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A Confirmed Cheater Re-Emerges?

Thanks everyone for alerting us to “MorgonxoxNelson,” who suddenly appeared on the Gamescore Leaderboards this morning. So it’s pretty darn obvious that this guy is a cheater. But could this be a Confirmed Cheater, making some kind of statement? From his Gamertag, to the obviously illegitimate overnight jump in his Gamerscore, (made available for scrutiny, without privacy settings enabled) this guy is trying to get a message across. But just what is he trying to convey? And perhaps more importantly, why?

“MorgonxoxNelson’s” profile tells us that he might be trying to pose as Morgon, from, but that would be far too obvious. He clearly wants people to know that he’s on top of the Leaderboards, but from the statement, “ pwns,” we get the sense that this person bears some animosity to Major Nelson, which could lead us to the possibility that this person is indeed one of the Confirmed Cheaters who were punished by Microsoft.

Could it be that this person simply wants attention? If so, he certainly has ours, and more importantly, probably has Microsoft’s attention. Perhaps he represents a group of cheaters, and they’re collectively trying to tell Microsoft that they cannot be stopped. We are reminded of the way trolls act in forums, despite being banned, they come back with a new “clever” user name. Like those forum trolls, this person, who might be a Confirmed Cheater, is just coming back for more punishment. Unfortunately, most people couldn’t care less about any “statement” a troll wants to make, we just want to know that he’ll no longer be able to disrupt the gaming Community.

We certainly hope Microsoft acts accordingly to shut this troll down for good.


10 Responses to “A Confirmed Cheater Re-Emerges?”

  1. HAHAHAHA. You messed with sufoor hes laughing at M$ with this. He will keep doing this no matter how many times he is reset. He’s made it clear he can make 300k accounts in a DAY. It took M$ years to reset 7 people. Roofus won. M$ failed. LONG LIVE SUFOOR.

  2. As I suggested in my tip, I’m pretty sure this is one of the reset 7, disrupting to make a point.

    The point? As you said, perhaps that he thinks he can’t be stopped.

    He can has MAC address ban?

  3. I love how the people who gamesave say they don’t really care if their GS gets wiped away and they don’t care about achievements, but they just go even further to cause more drama. It seems pretty apparent to me that they do care because they still waste time.

  4. MAC Address ban won’t do anything since you don’t need to be online to get any type of achievement. Theirs very little Microsoft can do about this but it really isn’t that big of a deal. They should be concerned with other issues that are present.

  5. Ashley it’s not wasting time obviously if this guy can get up here in like how a week or so, trust me people don’t waste they’re time gs. Nice GS tho wish i had it lol.

  6. his score hs been reset now, props to microsoft on speed

  7. @duh

    It would prevent them from uploading their erroneous achievements to XBL, would it not?

    I could care less how often someone gamesaves on an offline profile, if they like to waste time creating arbitrary numbers, fine by me, but when they disrupt Xbox Live and legitimate users, that’s where I draw the line.

  8. Update:

    The account has been removed from’s leaderboards and branded the cheater tag making the total number 8 i believe. Check it out here:

  9. the only thing they can do is maybe blacklist their xbox

  10. LOL it already got reset!

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