that Microsoft drop the hammer on this sort of activity.

    What if Microsoft didn’t prosecute – as it were – Gamerscore tamperers? What kind of message would that be sending to the droves of would-be cheaters? Well, it would tell them to ‘go for it’ as there will be no consequences for their actions, whether they be gamesaving, glitching or outright cheating. It would be rampant anarchy.

    By putting the kibosh on this ‘victimless'(which it isn’t; more on that later) online ‘infraction’ MS has conveyed the message that this type – or any other type – of ‘cheating’ will not go unpunished.

    Secondly, this is not a victimless crime. Guns ‘n Butter economics tells us that this gamesaving business creates negative externalities that we as legitimate gamers have to pay for. In other words, we as legitimate gamers have no part in the production or consumption of the gamerscore tampering, but we still have to pay for it. Why? Because Microsoft has allocated resources to fight these unscrupulous buttholes, which invariably raises costs for everyone, be it an increase in Live subscription price points, a devaluing of the Points program or whatever. We all pay.

    Furthermore, MS has a right to police their property and keep the service equitable to the fair and honest. It’s in their best interest to do so. These legitimate gamers with lofty Gamerscores have worked very hard to achieve something they consider important. If the bad apple’s undermining of that were to go unpunished, quality gamers would wonder why they have even bothered. With that brand of indifference from the provider, MS in this scenario, you have an exodus on your hands

    Lastly, what the Hell ever happened to integrity and ethical fiber, huh?

  5. Hahaha! Awesome!

    And to the poster who ranted about gamesaving not affecting anyone else I have to say you’re incredibly mistaken.

    Remember the Old Spice Rewards Challenge? Gamers needed to play and increase their respective scores to win actual prizes. I myself walked away with a copy of Fusion Frenzy 2 and some MS points.

    Or how about the “Play & Win” weekends, like this week’s Devil May Cry 4 promotion? Gamers need to unlock at least one achievement the weekend to receive an entry . If gamers have the full 1000/1000 they automatically receive an entry if they log on and play during that time.

    So, is it fair to allow these cheaters, these “gamesavers”, these online r-tards to participate in programs and contests designed around gamerscore?

    I say no…. and I say fair play to Microsoft for deleting their scores….. *thumbs up*

  6. Interesting post, Coy’.

    I never knew there were sweepstakes/contests and suchlike that begin with the Gamerscore.

    I rescind my earlier statement claiming that Gamerscore tampering doesn’t affect outright my ‘online experience.’ No, I haven’t participated in any of those contests, but if I did/had, you bet I’d feel a mite put off by the prospect of competing against the gamesavers. What other gaffs might they use, you know?

  7. @CoyAnd Chris
    You must have missed the part where I clearly said the following:

    “It’s one thing if you are cheating a contest with tangible prizes that are dependent on gamer score. I would most certainly have a problem with that.”

    Game saving for real prizes is much different than doing it for the sake of being a braggart. People that do that should clearly punished and suspended or banned if a repeat offender. Not just have an account zeroed, because that is bordering on legit fraud. That does indeed affect the players experience that enter the contests with limited prizes. The guys that aren’t part of the above simply don’t bother me. I am more agitated by the endless racial slurs, homophobe rants, threats and excessive cussing just for the sake of doing it, then somebody with a number next to their name. I wish people were more proactive with the major problems on live getting solved first, before dealing with the diminutive stuff. It’s akin to sweeping the floor of a dirty house that is also burning down.

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